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The Broken Nose Quota

"I am not coming out Tony, just stop!" Abby whined loudly from her desk chair, having sunk into it once the stream of shouts and lectures had started from the other side of her door, "and don't even think of dragging Timmy into this!"

Tim lowered his hand from where he was about to begin his own knocking and shrugged sheepishly, watching his older brother sag further onto the doorjamb and rub a hand over his eyes, exhaling a frustrated breath from his nose.

"Okay Tim, here's what we're going to do; I'm going to deal with Abby," Tony lowered his hand from his face and stared down at his kid brother, motioning down the stairs, "I need you to go downstairs and stall Dad."

"Tony, you're kidding right," Tim's eyes widened and he began to shake his hands emphatically back and forth in front of him and backing away, "Dad will see through that in like two seconds! And then you and I will be in just as much trouble as Abby! We're better off just going downstairs in the remaining two minutes and letting him deal with it."

Tony reached forward and clapped a heavy hand down on his younger brothers shoulder, pulling him back towards him and then spinning him towards the staircase, "I'm well aware McScaredy, I'm just trying to keep Abby out of trouble for a bit in hopes she'll come to the realisation that we'll all be living together wether she likes it or not!"

A large kick sounded against the base of the door from her side as Tony raised his voice to get his point across, "look kid, all I need you to do is give it your best shot to buy me two minutes. Two minutes. We're going out for lunch and stuff soon anyway; the worst that will happen is that I end up driving you once the parents are done with their outline of the game plan."

"I'm telling you Tony, this isn't going to work," the youngest Gibbs brother sighed in defeat as he was given another light shove towards the staircase, shaking his head as he slowly advanced towards his doom.


Leroy Jethro Gibbs watched his wife anxiously scrub at the inside of a mug as he leant against the doorframe on the opposite side of the room. Since his departure from their welcome of her daughter she had been resting on the edge, waiting for something to go wrong as if their teenagers were the subjects of a dangerous street gang and she was introducing her helpless daughter into their fray, "You know they aren't gonna be holding a gun to her head up there."

"Oh let me go Jethro," Jenny said irritably as she continued to take out her frustration on the now pristine mug, looking up as if to glance over her shoulder at him without actually doing so, "I'm worried alright. You and I both know that introducing another teenager into this house is like placing a time bomb underneath the pentagon; tiring and stressful. You wait, any minute now and we'll be halfway to the hospital to get Tony's broken nose reset and Abby will have written off Ziva for good!"

"I think you're over dramatising things a bit, Jen," Jethro continued to lean and listened to footsteps making slow progress down the stairs, "Abby will come around and so far Tony has been doing a good job with everyone. Besides, until Ziva breaks his nose 6 times, she's still behind Kate in the emergency room department."

A light cough brought their attention to Tim as he shuffled his way into the room and turned towards the fridge, opening it to survey the contents and rummaging around inside as both his parents stared at him.

"Tim," Jethro pointed his trademark stare at him and watched his youngest son squirm a little under his gaze as he himself stared down the cheese as it occupied its space in the fridge, "where is Tony with your sister?"

"Oh, they're um, they're on their way down," Tim turned and gave his father a smile, not quite meeting his gaze, "I just came down quicker cause I was after a drink."

Jenny raised her eyebrows and turned with her hands on her hips, pointing her own look at the youngest Gibbs boy, "You mean a drink like the one you left in here on the bench earlier? Half finished."

Tim's face twisted a little and he thought his mind may have actually made a loud clicking noise as a plan made itself known to him. If he could stretch out an argument with his parents he might just be able to stall them long enough to give Tony his extra two minutes. Jenny was crazy when it came to household cleanliness and impertinence from her children or her employees.

"I didn't leave anything down here half finished," Tim stated as he turned back into the fridge and pulled out another can of soda, "must have been Tony's."

"Tony doesn't drink orange," Jenny started again as she lifted the half finished drink from the counter between two fingers like it was poison, "and I've told you kids over and over that sticky sweet things do not belong anywhere but the sink. We had ants all through this house last summer!"

"I told you I didn't do it and you guys never believe me! You always take Tony's side on everything it's so unfair!" Tim turned and glared at the adults in front of him, getting into the swing of things as he began to realise that he actually thought there was a little bit of truth in what he was about to say, "Just because he's the oldest doesn't mean he's always right or that he's more responsible than me!"

"Now listen here Timothy," Jenny's eyes were almost scorching the same colour as her hair as she raised her finger in front of her face, "We do not place any more value on Tony than we do on you and you know it!"

Jethro moved from the counter and stood in front of his son, placing a calming and authorative hand on his shoulder and subsequently causing Jenny to cool her fire a little, "Tim, we'll revisit this later and I admire what you're trying to do for your brother and sister but lets put this aside for now."

He spoke as if there were to be no argument, and Tim took the warning in his face and with a deep breath and an inner sigh of relief he nodded, shrugged his shoulders, hugged his dad and went to leave the room, "sorry Jenny, it was my fault."

Jenny seemed speechless for a moment as Tim walked out of the kitchen and through into the living room with her slightly stunned nod of acknowledgement. Even after marrying Jethro and moving in together with his collection of kids she was still not used to their abrupt obedience and the respect that radiated throughout the household for everybody living in it, "what was that?"

Jethro spared his wife a small smile and a peck on the cheek as he turned to walk out of the room also, eyes trained firmly on where the staircase was known to be behind the wall, "Tim was covering again. Remind me to give him a talk about martyrdom when I'm through with his siblings."