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A/N: This is part of my Coming of Age universe but can stand alone, and was written as a part of another story that never got going, but I decided to keep it and add it to this collection. It's a bit old so it isn't as well written as the others, and is just a small one-shot about Ziva and Gibbs as he picks her up from the airport and takes her to the house to meet everyone.

All in Good Time

Leroy Jethro Gibbs walked to his car with his normal expression on his face, a frown that seemed to have no ill effect on his companion of the morning. It was seven o'clock and - he had been informed - the girl he had been sent to the airport to pick up had been awake, had landed and had been waiting for the past three.

"How long do you estimate it will take us to get to the house?" she asked with her Israeli accent as she opened the passenger door to the car and hopped in, putting her bag at her feet and waiting for him to stow her other bag in the back before he got in himself and answered her question.

"An hour if I drive the way your mother wants me to," Gibbs started the car and tore out of the parking lot and onto the highway, revving the engine and then kicking the speed up a notch, watching the reaction of the teenager beside him and moving faster again as she showed none of the usual fear-for-my-life expressions that others that travelled with him were prone to hold, "which is why, when she asks why we're home so early, we will tell her your flight got in early."

He watched as the smile tweaked up the corners of her mouth and she turned her dark eyed gaze on him, raising her eyebrows, "I suppose it is not technically lying. But I did only just meet you, it may not be such a good idea of yours to ask me, if you do not mind me saying."

"I'll let it slide this time," Gibbs allowed a brief smirk of his own as he slowed a little upon the entrance to the main town, passing on one of his country shortcuts and deciding he would leave that for another time that she was more well prepared, "and you don't have to lie if you don't want to."

"I do not mind in this case, I am sure you have been told that I drive much similarly to this," she nodded her head and turned to look out of the window again, continuing to stare without moving as the car pulled to a stop in the driveway, "they are not mad at me are they?"

"I presume you're talking about your new siblings," Jethro said quietly as he sat stationary as well, noticing the slight movement at the curtains in the main family room and continuing as the young girl nodded her head, "they haven't met you before. They have no reason to be."

"I would be mad," she made no time for him to dispute her statement as she opened the car door and jumped out, closing it behind her and walking purposefully to the front door, standing and waiting for him to catch up.

"Ziva David," Tony read from the piece of paper in his hands as he marched back and forwards across his younger sister Abby's, bedroom floor, aware that her eyes, and the eyes of his younger brother Tim were following him from their respective seats on the bed and the floor, father is Eli David, Director of Mossad in Israel, mother, Jenny Shepard, Director of NCIS in Washington D.C., now married to the one and only Bossman."

"We know that, Tony," Tim sighed from his spot on the floor, rolling the eyes that had so diligently been following the eldest of the Gibbs children back and forward, "how old is she?"

"Well," Tony started with the theatrics, trying to lighten his little sisters highly tense mood and relieve some of his stress with the biting sarcasm he was currently off loading, "you are fifteen years old, our dear sister is thirteen, I am eighteen and that would make our newest family member seventeen. It's all elementary my dear Timothy. You see what I did there was–"

"Yeah, yeah, Sherlock, I get it," Tim sighed again and looked at Abby, watching her stare at the wall with that blank-but-still-upset look she had perfected since she was five years old, "she really doesn't seem too bad..."

"Yes she does, Timmy!" Abby yelled in exasperation as she climbed off her stomach and knelt on the bed, looking at both of her brothers as they sat, one cross legged on the floor and the other on the chair previously pushed under her computer desk, "and if you don't see it now, just wait! You wait until she's finished with Dad and Jenny in the kitchen and leave us all alone with her to 'bond'. I hate this! I wish she'd go back to Israel!"

Tony watched his younger sister run out of the room and then listened for the inevitable slam of the bathroom door that usually followed these little outbursts, "Tony, I…I didn't mean to…"

"I know, Probie," Tony looked over at his brother and then stood from the chair, clapping him on the back and then helping him up as well before directing him down the stairs towards the kitchen, "I know."