I was bothered last night by the scene in Code: Lyoko's Episode 94 (the REAL ending) with Aelita coming out of the scanners and falling into Jeremie's arms. I was wondering what happened after the credits and before the last episode (dumb ending -.-). So, my brain came up with this.

There was a whoosh as the metal doors clanked open. Aelita fell to her left into Jeremie's arms. I can't believe it, she thought. I'm all alone now. Well, not completely alone. But, my parents… Tears that should have started in Lyoko coursed down her face. I'm truly an orphan now. Odd opened his mouth in attempt to lighten the situation, but thought better of it. After several minutes of respectful silence, the three closest to the elevator turned and entered, waiting for their friends to follow. Aelita attempted to stem the flow of her tears, but they kept coming. Jeremie patted her shoulder and lead her into the elevator. Aelita relived the deaths of her parents in her mind. The Men In Black and their hummer dragging her mom away, her father fading before her eyes into nothing. Maybe I'm psychic or something, a medium perhaps. Seeing my father die before it happens… she shook her head as the wind above the bridge ruffled her hair. Jeremie slowed his pace, nodding to Odd. Odd smiled slightly, and caught up with Ulrich and Yumi. "Aelita… I don't know what to say. I'm sorry's kinda harsh, but I can't think of anything else," Jeremie said quietly. Aelita couldn't suppress a small grin.

"You? Can't think of something? Now I've seen everything." He grinned back, but the sober mood couldn't be vanquished. Jeremie sighed.

"I know I shouldn't ask but, your mother…?" Aelita shook her head, fresh tears brewing. Jeremie winced, and rubbed Aelita's shoulder. "I'm sorry…" Aelita looked up at him.

"It's not you," she sniffed. The look in his eyes told her he thought it was him. She pushed him forward, leaning on his shoulder as they walked to Kadic. During their silent march, Aelita began rethinking her life since meeting her friends. Jeremie first, then Ulrich, Odd, and Yumi. Yumi, her female best friend. Odd, the amusing one. Ulrich, the bodyguard. And Jeremie, the one closest to her heart. The "first" human she met, without whom she'd never have been materialized or found out her father's whereabouts. The one who did everything he could to help her. The one she loved… Aelita smiled at the last thought. Indeed, he was that close. Literally. She was careful not to move her head as she looked at him. I wonder what my parents would think of him… and those dang tears again. Freaking water works. Jeremie thinks it's his fault for them, for every mistake in my life. But he's not. Without him, who knows for how much longer I'd be in that stupid supercomputer, waiting for curiosity to kill the cat… She remembered her "first" night on earth, with all its newness and silliness. Her first kiss, and her best night on earth. Now that X.A.N.A.'s gone… At least something we've done is right… The world is safe at last. Well, as safe as it gets. I can spend time with my friends and not worry about when and what that virus will do next… I can spend time with Jeremie, my last loved one, too… She smiled again, cheeks tinted pink. Jeremie flashed her a grin and bowed her into the school. She pushed him lightly, and they walked arm-in-arm up the stairs to the dorm rooms.