I know, I know.

Why am I starting a new fic when I haven't finished Learning to Live Again yet? I guess I'm just a glutton for punishment. This idea literally came to me yesterday when I was riding out to Wal-Mart with my mom. Strange, I know. I was like daydreaming up storylines while walking through the frozen food aisle.

I hope you guys like it. I really just want to have fun with this story, because I love Emmett and all the crazy things that he can come up with. If you have any ideas or requests to be included in the story, just let me know in your reviews and I'll try to make them happen.

There are also going to be times when the characters are OOC, but that's just because my warped little mind wants them to be.


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Emmett's Undoing

Chapter One: The Forks High School Welcoming Committee

Alice POV

"I can't believe you still haven't told him, Alice," Edward said with an exaggerated sigh as we pulled out of the garage. I was sitting shotgun while Jasper was in the back seat of Edward's precious Volvo.

We were driving to start the first day of the new school year where I would be posing as a junior with my surrogate siblings Edward and Emmett. Rosalie and Jasper were masking themselves as seniors and also twins.

We had moved to Forks, Washington two years ago after living in Alaska for five years. We didn't really get to stay in one place too long. That's one of the down sides of not aging and staying young and beautiful forever. We would be moving again in two years after we graduated high school for the umpteenth time, adding five more graduation caps to our hallway art piece. Well, maybe six if my visions were accurate. And they always were.

That leads me to the question coming from my annoying brother in the driver's seat. "I told you, Edward. I don't want Emmett to feel pressured or nervous about meeting her," I explained again. We had had this conversation at least twenty times in the past month.

"Alice, what if he hurts her? Or worse?" Edward turned from the road to look me in the eye while we talked.

"I'm in most of her classes, so I can make sure to keep an eye on her. And Jasper is standing on look out to sense any strong feelings from Emmett. You can tune into him today as well to read his thoughts, and if they turn ugly we'll get him out of there," I reassured the two other vampires in the car with me.

"Alice, I don't know. Edward has a point," Jasper joined in. Why did they insist on teaming up against me? They knew better. I was Edward's confidante and Jasper's lover. I could hang things over both of their heads if I really wanted to. I heard Edward chuckle and knew he had heard my thoughts. I raised an eyebrow at him.

"She's thinking about holding out on me, isn't she?" Jasper teased from the back seat. He chuckled when Edward only smiled. "All I'm saying, Alice, is that if Emmett were a little prepared for what he's walking into, there would be less of a chance for Bella to be caught in the crossfire."

"Stop doubting me, you two," I said, raising my voice to a shrill, threatening sound. "We're here. Now get out of the car, look stunning, and be on your best behavior. If either of you tell him, your asses are mine." I opened the car door and with one fluid motion was standing beside it in the Forks High School parking lot. Glancing down at myself, I made sure that my outfit was still in place. I had chosen a simple outfit for today. Designer jeans, black camisole, black ballet flats, and my favorite Prada raincoat.

Of course, I had dressed Edward and Jasper as well, keeping them in silver and blue tones to match their skin. Edward was wearing a pair of faded jeans with a silver sweater. He had his damn pea coat on over that. I was still holding out hope that he would let me burn the damn coat this year. Or that it would get lost in our next move. Jasper was wearing dark jeans as well with a light blue sweater and a grey mid-length trench coat. Much better than a damn pea coat.

I smiled as Emmett pulled into the parking space next to ours, Rosalie riding in the passenger seat of his gigantic Jeep. It was so perfect for him. Rosalie climbed down from the vehicle, dressed to the nines and so not fitting in with that vehicle. She was wearing an illegally tight pair of jeans with an even tighter red camisole. She had on a brown cardigan over the camisole with wedge sandals to match. As if she wasn't already tall enough, her heels added four inches to her height. And I was the one wearing flats.

Emmett was another story. While the other boys humored me in fashion decisions, Emmett had his own style. If you can call it that. It was so ordinary. He was also wearing a pair of dark jeans. What can I say?! They're popular nowadays. Instead of a simple sweater and coat, he was wearing a vintage Led Zeppelin tour tee shirt. Most would think he purchased it from Hot Topic; however, I knew that he got it while they were actually touring in the seventies. And to top it all off, he was wearing a pair of Etnies. Really?! Jasper and Edward were wearing Gucci shoes, but Emmett was wearing $60 skater shoes.

Edward chuckled next to me again. Sometimes it was so damn annoying that he could read my mind without me knowing. "You're just going to have to get over that, Alice. And also the shoes and pea coat. You may always be right, but there are some things that you cannot change and control," he teased as he threw an arm over my shoulder. Jasper was at my both side, holding my hand.

"Alright, bitches, let's get this show on the road," Emmett's loud voice cut into our conversation as he and Rosalie joined us in our walk toward the school building. All the other students in the parking lot stopped what they were doing to stare at us. Another one of the down sides to being young and beautiful forever. No privacy. I didn't mind being looked at, honestly, but I know that it bothered the boys.

We hurried into the building and to our locker. Well, it was really my locker, but for some reason it had become shared between all of us over the last two years. I really didn't even know where everyone else's lockers were at this point. We shoved our coats inside, and headed off toward the gymnasium. It was customary that the principal hold a welcome assembly every year. How original.

"What classes do you guys have again?" Emmett asked again. It amazed me that with his vampire abilities and intelligence, he couldn't remember something as simple as a class schedule.

"You and I have Trigonometry first period, Edward and Jasper have music appreciation, and Rosalie has Literature," I answered without thinking twice. I didn't mention that Bell also had Trigonometry with us, because Emmett didn't know anything about her at this point. He would in a minute.

As we sat down in the middle of the bleachers, I squeezed Jasper's hand. He looked into my eyes and I moved them toward the gymnasium door that she was walking through. He smiled lightly at me, knowing how excited I was for this moment. I was excited for Emmett, but also for all of us. Bella would be a great addition to our cryptic, little family.

I cringed when I laid eyes on her, though. She was wearing a pair of flared jeans with a vintage Beatles tee shirt with flip flops. She and Emmett really would be perfect together. I wondered how she would feel to learn that Emmett had seen the Beatles in concert as well. My smile didn't have time to stay on my face as I turned to see my brother's reaction.

Emmett had been zeroing in on the new freshmen seated across the cafeteria, no doubt planning the pranks that he would play on them this year. Some things never changed over time and zip codes. As soon as the door opened, his head had snapped up and his gazed had locked onto Bella. I had never experienced someone's blood calling out to me like he had before, and I was thankful. The last time this had happened, Emmett hadn't been able to control his urges but I was confident in him now. He had become more immune to blood over the years, and he would never do anything to jeopardize his future with Bella. Of course, he didn't know that right now.

Emmett's gaze stayed locked on her as she stumbled through the doorway. We would have to work on her coordination. She looked around the large gymnasium, scouting for a place to sit. When her eyes rested on our group, I could hear the gasp from her throat. A normal reaction for seeing us for the first time. A group of teenagers rushed past her into the room, causing her scent to float toward us. Rosalie and Edward just smiled lightly. Jasper tensed for a second but regained his composure. Emmett stiffened in his seat as his hand tightened on the bleacher, causing a small crack to form in the metal.

His gaze became more intense as did her blush when she noticed how Emmett was looking at her. As she was about to walk past us, I stood and bounced down from the bleachers to stop in front of her. She had a shocked expression on her face.

"Hi! I'm Alice Cullen," I said as I held out my hand to her. She took it, and I was grateful that she didn't shiver with the cold touch. "You must be Bella Swan. Your father told my father that you would be starting at Forks High this year."

"Oh," she said. "How do they know each other?"

"Through work. My father is Doctor Carlisle Cullen, and their paths cross from time to time," I answered. I could hear Emmett growling under his breath to Jasper. He was not saying kind things about me at the moment, and he would not hear the end of it later tonight. "Charlie has been so excited that you were moving here."

Bella blushed again. "Yeah, we haven't seen each other a lot for the past few years. It will be nice to get to know my dad again," she said with a shy tone to her voice. She would have to learn to open up if she and Jasper were going to be best friends. I hadn't told him that yet either, because I knew that he was nervous about being close to humans. My family would understand eventually. "The assembly is about to start. Come sit with me and my family," I said, taking her hand and pulling her through the crowd.

We stopped in front of Edward and Rosalie who were seated at the end of the row. "Bella, this is Edward and Rosalie." They both nodded to Bella with a smile. "This is my wonderful boyfriend Jasper," I said as I sat down in his lap. I didn't turn to look at Emmett, because I knew that he would glare at me. "And this big guy who can't stop staring at you is Emmett." I heard Rosalie and Edward both chuckle under their breaths. He must have filled her in on my little secret.

My teasing seemed to snap Emmett out of his trance, because he stood in front of Bella and held out his hand to her. She extended hers and blushed again when he kissed the back of her hand instead of just shaking it. Jasper held his breath in, ready to calm Emmett down if necessary. Somehow, he managed to not bite Bella even with being so close to the veins in her wrist.

"Nice to meet you," she whispered as she bit her lip. They were so cute!

"The pleasure's all mine," Emmett said with a sexy edge to his voice. Oh God. I would have to make sure that he understood Bella was not just a conquest for him. "Here, Bella, you can sit next to me.'

She took her place between Emmett and Jasper as the assembly started. I squealed in Jasper's ear as I realized that Emmett and Bella were still holding hands and he chuckled underneath me. This would be a great year. I just knew it!