Chapter 1

It was a cold night, well, in Kansas City nearly all nights were cold at fall. Melinda Smith was walking on the mainstreet of this beautiful town. Suddenly the rain started pouring. She sighed, she didn't open her umbrella though it was in her bag. Melinda was just walking slowly.

"What did I do??" she thought "Did he deserve it? He had always hurt me, I just had to do it."

A few tears rolled down on her cheek. She let them fall to her blood covered wine-red blouse. It took her an hour to go home though she lived 10 minutes from his apartment. As soon as she got home she went to the bathroom and tried to wash the blood off from her hands. It was 9am. She dropped the gun in the trash can next to the toilet. She took off her shirt and dropped it to the floor. She went downstairs to the livingroom. Melinda wrapped up everything she found at home and dropped them into her car. She left her ID's on the kitchen table. Her house was at the end of the streets, she had no neighbours. So Melinda opened the gas, and ran out of the building straight to her car. She got in and she wanted to pull off the road as she saw a middle-age woman ran into the house.

"NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! " she shouted but it was late. The house blow up. Her life was as destroyed as her house. She pulled off the road and drove as fast as she could running away from her destroyed life…
Next morning she arrived to a little town. She read from a table at the border of it: "Welcome to Grandview!"
She had a feeling like she has to stop there. When she left her old life she brought all money she had at home. She stopped her car in front of a Real Estate Office. She went in and from the nowhere a dear woman stepped front of her.

"Good morning!" Melinda said.

"Oh good morning, and also welcome in Grandview. I'm Delia Banks." They shook hands.

"I'm Melinda…" she thought for a sec"Gordon, my name's Melinda Gordon."

"So, how can I help you Ms. Gordon?"

"I wanna buy a small apartment near here."

"That's great because we actually have a lot of free fresh apartments." Delia showed some pictures and after 10 minutes Melinda choosed that one which is above an old Antique Shop.

"It'll be fine. I can pay now."

"Great, that apartment is one of the bests, and that shop is now closed for 3 years, so it won't bother you."

"Sure." She said lightly smiling and they done every paper work they needed to do. Melinda was about to leave when Delia called after her.

"Ms. Gordon. The keys."

"What keys?"

"The keys. To your apartment." Delia showed them up.

"Oh, thanks." She grabbed them, say goodbye and went straight to her new home. She has never bought anything this fast. She went upstairs and layed down to the big bed. She was thinking again. Memories haunted her from her past. Melinda was tired and soon, she fall asleep.

She was home again in Kansas City. She was heading toward his apartment. She knocked on his door and he opened it soon.

"Aw, Melinda! " he said lightly smiling.
"Don't insist on that smiley James!" she said forcefully.

"What's your problem babe?" he tried to kiss her but instead of kissing back she slapped him.

"What do you think, who the hell are you to hit me?" he was shouting.

"Shut up James! You've always just used me. You never really loved me, right?"

"Oh babe, c'mon. I've always loved you!"

"Don't lie!" she shouted. He wanted to hit her when she pulled out her Alfa 060. It wasn't a simply 9mm-s. It was hers.

"What do you wanna do babe? Wanna shoot me? C'mon, you won't do that!"

"Stop calling me babe!"

"I won't, babe." He wanted to move one step closer but she uncocked the gun.

"One more step James, and you're dead!"

At first she didn't noticed that he had a knife in his left hand. He wanted to stab her but she was quicker. She shot him with one bullet into the heart.

And in that moment she was fully awake now.