Timeline: somewhere in season 2.

Summary: 100 words. Booth is just too old-fashioned for his own good sometimes.

Human carwash: chassis and fenders and headlights, oh my!

When they exit the decontamination shower with flimsy scrubs covering their reddish skin, his gaze skitters wildly, settling everywhere but at her eyes and it amuses her to no end, how he flusters.

She tilts her head and finally captures his eyes. He sucks in a breath and fails to hide it.

"Don't worry, I wasn't looking," he states sullenly.

He is shocked into a stupor by her utter lack of penitence when she flicks her eyes down to just below where his cocky belt buckle usually rests, and flaunts, "Too bad."

Before delivering the coup de grace, "I was...."

Well, that's just the way it is then: musie's going through a fluffy, humorous drabble phase and you all know what happens when you don't give musie what she wants…