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Published: 26 July 2009
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Before time began, there was the Cube.

We know not where it comes from, only that it holds the power to create worlds and fill them with life.

That is how our race was born.

For a time, we lived in harmony, but like all great power, some wanted it for good, others for evil.

And so began the war, a war that ravaged our planet until it was consumed by death, and the Cube was lost to the far reaches of space.

We scattered across the galaxy, hoping to find it and rebuild our home, searching every star, every world.

And just when all hope seemed lost, message of a new discovery drew us to an unknown planet called...Earth.

But we were already too late.

-Optimus Prime, Transformers(2007)-

Chapter One:

Qatar- The Middle East

Sitting amongst the soldiers, Sirius quietly listened to them talk. They had found him in the desert on their latest mission. It wasn't hard for him to fake amnesia for the majority of their questions. He really had no idea how he had ended up in the desert. And since he didn't have his wand, he figured that it was better to make friends than to try and put up a fight. Even though he had been introduced to all of them, he only remembered three of them. Lennox, Fig, and Epps. Listening to Fig and Epps talk, he couldn't stop himself from grinning.

"Oh, God, five months of this. I can't wait to get a little taste of home. A plate of mama's alligators etoufee." Sirius grin turned into an amused smirk. He could practically hear the man drooling.

"You've been talking about barbecued 'gators and crickets for the last two weeks. I'm never going to your mama's house, Fig. I promise." Snorting softly, Sirius knew that he would have agreed at one point, but that had been before he had lived off of rats and garbage for nearly a year. Barbecued 'gator and crickets sounded appetizing compared to some of the things he had been forced to eat.

"But Bobby, Bobby, 'gators are known to have the most succulent meat." Shaking his head, Sirius wondered if the two had this same argument before.

"I understand." They definitely had the same argument before.

Listening to Fig speak in Spanish, he wondered if he should make an effort to learn the language. Hearing Epps speak in mock Spanish, Sirius gave a particularly mischievous smile as he decided that it would be worth the effort to learn the language just for the aggravation value.

"English, please. English." Sirius sat back for what looked like a good argument, but Lennox chose that moment to intervene.

"English. I mean, how many times have we... We don't speak Spanish. I told you that."

"Why you got to ruin it for me, man? That's my heritage." Sirius gave an amused smile as Fig abruptly switched back to Spanish. Lennox's tired look and response told him that this wasn't the first time, nor would it be the last, that he had asked Fig to speak in English.

"Okay. Go with the Spanish. Whatever." Another soldier with glasses, sitting next to him quickly entered the conversation and changed the subject.

"Hey, you guys remember weekends? Huh? The Sox at Fenway. Cold hot dog and a flat beer." All the talk about food was starting to make him hungry. Sirius idly wondered how long it would be before he was able to get something to eat when they finally landed. He was startled when Fig suddenly invited him into the conversation.

"Perfect day. Black, you got a perfect day?" Thinking about it, Sirius came up with two answers.

"Yeah. Running wild with my friends before Pettigrew betrayed us and got my best friend and his wife killed. That used to be my perfect day. Now though, my perfect day would be spending time with my godson. Take Prongslet out and just spend the day doing anything and everything he wants. Of course, Lily probably would have killed me and James would have funded the entire thing if they were still around." Sighing, Sirius wondered how Harry was doing. When he had fallen through the Veil, the look of absolute terror in wide emerald eyes had broken his heart. That was the last thing he had seen before he found himself being shaken awake in a desert.

As if sensing his dark thoughts, Fig turned the focus onto Lennox. "What about you, Captain? You got a perfect day?"

Seeing the goofy smile, Sirius had an idea what the man was going to say before he said it. "Ahh, I just can't wait to hold my baby girl for the first time."

He was right. James had worn that same look as he thought about holding his son when he was born. Hell, he had probably had that same look when he thought about holding his newborn godson. The good natured taunts and Lennox's response had Sirius grinning again. The man was definitely a first time father.

"He's adorable."

"That's too cute."

"Shut up!"

When they finally landed, Sirius decided that he really liked the group of soldiers that had found him. The base commander didn't do more than order him to listen to Lennox's orders, preoccupied with dealing with a more serious problem than the lost British man with amnesia, no pun intended. After getting him something to eat, Lennox dropped him off with Epps so he could go and speak with his wife and see his baby girl. The man was practically giddy with excitement, not that Sirius blamed him. Every time he had visited his godson, before he had wound up in Azkaban, he had been giddy with excitement.

As night fell, Sirius followed Epps to where he would sleep for the night when there was a sudden swarm of activity as armed soldiers moved to surround a helicopter that just landed. The sudden sound of weapons going off had Sirius on his guard. When Epps took off in a sprint, Sirius was right on his heels. He might not be able to do much, but he would do what he could.

"They bombed the antenna farm. We're under attack."

Seeing Lennox trying to help a kid get under cover, he grabbed the kid, freeing Lennox to fire at the mechanical monster that was destroying the base. Ducking under a tank with the kid, he took a closer look at what was attacking them. It was nothing like he had ever seen. Nothing real anyway. It actually kinda reminded him of the muggle 'anime', Gundam Wing.

The robotic suits piloted by teenage kids, although vastly different to what he was actually looking at, still reminded him of what was currently blowing things up. The main difference that he could place was that the robot was living, sentient. It was not being 'piloted' by something or someone else. Sirius was suddenly very grateful that Harry wasn't there with him. The poor boy had enough problems dealing with Voldemort. He didn't need to deal with giant alien robots in a different world as well.

Department of Mystery, London, England

Terror gripping his heart, Harry watched in horror as Sirius fell through the Veil. He didn't even realize he had screamed, or that he was moving until he felt someone try to grab him. He yanked away from their grasp and darted towards the Veil, his hand reaching out in a desperate attempt to grab his godfather. His fingers had barely brushed the fluttering material when a sensation that was like a cross between Floo and a Portkey gripped him. The last thing he heard before everything went black was someone screaming his name.

Washington, D.C.

"Steve." Shaking the man's hand, Keller turned his attention to the large group of people that had been gathered.

"Hello Mr. Secretary." He barely registered the greeting as he scanned the various faces of those that were waiting for him to speak. It would seem that today would be one of those days that he felt even older than he was.

"They're so young." And they were. Some of the faces he saw belonged to young men and woman that looked like they had just started college. Looking out at the sea of faces, Keller found himself almost wishing he wasn't standing where he was. Some of them were far too young.

"They're the top subject matter experts, sir. NSA's recruiting right out of high school these days." That comment didn't make Keller feel any better about the speech he was about to give.

Fiddling with her necklace, Maggie wondered why so many analysts had been gathered. "Guys, that's the Secretary of Defense."

Looking over, Maggie had a sinking feeling that why they had been gathered was for something far more serious than an effort to try and recruit more analysts into some program or other.

"I am so under dressed." Silently, Maggie agreed. She was feeling under dressed herself.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the Secretary of Defense." Taking his cue, Keller moved to stand in front of the podium as the gathered group stood up.

"Please be seated." Looking out over the group as they sat, Keller knew that his speech should be straight to the point. The matter was serious and he wasn't about to mince his words when they could possibly be on the brink of war.

"I'm John Keller. Obviously, you're wondering why you're here, so these are the facts. At 1900 local time yesterday, the SOCCENT Forward Operations Base in Qatar was attacked. So far as we know, there were no survivors. The objective of the attack was to hack our military network.

We're not sure exactly what they're after, but we do know they were cut off during the assault, which would lead us to assume that they're going to try it again. Now, no ones taken responsibility for the attack. And the only real lead we have so far is this sound." Turning slightly, Keller pointed at the screens and stayed silent as the strange sound was played for everyone to hear.

Sitting up slightly, Maggie found herself wondering what could have destroyed an entire base. Not to mention hacking their network. The technology had to be advanced, as had the weapons. As far as she knew, there was no one out there with that kind of capabilities. Hearing the strange sound, Maggie found herself not quite able to describe it. It was nothing like she had ever heard before. If she had to describe it, it was as if it was a mechanical scratching screech, and that didn't even properly describe it. Whatever the sound was, it was distinctively unique and Maggie was confident that she would recognize it if she ever heard it again. She had to recognize it. The least she could do for the families of the various soldiers that had died in the base attack was help to find who was responsible for it.

"That's the signal that hacked our network. NSA's working at full capacity to analyze it and intercept further communications, but we need you help to find out who did this. Now, you've all shown considerable ability in the area of signals analysis. We're on a hair-trigger here, people. The President has dispatched battle groups to the Arabian Gulf and Yellow Sea. This is as real as it's ever gonna get. Now I'm gonna leave you to your officer-in-charge. You'll break up into teams and you'll start your work. Good luck to us all." His speech over, Keller prepared himself for having to address the nation in just a few hours.

He could only hope that survivors would be found, even if just to spare a few families the pain of losing a loved one. As he readied himself to speak before a camera, Keller silently prayed that another base wouldn't be attacked, and if one was, he hoped that they would be able to defend themselves. This was one of the days he really felt decades older than he was.

Qatar- The Middle East

Resting against what seemed to be an abandoned tank, Sirius wiped at the sweat that trickled down the back of his neck. Listening to the soldiers talk, Sirius got a sinking feeling when Fig spoke about his 'mama' having 'the gift', and how he had the gene too. He may not be a Seer, but Sirius knew to take Fig seriously. His godson was the subject of a prophecy, he knew better than to ignore another person's premonitions. When he heard Epps say that the radio was fried, Sirius felt a chill go down his spine. Things were going to get bad.

"Mahfouz. How far do you live from here?"

"Not far. Just over that mountain." Sirius snorted quietly. It really wasn't that far, but he knew from experience that things could go straight to hell in moments. He could only hope that they would reach the village before something happened.

"Do they have a phone?"


"Alright boys, let's hit it."

Getting to his feet, Sirius once again found himself grateful that Harry wasn't here with him. His godson really didn't need to deal with any more shit than he already was. Then again, Harry may have found this to be a better alternative than dealing with Voldemort.

Pentagon- National Military Command Center

"Hey, guys, I think the other team figured it out. Iran."

"Come on, man. This is way too smart for Iranian scientists. Think about it."

Staring at her screen, Maggie dismissed what the two were talking about. What she was looking at was something she had never seen before. It was completely different to anything she had ever seen.

"What do you think, kid? Chinese?"

"No way. This is nothing like what the Chinese are using." Eyes skimming her monitor, Maggie stared, hoping that it would somehow make sense to her the longer she looked at it.

Air Force One

Cautiously, Frenzy transformed and moved out from beneath the seat he had hidden under. Stupid humans. It was so annoying having to move about cautiously. Reaching the elevator, Frenzy cursed quietly when he noticed one of the irritating maggots entering the elevator. He quickly shifted back into his alt form.

The annoying fleshling picked him up. As soon as she put him down, he shifted again. Once the human was gone, Frenzy moved towards the bank of computers. He needed to find the location for the All Spark. Connecting to the network, Frenzy began his search for anything that would lead him to Megatron or to the Cube.

Pentagon- National Military Command Center

Tugging her headphones on properly, Maggie wondered if she was hearing things. "Do you hear that?" Noticing that the others seemed to be hearing it as well, Maggie held the headphones closer.

"Are you getting this? I think they're hacking the network again." Staring at the screen, Maggie saw the words, 'Foreign Signal Detected'. The network was being hacked again.

Air Force One

Performing a network search, Frenzy found Project Iceman. Hopefully the files would contain the information he was looking for. They needed to get the All Spark before the Autobots got their slaggin' hands on it.

Pentagon- National Military Command Center

"Oh, my God. This is a direct match to the signal in Qatar. Are you running a diagnostic?" Studying the signal that was displayed on the screen, Maggie felt her heart begin to race. This was like nothing she'd ever seen before.

"Should I be?" If she hadn't been so busy studying the signal and tyring to trace where it was coming from, she might have given a more sarcastic answer than she did.

"Yes, you should."

"So I am." At least she didn't need to worry about that anymore and could fully focus on tracing where the signal was hacking into the network.

Air Force One

It was only a matter of moments for him to find what he was looking for. Immediately, he began to download everything connected to Sector Seven's Project Iceman. As he downloaded the files, he began to upload a virus.

Pentagon- National Military Command Center

Finding out where the signal was coming from, Maggie was on her feet calling for help. "Someone! They're hacking into Air Force One! We need a senior analyst."

Sitting back in her chair, Maggie quickly spoke.

"I think they're planting a virus."

"A virus?" Hadn't she just said that.

"It's streaming right now." Focusing back on the screen, Maggie was almost baffled.

"They are planting a virus and stealing a whole lot of data from your system at the same time."

"Code Red. We have a breach." They definitely had a breach, and the technology being used to do so had to be far beyond anything currently being used.

"You got to cut the hardlines."


"Whatever they want, they are getting it." And there was nothing she could do to even try to stop it. It was moving too fast. The only chance they had of stopping it was cutting it off from the system entirely.

"Sir? Permission to take down the Defense Network."

"Cut all server hard lines now." Hearing the command repeated, Maggie stared at her screen in slight shock. What they were dealing with was far too complex for anything she had seen on Earth. Staring at the screen, Maggie wondered if they would be able to deal with what was behind the hackings.

Air Force One

He was almost done downloading all the files when suddenly he was disconnected from the network. Staring at the screen, he cursed before banging his head against it. Frenzy wasn't given much time to vent his frustrations though as humans swarmed into the area. Moving out of the way of a bullet, he quickly took down the two humans that were firing on him. It wasn't time for them to find out about their existence just yet. With the few seconds he had bought, he quickly transformed into his alt mode and watched as more humans scurried past him in an effort to find the intruder that had hacked their system.

His search wasn't a total waste. He had found a file about a man that had seen their language. A Captain Witwicky. He had also managed to upload a virus that would eventually cripple the humans' system. Processing the information he had retrieved, Frenzy waited for the plane to land. Barricade would be waiting to pick him up once they had landed.

Pentagon- National Military Command Center

Stalking down the hallway, Keller made sure his orders were understood. They're top priority, they're only priority, was to secure the President. Only after the President was secure would he deal with anything else.

Air Force One

As soon as the plane landed, Frenzy carefully moved down the landing gears, scurrying over to Barricade as quickly as he could. The human insects didn't even notice him, too busy trying to secure the plane and its passengers. Ducking into the passenger seat of Barricade, Frenzy twitched sporadically. Slaggin' human computer viruses, messing with his systems. Quickly surfing the web, Frenzy found the item they needed on eBay. A pair of glasses held the location of the All Spark and were being sold on the website. A few keystrokes later, he had the information needed to find the human that had them.

"We must find Ladiesman217."


Groaning, Harry slowly opened his eyes, wincing in pain as he tried to sit up. After what felt like an eternity, he finally managed to get himself into a sitting position, only to groan as he noticed his surroundings. He was in some kind of rundown building, possibly a warehouse. It was night, but he was able to pick up the slightly muffled sound of a train. Given how close it was, he knew he was at least near the tracks, if not at some kind of train station or yard. Ignoring how his body ached, Harry forced himself to his feet and stumbled almost drunkenly to an opening that seemed to lead outside.

Staggering, he latched onto a nearby pole to keep from falling. Looking around, he blinked in surprise as he saw something large standing up and sending out some kind of signal into the sky. What really bothered him though was that he could sense something from the direction of the giant robot thing. Hearing barking dogs, as well as someone running, he forced himself to start moving away from the sound. Which unfortunately, led him back into the very warehouse he had just left. He was just starting to wonder if he should start panicking when an empty yellow Camaro came to a stop in front of him after chasing away the two dogs that had cornered a teenager. The driverless car was also the source of the warm presence he had sensed earlier.

Knees threatening to give out under him, he slumped against the car, not caring at the moment that he had no idea what it was. As soon as he touched the vehicle, a tingling sensation swept through him. It felt like what happened whenever he touched someone with magic, only much more powerful. Catching a glimpse of flashing lights and the sound of sirens, Harry once more fought against his exhaustion and stumbled as quietly away as he could, ignoring the sensation that the car was watching him go. He rather not talk to anyone until he at least had a vague idea of where he was and what was going on. Especially since the voices he heard, while speaking in English, were not British. Wherever he was, he was most definitely far from home.

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