Prologue: Those Ten years

A bearded man with dark orange hair kept staring at the night sky full of stars, on his front porch. A tall raven-haired woman dressed in a purple night-gown walked up to and stood right next to the man.

"Hey, Ichigo?"


"Arent you supposed to be headed somewhere?" asked the raven-haired woman.

The man was trying to remember. "Hmmm… Crap, that's right, I almost forgot. Just got lost for a second is all…" "Lost?" replied the woman. The man was thinking of his young life up till now, and how far he progressed. "Lost in the past." Answered the man.

The Raven Haired woman stood closer to the man by his side, and wrapped her slender arms around him. "As long as you're here with me, you're never lost…" said the raven-haired woman, in a calm, gentle voice. The man then remembered the woman by his side, and realized why the hell he married her in the first place. "Thanks hon.." answered the man. He then gave her a quick kiss and made preparations to leave.

As they both went in the darkly lit house, they spotted a dark-haired baby, asleep in his cradle drooling on the pillow. The woman went up to this child, her son, and knelt by his side. She began to speak to her husband. "Looking in the past, it's hard to imagine all this up till now, isn't it?" she asked. "Damn right it is." Answered the man. He too stared at this sleeping child, his son. "Gonna be just like his old man, that's for damn sure,,," implied the man. "I thought you were against that." The raven-haired woman protested.

"Not that soul society or shinigami crap." Said the man as he looked at his son. "I'm talking about his real future." The raven-haired woman was fascinated yet confused at the man's remark. "His future?" The man smirked back at the woman, and then knelt by the child's side, resting his hand over his resting head. "Yeah. Just like me, he might go through some tough shit later in life, and maybe learn how to deal with it." explained the man. "Ichigo.." "Then after that, he'll meet another beautiful woman. And then they'll go through many things together, just like we did. And just like his old man, he won't be lost, because just like his mom, he'll have someone to guide him." The woman lightly kissed the forehead of the sleeping child, her son. "You left out one thing though." exclaimed the woman. "Wha?" "That he's beautiful like his mother." Said the woman. "I was talking about "his old man", not you!" shouted the man in an immature tone. The woman quickly kicked off one of her slippers, and violently shoved it into the man's mouth. "You idiot, he's still asleep!" snapped the woman quietly. The man tried to apologize in a muffled response. "Sawy, gawfd!!"

The man and woman walked downstairs towards the front door. Remembering he had a meeting with an acquaintance tonight, the man put on his black coat and prepared to leave. "Tell him I said hi." said the woman. "Yeah yeah…" the man lazily replied. Before the man left the front door, he received yet another kiss from the raven-haired woman. "I still love you baka.." the woman said. The man lazily smiled back. "Love ya too, Rukia.." answered the man. As the man went outside in the darkness and wandered towards his destination, halfway he just realized something. "Ten years huh? Has it been that long?"

Loser-otaku presents: Bleach-New Souls

Original characters and story by Tite Kubo.