"… …"

That's right, rabbit! Look at it! Look at this dish and tremble before the culinary awesomeness of it!

My sister was really pleased with how it turned out as well. "So what do you think?"

"… it looks… edible…" A beat as Rachel's dainty nose took a sniff of the simple looking chicken and vegetable curry mixture on top of rice. "There's no aroma though."

I guess Saya did go a bit overboard with masking the flavour. But it shouldn't matter. For someone who's not into strong flavours like yourself, I figure that you would appreciate it more.

"Excuse me?"

Well, who else did we make it for? You're a guest right now so go ahead and dig in!

"How generous. However I must decline. I have strict dietary requirements." Rachel paused for a moment before giving off that smirk that got under my nerves. "Besides, I believe little Noel is more interested in hearing your opinion of the taste."

Wait… what? That can't be right. Tell her she's wrong, Saya.

"Um… … I really would like to hear your thoughts on it, nii-san."

Oh, God… there was that bashful look. And her cheeks were kinda red, even when mixed in with bits of curry sauce. It was at that moment that I realized I was in a tight spot. If I don't do the honourable brotherly thing and eat the dish up, Saya-chan will be sad. As in 'you bastard, why did you shoot Bambi's mother?' sad.

"Here are your utensils and your napkin, dear." Dammit, you're really enjoying this too damn much, rabbit! You're just going to sit there smirking while I risk my neck to taste my sister's cooking?

I admit this is a pretty dumb way to die. I mean, I've survived Asakura Ryoko's attempts to kill me and now here I am, about to go to my death due to food poisoning.

"FOOD, NYAAAAAA!" That was the only warning I had to get out of the danger zone and let a certain cat girl who pounced me earlier attack the dish that my sister cooked.

It seems that the fates were looking out for me. Thank you, Kami-sama! I shall be certain to repay you later with offerings of fruit, money and as much fish that Taokaka wants.

"Argh! That was for my brother!"

"I didn't see his name on it!" And within one minute, the plate was polished. "Ah, that was… OOH!"

She wasn't looking so good. In fact, she pretty much fell flat on the table, clutching her stomach while meowing in pain.

"So how is it? Does it taste good?" My sister was looking pretty nervous right about now.

"It tastes like… burning, nyaaaaaaa!"

… … what the hell did you put in there?

"Let's see… this is the list of ingredients that I used-" I snatched the list away from her and went over it. Chicken drumsticks, yogurt, potatoes, big onions… the list looks right.

I checked back in the kitchen to search for clues before finding that the coconut milk and the yogurt gave off this odd odour as if they had gone past the expiry date.

I heard the light footsteps of the vampire behind me. "I see we have our culprit."

But that's impossible. I checked the expiry date myself when I helped with the grocery shopping in the last trip. It was still good!

"… perhaps… a side effect of Takamagahara's attempts to manipulate causality?"

Stop with the techno gibberish already, rabbit! We need to find a doctor… er, vet!


Now what?