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Chapter 1

"No Claudine! Like this!" BB said getting increasingly frustrated and repeating the move for the tenth time even slower than the time before in the vain hope that Claudine may be able to get it right. She did not. BB sat down in a chair and rested his head in his hands.

"Just take five everyone" He groaned not looking up from the floor. Lauren, Danny, Lola and Jez walked out sipping from their water bottles exhausted from a morning of dancing. Only Claudine stayed. She sat down next to BB giving him a small, apologetic smile as he raised his head to look at her.

"I'm really sorry BB. I'll try harder I really will it's just I find it really difficult…"

"Don't bother Claudine," BB said interrupting her "It's not gonna work on me." He stood up and repeated the move once again. "Come on it's easy! Even Jez "the prima ballerina" has got this down. Look it's simple." Claudine stood up and BB took her slowly through the move. He grinned as she finally got it right. Claudine grinned to. Pleased with herself, she repeated the move again and again. BB broke out into a freestyle routine making Claudine giggle as she joined in too. The "routine" ended and Claudine and BB found themselves face to face staring into each others eyes. With their faces only centimetres apart both students began to breath heavily. Closing his eyes BB moved his head closer to Claudine's, she did the same.

"Hey, BB we gonna learn this dance or not!?" came Danny's voice from the doorway. BB and Claudine jumped and they both went bright red.

"Umm… um…. Oh! Claudine's umm… got the move down you know!" BB said shaking with shock, his checks burning.

"Cool." said Jez raising one eyebrow at BB. He seemed to be the only one to notice the chemistry between BB and Claudine during the rest of the practice and indeed the rest of the day. Jez was the only one to notice that's BB couldn't stop staring at Claudine with a shimmer in his eyes.

"Hey guys" Jez said putting his bag down and taking of his shoes. Taking of his jacket and looking up he realised that the only people in the house where BB and Claudine who were sitting close together talking and giggling barely taking any notice of Jez as he crept up behind them. "Hey guys!" Jez said again making the pair jump and turn around.

"You shouldn't do that Jez! It's not very nice!" Claudine said scowling at Jez

"Oh! Not very nice!? You're one to talk Claudine!" Jez said sarcastically sitting himself down in-between BB and Claudine much to their annoyance. "So what have you two been talking about?"

"Nothing much..." BB mumbled blushing wildly "Just school and stuff..."

"Oh yeah? Don't think I haven't noticed you to flirting today!" Jez said.

"What do you mean?" Claudine said now blushing as much as BB

"You know what I mean. BB, you couldn't take your eyes of Claudine and you," Jez said turning to Claudine herself "You were being kind!"

"What are you talking about Bro!?" BB asked, obviously lying

"Yeah Jez! We're just mates, nothing more!" Claudine said lying as badly as BB

"Okay, okay I believe you. Right I have to go. See you tomorrow" Jez said getting up and picking up his bag and slipping on his shoes. The door shut leaving BB and Claudine alone.

"BB," Claudine said looking into BB's wide brown eyes "I..." BB interrupted her with a soft kiss on the lips. Neither of them said any more. For the rest of the evening they both sat in silence. Because all that had needed to be said had been said in a kiss