Hidden Blessings

A Supernaturalâ„¢ fan fiction

by Kadysn - 2009

*Chapter One*

Sam tossed his cell phone on the bed beside him and gasped in shock. "Holy shit!"

Dean, who'd been reclining on the bed next to Sam's in the rustic mountainside motel room where they were staying, glanced over at his brother. "What? Who were you talking to?" He tossed the magazine he'd been reading aside and sat up, reached for the TV remote and turned the set off, then turned to toss his legs over the side of the bed to face Sam. When his brother continued to sit there silently, Dean moved from his bed to Sam's, and leaning in slightly, asked, concern making his voice husky. "What's wrong, Sammy?"

Even though he knew Dean wanted details, Sam wasn't sure how much he wanted to divulge. He knew keeping secrets from Dean often got him in trouble. All the times before the whole apocalypse shit came down and he'd kept his blood-drinking and demon-banishing from Dean, he knew it was wrong to keep secrets from the best friend he'd ever had – his brother. Still, there were times he had to keep his secrets to himself, or at least the deepest, darkest ones. Maybe, he thought, he could share without going into every minute detail and baring every bit of his soul. Pulling himself from the thoughts whirling frantically in his mind, Sam turned to look over his shoulder at Dean. "It was, uh, one of my old college friends. Rebecca, remember?"

Dean nodded. "Yeah, I do. She's the one, uh, who asked for help when her brother was arrested for murder. It was a shapeshifter who did it instead...the best looking shapeshifter I've ever had the pleasure to gank!" he grinned.

Sam grunted at Dean's remark, then sighed. "It was...uh...a surprise, Dean. For me, anyway." Oh man...here it comes...Sam inwardly moaned. I have to tell him something, and I know sure as shit he's going to razz me about it...

Dean grinned and said, "Really? Huh. I've got nothing else to do. Hit me with it, Sammy."

Sam nodded his head, then moved his long, lanky body up his bed to lean back against the bunched up pillows along the rough-hewn headboard. He exhaled deeply, causing the bangs over his forehead to flutter out, only to fall back down over his eyes. He looked over at Dean, expecting his reply to send his brother into a shit-fit. "I won't go into the details about how it happened, but it seems I'm a father."

Yep. A shit-fit it was, and a very respectable one, coming from his big brother.

Dean rose from the bed and turned to face Sam, his arms thrust out in shock. "What the fuck were you thinking, huh, Sam? Oh yeah, that's right. You weren't. You were using the little brain rather than the one in your head. Shit, Sammy! Didn't Dad and I teach you anything? You never, ever hook up with a woman without suiting up. Never, Sam."

Sam shook his head, but kept his calm when he replied, "It wasn't like that, Dean."

"Then what the hell was it? I don't like this, Sam. Who is this chick? For all you know she could be some bimbo who's angling to trap you or some such bullshit like that. Goddamn, Sammy!" Dean raged as he moved around the room, continuing to rant about Sam's lack of self-control and lousy taste in tail.

Sam ran his hands through his hair, pushing it away from his face. He waited until Dean's fury edged back a few notches, then he calmly stated, "I won't go into details, but it wasn't like you think, Dean. I didn't go into it without a lot of thought. The fact remains that I have a daughter, and she needs my help."

His temper still bubbled under the surface, but Dean forced himself to calm down enough to listen to Sam. He sank down to sit on the edge of his bed and ran a hand over his face, the contact of palm over whisker stubble making a raspy sound. "A daughter? Really? What's wrong that she needs your help?"

Sam reached for his phone and rubbed his thumb over the darkened screen, recalling the gist of the short conversation he'd had with Rebecca. "I don't have all the details. All I know, really, is that a PI visited Rebecca, wanting information on how to locate me. I guess this child...my daughter...has a medical emergency going on right now, and they need her biological father...me...to see if I can help. I guess she needs a transplant or something." Just the idea that this child of his was ill and there may be anything at all he could do to help made Sam determined to follow through with the plans that were already forming in his mind. I may not have had a good relationship with Dad, but I can do whatever the hell is needed to be there for my own child.

"Shit..." Dean muttered softly. "That's heavy."

"Yeah. I gotta go, Dean. I need to see if there's anything I can do. I mean, how can I not go, huh? It'd drive me freaking nuts if I ignored Rebecca's call and did nothing." Sam looked over at Dean, studying his brother's face, and he hoped Dean would back him up on what he planned to do, whatever the outcome. He knew, though, that after everything they'd gone through together...the trust broken, words said, lies told, and brotherly bond damaged...there was every chance in the world Dean would expect him to blow off all his obligations and forget about the fact he had a child who needed him. Sam braced himself for the disappointment he was sure Dean would dish out.

Dean leaned forward and reached out to rap supportively on Sam's denim-covered knee. "I know you do. When do you want us to leave?" he asked as he rose from the bed to start gathering up his stuff that was scattered around the room. He moved around the foot of his bed and entered the open door of the bathroom, and started grabbing his shaving gear to thrust it into the case he kept the items in. Returning to the bedroom, he tossed the case on his bed and reached for a pair of ragged, holey jeans and began to roll them up.

"You want to go with me?" Sam sent Dean a look of amazement. "I'm an adult, dude. I can handle this on my own, you know."

"Yeah, I know that, but why should you have to?" Dean asked as he stashed the jeans into his duffle. "Besides, what if this daughter of yours needs my help too? I'm goin', Sam." When Sam continued to give him a bemused look, Dean grinned and added, winking slyly, "Besides, I just have to check out this woman you hooked up with...y'know, give her my Dean Winchester Seal of Approval."

"Dude, I told you it wasn't like that..." Sam insisted, knowing Dean would continue to razz him until he spilled more details, which he refused to do. If Dean knew the truth of the matter, he'd never hear the end of it, and he wasn't about to put himself into that situation. Some things, Sam vowed, you kept to yourself.

"Doesn't matter. Let's go," Dean stated, considering the subject closed.

Sam grinned and, following Dean's example, rose from his bed and started gathering his stuff.

Within an hour, they had Dean's baby loaded and were driving down the highway, the reflection of the motel growing smaller and smaller in the rearview mirror.