Miura x Ishi

Those cold eyes were on him. They were always on him. Like a curse. In his dreams, on his mind ever day, every night. Invading every god damn crevice of his brain with no way to escape. It was like Miura knew what he was doing to him. That sly grin he caught on the court from the corner of his eye, those slim fingers gracing his neck as he ran passed him during a practice. Teasing him. Torturing him shamelessly as if it were nothing but a sick little game. It was driving him crazy! Absolutely insane. And those stupid glances were making him lose himself. Glances that seemed to be directed only towards him. Those eyes almost swallowing him, making him stutter and stumble over his own feet like a helpless mass of jell-o, robbing him blind of everything in less than a second. Damn Miura was turning him into one of those love sick girls from the bleachers. None of the ones the blond dated were able to tame him either from what Ishi heard. But he wasn't like them. He wouldn't go chasing after the guy like that! He couldn't. It wasn't even guaranteed that his feelings would be reflected! Okay, not really feelings…more like obsessions…alright, maybe things that were less wrong sounding. Hell, it just wasn't worth it.

"Hey, Miura!!!"

Ishi quickly grabbed the boy by the shoulders and slammed him against the closest wall, crushing his lips together with the others.

Lips soft, delectably soft in fact, flush tight against his own. Moist, causing electricity to jolt every sensory with delicious pleasure, while also holding the faintest taste of Gatorade and Nutrigrain bar…

The whole time those golden-honey eyes kept staring at him right in the face. Not a flinch, not even within the heart stopping, fear stricken moment when Ishi finally pulled away.

Miura smirked. "Took you long enough."

"Grr, shut it!"

The brunet was quick to silence the other with a rougher kiss than the last. This time he made sure to slip the blond a tiny smidgen of tongue action to coax out scrumptious moans that made Ishi's whole body tingle with excitement.

Okay, so maybe it was just a little worth it.

I checked on different episodes. Miura's eye color kept changing! First they're blue, then they're brown, then hazel. So I decided to go with what his eyes are like a majority of the time and a color that went with the song I was listening to. This story was kinda OOC on Miura's part though ^^;.