Chapter 4

For a while no one said a word. Jez looked at BB and Claudine trying to think of something to say to break the silence. Finally, much to the relief of the three in the living room, there was a knock at the door.

"I'll get it!" Jez said jumping up, happy to leave to leave the awkwardness behind him. Lauren came through the door followed by a tall brown haired boy with dark brown eyes.

"Hey you guys!" Lauren said "This is my cousin, Aaron, he's come to London for collage and he's going to be staying here for the holidays, I wouldn't want my baby cousin to be all alone for Christmas now would I!?" Lauren said ruffling his hair.

"Hey Lauren… umm… hi Aaron… let me take your bags…" Jez said stammering as he watched Aaron take of his coat. God he's hot! Jez thought Oh Wow!

"No it's ok I'll take them up" He said smiling at Jez as if reading his thoughts. Taking his suitcase and starting up the stairs he turned his head to wink at Jez.

"Hey Lauren, umm… your cousin he's not stra…." Jez began

"He's gay go for it Jez!" Lauren said taking of her coat and walking into the living room.

"Hey, Lauren, do you know witch room I'm staying in?" Came Aarons voice from the top of the stairs.

"Err, just put your stuff in Danny's room he wont mind. It's the Messy blue one with a surprisingly large amount of hair products on the dresser!" Lauren called back.

"So, Lauren, has he recently come out or…" Jez questioned

"No he came out ages ago. What does it matter anyway?"

"Well you see, the mind of a gay is a complicated thing!" He said putting on a silly professor voice.


"No I was just messing with ya!" Jez said. "But seriously, is he seeing anyone?"

"I don't know Jez I haven't seen him in about 5 years! You'll have to ask him your self." She replied.

"So how are you two love birds?" She said turning to BB and Claudine who where sitting together still not saying a word.

"Don't Lauren," Claudine said sighing.

"Hey what's wrong?" Lauren genuinely worried. As much as she didn't like Claudine, she did want her to be happy.

"Nothing" Claudine said "it's nothing, it's just that we're gonna tell Danny today and well, we don't know how he's gonna take it…"

"Wow you're right! You know I don't think he's ever going to talk to either of you again! I mean BB how could you!? Dating Claudine only six whole months after Danny and her broke up!? And you Claudine wow! Talk about love-leaping! Oh come on you two! He'll be happy for you! You know that!" Lauren said jokingly. As BB and Claudine realised she was right they both smiled.

"Hey where's Jez gone?" Claudine said suddenly realising that the blonde boy was no longer in the living room.

"Maybe he's left." BB said

"No he would have said goodbye…" Lauren was interrupted by Danny's cheery voice coming from the front door .

"Hi," Danny said shutting the door and smiling at Lauren "Hey, Lauren. You look nice."

"Oh! Danny! My cousin Aaron is staying here for the holidays so is it all right if he stays in your room? It's only for a couple of weeks it's just that he's coming all the way from New Forest and it's his first holiday alone and…"

"Lauren! It's fine! Really! I'm gonna go upstairs to get changed I'll be down in ten then we can head of to the partay!" he said dumping his bag by the door and starting up the stairs. He stopped on the landing and buried his head in his hands. His heart ached as he thought of the beautiful girl sitting downstairs. Her eyes, her smile, her… just her. She has moved on Danny! He thought to himself And you have to too. Sighing he opened his door. "BLOODY HELL!!!! OH MY GOD I AM SOOOOO SORRY!" Jez and Aaron were sitting on his bed, hands in each others hair and kissing fiercely. The two broke apart at the sound of Danny's voice. Jez jumped up looking embarrassed and leaving Aaron sitting on the bed looking even more embarrassed than Jez was.

"Oh my god! Oh crap! No! No! No!" Jez said putting his hands over his mouth and shaking his head.

"What!? What's wrong!?" Lauren said rushing up the stairs "Danny are you ok!? I heard shouting!"

"No, no I'm fine! I was just shocked that's all" He said turning to her and smiling as a million butterflies fluttered in his stomach. It took all his will not to grab her and kiss her right there and then.

"Why? Jez are you ok you look at little flustered?" She said not giving Danny a chance to answer her. "Aaron!? Hello!" she said waving his hand in front of his face.

"Huh!?" He said

"You were just staring into space. Are you sure your ok Jez? Wait… you two… in here… Danny shocked… flustered… OH MY GOD! You two kissed!" she said the penny finally dropping. "Oh my God I'm so happy for you! My best friend and my cousin! Oh wow!" Aaron smiled and stood up too. Jez turned to him and smiled back. Both boys had a glimmer in their eyes and both boys looked as if they had never been happier.