Why Red and Aero are not worthy for Onixia By Aquaflares21

Summary: This is a VERY short story about me and kypotnite141s neontetra characters Aero, Red, and onixia.

One day Red was trying to flirt with onix while aero was gone(at this time aero and onix were dating).

Red: Come on you don't need that aero loser come with me and i'll satsify you.

onixia: No thanks you're just a little immature brat that can't satsify a pig.

red: WHAT i can satsify a pig and i can satsify you.

At that time a blast of energy owned red and he went flying

Aero: Sorry i'm late and i think some brat needs to learn his place

Red: Bring it!

Before anyone of them could get the first strike, Onix turned dragon and made them run away like little noobs.

Onixia: Thats why i dont like them.

Out of nowhere, a taco appeared.

Onixia: And i like this very much.

And then, Onixia ate the taco.

Conclusion in onixia's Mind:

(I don't like them because they cannot satsify me as good as this taco can.)