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Ally's view...

I sat on the curb with Sara. Yeah I know a lot of things like this would begin maybe with a lovely scene or a hidious wasteland but no we're just sitting on the curb in front of school waiting for Sara's dad.

"He forgot again" Sara said dully.

"There's always my house" I said smiling.

"Does yer grandma still live with you?" Sara asked staring ahead seriously.

"Yeah why...?"

"Is she senile enough to follow her usual plan for the day?" Sara asked ignoring my question.

"Well yeah" I said smiling.

"BROWNIES/COOKIES!" she leaped into the air waving her fist "To your house!"

I laughed "let's go"

We walked several blocks to my house. It was an uneventful walk. We walked into my house, swiped brownies from the kitchen and ran up to my loft before anyone saw us. We flipped on the dinosouar of a TV and flipped the stations sometimes landing on a rerun of a sitcom. Finally we left it on a rerun of Storm hawks and started doing our homework. Well I did my homework anyway. Sara just sat there giggling around with my dog.

"Oh Ally your puppy's just soooo cute!" She squealed.

I had saved up my allowance, sold all of my old stuffed animals, saved all my lawn mowing profits for her. Lady was a beautiful red and white Cavalier king charles spaniel decended from a line of award winning dogs. Yeah she's a great dog.

"I suppose what was that?" I looked at the TV screen.

It went out making it look like a giant blinding snow storm and creating that horrible static noise. I had absolutely no time to react. Suddenly I blacked out cast into an awful darkness.

I woke up in a strange windowless room. TV screens lined the walls displaying random images to numerous to even begin to name. Sara sat beside me rubbing her head.

"What the hell?" I asked her.

"I didn't do it"

"I know you didn't idiot"

"Yeah it's just that people-"

"I know automatically blame you" I said gently, putting my arm around her "I know the feeling, anyway back to where the hell are we?"

"Welcome Ally and Sara" A strange feminine monotone voice rang out.

"Do I feel welcome hmmm lets see I've stated this damn question two times already but where the hell are we?"

"Your in the Sizmic quantinuan-"

"Ok shut up please speak idiot for us" Sara shouted.

I stood up and stared ahead "Come out where I can see you now" I demanded.

"That sounds reasonable" The monotone voice responded.

A strange woman walked out. She seemed to be continuously morphing into different women. Okay now I'm really freaked out but stay calm panicking won't help at all. Breath in...Breath out...breath in...

"There are parallel universes some of which have been represented in art and ect. One of them is in trouble so I simply pulled you two from yours to help me restore some order to the world of Atmos"

"Wait what did you say Atmos?" I asked staring at her disbelievingly.

"Yes the world that in your world is represented by a TV show"

"And who are you by the way?" Sara asked.


"Wow that fits" I muttered.

"I understand why you don't believe me but we must get ready. Those screens willl allow you to design a sort of avatar so that your capable of surviving in their world because of altitude differences and air difference."

"Basically we're supposed to create some kind of avatar because we don't have the right skills or lung capacity?" I asked.

"Oh you have the skills, this will just amplify them to an equal or even better level to the people your up against."

"I'm still contemplating on whether I should trust you or not" I said "Well it looks like we don't have any choice but to cooperate so I guess, come on Sara" I finished by reluctantly walking over to one of the screens.

I suddenly feel like Alice in wonderland except only more modren and I don't remember falling into a hole.

I made a strange version of myself. I decided that while I was at it, I'd make my self skinnier (might as well) with much better hair and perfect skin. I mean really this is the perfect oppertunity you know. Now I looked at my reflection and smiled. Brown hair brown eyes just fine for me as long as that hair doesn't happen to be frizzy of course. I specially designed a sort of hoverboard. It looked like an overlarge skateboard with wings. I could work it with my feet or with the weapon I picked out. I designed these awesome fans. They could fling these balls of blue or purple energy. I also added twin energy swords, and a bow and arrow. I feel armed and dangerous now. Of course I figured out.

Sara picked out this staff that was better than Cyclonis's and kept her appearence the same aside from the body changes needed to survive and stuff. She got this skimmer that looked normal but had a higher performance than a standard skimmer.

Lady ran around barking at a screen. She got a hampsterball with wings and blasters. Yeah my dog's armed and dangerous. Now she had the intelligence to use them too and not shoot at us yay!

I also drew the powers of the avatar from Avatar the last airbender. Might as well.

Sara and I changed into uniforms we made and walked into the test room. We looked at each other and smiled.

"The nighthawks" Sara said and I nodded.

We flew around, shooting at each other and testing everything to the limit. I could control the four basic elements which was awesome. I could do anything and I wouldn't break away from my board unless I wanted to.

I think this could be fun.

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