Pairings: Percy/Scorpius/Ron

Disclaimer: Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling.

Author's Notes: This was written for the 'sceasleycest' community at livejournal. 'Sceasleycest' is word invented by asnowyowl to describe a story about a sexual situation involving Scorpius Malfoy and two Weasleys. As such, all Sceasleycest involves group sex and incest. If this is not your cup of tea, then look away now.

Warning: Incest, cross gen, explicit smut, slash, bad language.


Ron was woken by an elbow in his ribs.

"That noise stopping you sleeping, too, Ron?"


"Yeah, bang, bang, bang. You just go and see what it is for me?"

Ron prised his eyes open to attempt a glare. He had been sleeping perfectly soundly, actually. He tried to will himself back to sleep, but now he was awake and he could hear it: the steady, rhythmic banging of something wooden. He wasn't going to be able to get back to sleep now. It was probably just the shed door being buffeted by the wind. Someone hadn't shut it properly.

"You going then?"

"Yes, dear." With a huff, Ron threw back the blankets and got out of the bed.

He grabbed a dressing gown and made his sleepy way down the stairs and out of the back door. The icy gravel on his bare feet woke him up and by the time he had made his way round the pond to the shed he had realised that there wasn't so much as a breeze tonight. That was odd.

The shed door certainly was ajar, though, and the knocking sound had got louder. The door was still. The noise was coming from inside the shed. He peeked in.

The banging was being made by the body which was being pushed rhythmically against the shed wall. The body was naked and the movement was being caused by another – half naked – body thrusting into it.

Something about the scene before him was terribly familiar, yet at the same time utterly wrong. The bare, pale, taut arse was very like one he had known once, but a long time ago, back when Draco had been the same age as his son was now. And the man pounding into it had a lean, freckled body like his own, only shorter and wearing steamed-up glasses.

"Percy!" Ron yelled. "What the fuck?"

Percy's head snapped round towards him. "Oh. Ronald!" he said, his movements slowing to a stop. "Ah! Yes. I was just, er ..."

"Buggering my step-son!" Ron finished for him.

Slowly, Percy removed his glasses and cleaned them on his dangling shirt tails, saying, "Yes. That would cover it."

Scorpius moaned impatiently and pushed himself backwards.

"You, young man," Ron snapped, "had better get inside the house and back up to bed this instant!"

"Nah! M'busy!" Scorpius pouted and wriggled, reaching back to grab at Percy's hips, trying to encourage him to start moving them again.

"Your Dad's going to have a fit!" Ron said despairingly.

Scorpius turned his head then and flashed Ron the big eyes he'd been giving him for years whenever he wanted to get away with anything. "Only if you tell him, Uncle Ron."

His body was young and smooth and slender; pale unblemished skin stretched over beautiful bones and packed stomach muscle; pale body hair swirled around his nipples and his cock. That was largely hidden in Percy's hand, but what he could see was obviously red and stiff and dripping.

He shouldn't have been looking. Ron quickly raised his head to make eye contact with his brother instead.

"How ... when? I mean, how long have you ...?"

"Couple of weeks," Percy admitted, sheepishly. He took a step backwards.

"You know he's young enough to be ... Merlin's shit!"

Scorpius smirked. "Yesss!" he hissed.

Ron was stunned. "You're even bigger than Charlie!"

Percy blushed modestly.

"You can imagine what it feels like inside," Scorpius purred.

"Sweet?" Ron asked before he could stop himself.

"So sweet!"

"Which isn't the point," Ron reminded himself. "You two shouldn't out here, doing this – don't put it in your mouth!" Scorpius had dropped to his knees. "You don't know where it's ... actually we both know exactly where it's been. You leave it alone now!"

"What are you doing out here anyway?" Scorpius demanded.

"I was sent ... I mean I came out to see what the banging noise was!"

"Ooops!" Percy retrieved his wand from the pocket of the trousers pooling at his ankles and cast a Silencing Charm.

"There's no point doing that now!" Ron blustered. "This is over. You go home, you get inside the house." Neither of them moved. Scorpius licked his lips. Ron asked, "Why didn't you say anything? Does your mother know?"

Scorpius laughed: "Are you kidding? You know how she feels about queers!"

"Er, no."

Scorpius fixed Ron with a hard look. "One of them ran off with her husband," he said slowly.

"Oh. That. Yes. OK."

"Better shut that door properly, too." Scorpius stood, giving Ron the full, glorious view of his youthful perfection, and sauntered past him to close and lock the door. His naked shoulder brushed Ron's arm and Ron became warmly conscious of the fact that he was only wearing a dressing gown himself.

Percy took advantage of the break in the conversation to ask Ron, "Charlie?"

"Er. Yeah." Ron blushed. "It wasn't like we ... I mean it was just ..." he trailed off.

Percy raised one questioning eyebrow and Ron found himself babbling: "Well, just before, you know, Draco and I first got together, he, er, Charlie just offered to, er, you know, show me, sort of demonstrate how it all, you know, worked."

"Don't suppose Daddy knows about that, either," Scorpius commented, his voice far too near.

Ron swallowed. "No," he said thickly, "and he'd better not find out."

"And I'm bigger?" Percy checked.

Ron couldn't stop his gaze from drifting downwards. "Oh, yeah. I would say so."

"You want to feel it?" Scorpius whispered, moving even closer.

"No! Of course not!"

"Yes, you do." Scorpius stood up on tip-toes to wrap his arms round Ron's neck. He inched their bodies closer together.

"I don't think you should be doing that," Ron croaked.

Scorpius pressed his mouth onto Ron's throat, huffing his warm, wet breath over the skin as he replied, "I think I should." His erection pressed into Ron's thigh.

"Don't." But Ron's voice lacked conviction and, try as he might to stop them, his hands slid their way onto his stepson's naked waist.

Scorpius glided one hand down Ron's chest to the knot of his dressing gown belt as he mumbled, "Feels so sweet going in. Sure you don't want to try?"

"Don't think Draco would like this ..." Ron protested feebly.

His dressing gown fell to the floor.

"Probably would but I'm not offering to let him," Scorpius answered.

He tilted his head up and swiped his tongue across Ron's lower lip. Ron's eyes closed themselves and a keening noise escaped from him. Then their mouths were pushing together, opening, moving, tasting, exploring.

Scorpius twisted his head, shifted somehow, Ron wasn't really up to concentrating on details any more.

Then he heard Percy behind him, asking, "You sure?"

Scorpius sighed, lightly, breaking the kiss. "Here. Shirt off. Give him a turn."

And they were kissing again, Scorpius' hands running down Ron's sides, behind him. Ron's own hands were roaming of their own accord. He became aware of slick fingers between his buttocks, and at the same time Percy's strong hands gripped his shoulders from behind. His tongue ran up Ron's spine, the frame of his glasses scratching the skin occasionally. A deep groan rose up from Ron's belly, vibrating through his ribcage, ripping at his throat and leaving his mouth to echo off the wooden walls.

Percy's moist, warm tip pressed against Ron's arse. Ron managed to flutter his lids open, to look down into Scorpius' grey eyes and asked, "Didn't you want ... I mean, you were ... don't you mind me ...?"

"Not at all. I've got my own plans. I'm going to follow in Father's footsteps."

Scorpius backed towards the shed door, pulling Ron and hence Percy with him. They stumbled, bare skin bumping together. When they ran out of floor Scorpius turned round, bracing himself against the boards.

"Now!" he ordered, and, at the exact same moment, Percy entered Ron and Scorpius slipped Ron's engorged cock into the relaxed, still-moist hole where Percy had been only minutes before.

Ron surrendered to sensation. His every nerve-ending was aflame. Sweat dripped across his skin, mingling with the sweat of the other two men. He was stretched, filled, pleasured, deeper and more completely than he had ever been before, while his pelvis jerked automatically, pushing him further into a tightness his body recognised from a very long time ago.

He couldn't last long. His body was melting, imploding and, finally, it was jarred to screaming point by an orgasm which ripped him to black-out. Percy was next. As Ron regained consciousness, he became aware of a panting groan and a few last, erratic thrusts. Then both Weasleys lost the strength in their legs and fell to the floor. The three of them lay in a heap, limbs tangling together.

Ron reached an exhausted arm round the hot body in front of him, but found Percy's hand already wrapped round Scorpius' cock. He massaged the balls instead, as Percy stroked Scorpius two, three, four times until the young man came, back arching and spunk spraying everywhere.

Shattered, Ron collapsed flat on the floor. Percy and Scorpius reached over him to kiss a long, tender, gentle kiss. He watched them – the ginger hair and the blond, the freckled skin and the clear white, the long nose against the high cheekbone. Just like him and Draco.

He groaned and put his hands over his face, drawing his knees up to his chest. He felt so overwhelmingly guilty! He'd never cheated on Draco before, not in all the years they'd been together. It had been a long time coming, but now he had well and truly cheated, in the most spectacular way possible.

"What's wrong?" Scorpius asked impatiently.

"I can't believe I just fucked my stepson and my brother!" Ron groaned.

"Get over it! We're not going to tell. Wasn't it worth it?" Scorpius leaned down to lick Ron's earlobe.

Ron's body remembered the sensations. It had been fantastic. But had it been worth it?

"Ronald," Percy explained, "incest taboos and the expectation of monogamy are merely social constructs. They are the currently accepted rules of society."

Scorpius climbed over Ron's over-sensitive skin to snuggle between the two of them, his head on Percy's chest and a leg settled between Ron's thighs.

"Oh dear. I don't know," Ron whimpered.

"You need to stop worrying so much about rules," Percy reprimanded.