I trembled in bloody fear, my life is such a misery everyone hates me nobody loves me. My dad couldn't even be bothered to get in touch with me after his new job, shows how much the bastard loves me. My brother can't even look at me anyone without seeing something along the lines of a huge mistake. My mom just always has the look of disappointment etched into her face. Ever since Evie betrayed me showing her true qualities of the nasty bitch she truly is at heart. I reached into the cabinet searching for my painkiller, the blade. I didn't find it in the place that I specifically put it, nor was it behind the toothpaste, nor was it anywhere. What the hell was I meant to do, I couldn't confide my mom in my feelings she just wouldn't understand me. I slammed the cabinet door and fell to the floor trembling with sobs.

I ran to my bedroom and rooted through my shaver heads and found one that wash shiny and sharp. It'll have to do. Rolling up my sleeve I realised that this was my own person addiction, my drug. The blade slapped against my skin making holes and trails, blood seeped out of the wounds.

I don't have anymore ideas for this story line; I just have lost imagination for it. Now it seems dull…And chore like… If anyone would like to take this story from me please contact me.