Different little yaoi drabbles inspired by different songs. Will add more later when inspiration hits.

Fujiwara x Aikawa

He could never wish to be with anyone as gorgeous as Aikawa. The moment Fuji saw the boy soaring through the air to that hoop, he knew right then and there that he had fallen in love with the former Tendouji star. Ever since then, every time he saw that stunning face his heart ached atrociously. Practically bleeding within the walls of his chest.

The other player was so beautiful. So hard to resist that some days Fujiwara wondered how he could manage to hold himself up day in and day out. He wanted to touch him, hold him close, feel the warmth of that smile. So badly that it hurt to think about at times. But that was absurd. The only one the small forward had eyes for was that Moritaka; his beloved "pony-chan".

Although that was to be expected, of course. Fate just never thought the two boys to be. If truth be told, fate was probably laughing in his face right about now for even considering having a chance with his teammate.

There was no way Fujiwara could mean to Aikawa what the other meant to him, but that never stopped him from dreaming. In fact, despite the contrary belief that the tall point guard spent most of his nights tossing and turning, his sleeping patterns actually remained pretty docile. A lot of the time, he couldn't wait to drift off, because in the realm of sleep, he at least stood a chance. Dreams of little Aika's hand running through his hair, resting on the back of his neck, and Aika's face pressed against his broad shoulder kept him from losing sleep, if not make him beg for more.

Sometimes, in his dreams, the first day he had laid eyes on him would replay.

Aikawa had peaked his interest right from the start. There was something special about him, he knew. The way he had first smiled at him (a complete stranger at the time) and the way the other somehow could see the long retired, once magnificent high flier that dwelled deep within Fuji's soul.

And who could forget that dunk?

The instant he had seen the boy fly up, brushing ever so slightly against his body, Fuji could've sworn he had seen an angel beside him in that air time moment. A moment that he would never forget. A moment burned into his long term memory until the day he died. That moment of being so close, face-to-face, barely a breath away, was his heaven, would always be his heaven. Light from every window had cast its gaze on them, as if the light too could not look away from the beauty that was Aikawa and Fuji was merely captured in its sight along with him. And just as they were coming back down to earth, there was that smile again. That smile that could make the tough, headstrong captain melt like butter. From that day on, he could easily say that his life had become perfect. Aika had made it perfect by simply existing.

But like all dreams, his fantasies always came to an end. Forcing him to face the truth.

The truth that he would never.


Never be with Aikawa.