I stood there looking through the dim hallways whilst people walked by giving stares. Nobody understood me, so nobody wanted to be my friend also even if people wanted to be my friend their reputation would go down on a massive slope, my mum always told me I'm different, but all I think about the word different is socially weird, an outcast in society. I felt like nothing, like I didn't exist. I wish I could be like the popular girls, all perfect and skinny and beautiful in everyway – Well that's what I think anyway. They flaunt their body like its natural; their hands are always touching a boy up and down, that's all they ever know to do, and their minds function around one thing, reputation. Their reputation can be spoilt by going around with an outcast like me for instance, or it could be spoilt by rumours. I would die to be like them, anyone with a right mind would.

I kept my head down doing my work all day, in English I'd finished my poem and the teacher asked me to read it out I did my upper most to protest from making such a more fool of myself, I really did but he had no nonsense. So I stood up, with my poem and read it out loud.

" I'm bitten and bleeding

Would you heal me?

I'm cold and freezing

Would you warm me?

I'm crying

Would you offer your shoulder to me?

I'm outside sleeping

Would you shelter me?

I'm dying

Would you save me?

I'm broken and there's nothing you can do. "

I got sniggers from other students, and a frown came to the face of Mr. Furner, he told me to be seated without another word to me. It's like I cannot make anyone talk to me at all anymore. I need to get home and relief my pain with the only thing I can know to do that…

My wrists will have a new slit for tomorrow.