While Haruhi was ranting about my so-called betrayal by keeping my true nature from her, I watched the reactions of the other brigade members.

Koizumi's smile was gone. He was subtly, for him anyway, glaring at me. I couldn't decide if it was because I managed to deceive him or by upsetting the resident goddess so much that apocalypse season might open early. Knowing my luck, it was both.

Asahina-san was looking at me with teary eyes and trembling lips as if I had trampled her puppy. I was sure that her future self would have words with me sooner or later.

Nagato... Well, she actually stopped reading and raised an eyebrow! Talk about overreacting (by her standards anyway).


Ah, she caught me not listening to her. She was approaching critical mass, I just knew it. Well, she had been looking for the unusual all this time and she found it in me... the 'normal' guy. Oh, she was surprised, no doubt. But any joy at her discovery had been swiftly crushed by anger.

I suppose my actions could be seen as lying and betrayal. It was a secret. What did they expect?

"So!? All this time... WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY ANYTHING?!?"

I tried to think of a satisfactory answer but what came out of my mouth was…

"I thought you wouldn't be interested."

"Eh?!" Aha, didn't expect that, did you? "I created this club to find out about things... er, people like you! HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT?!?"

"You said and I quote: If you're not an alien, a time traveller or an esper, I'm not interested!, right? Well, I'm not any of those three things, sorry."

Haruhi's mouth made a good fish impression as she couldn't find a proper response to that.

"Technically, Ragna… since we both passed through the Boundary, that would label us as time travellers in a sense."

You're not helping, you damn rabbit.