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Challenge the King P.2: Pointless

He started to stir and something scratching the floor was being heard. By the time he opened his eyes all he saw a familiar girl retreating from the room. It was that girl with the blue hood on. It seemed that she had short, neck length blue hair and a long blue robe on though that's all he saw since she was showing her back. He opened his eyes fully now as the door slammed shut causing him to wince a bit. Who was that person? He looked around and noticed a few computers and other various gadgets. No way, he couldn't be back at that accursed lab. He tried to get up only to barely move at all. What was wrong with his body? He couldn't move his arms or legs or even his waist. He started to squirm quietly until he started getting impatient. Soon you could hear the sound of a bed banging against the floor, loud hisses and various curses a shrew. You would think it would be any minute before you heard a loud bang and debris shooting everywhere.

Raven was sitting there; seemingly impassive though in reality she was slightly worried. What she felt earlier from the boy was not normal. She still couldn't get over the fact that she felt absolutely no shred of positive emotions. That wasn't normal with any being. Even the supernatural were more optimistic than this child. She continued to study over this boy. Despite his emotional state, he looked somber as he lay unconscious. Subconsciously, she started to reach with her left hand towards his face. Yet it never made contact since she flinched at the sight of him stirring. She pulled back as his eyelids started to twitch. His pulse rate seemed stable and nothing else seemed out of order. With that in mind, she pushed her chair back, the legs scratching against the floor as she pushed and got up going towards the door not looking back. It didn't take her long to reach her comrades as they were all sitting in the living room, not seeming the least bit concerned with anything other than the tasks set before them. this meant, BeastBoy watching TV, Naruto and Terra training, Cyborg eating a sandwich, Robin doing his usual investigations and Starfire...doing something with her hair. It would seem strange to most but she's been living with her for a while now. So no matter how awkward, it was normal….for her anyway.

"The boy's awake," she said in her monotone voice. All heads present shot their heads up so fast, you would expect them to get whiplash. She watched Cyborg as he went to the window which confused her until he yelled.

"HEY LOVEBIRDS, THE KID'S AWAKE." She could hear the two scream back to him against it. It wasn't very long before they came. So everyone was there walking towards the medical area until they heard a loud roar.

"GRAAARRH!" That stopped all of them in their tracks. Damn the kid was getting restless before they had time to even reach the doorknob of the door leading to his current resting area, the bed he was resting on crashed through the door breaking apart as it hit the wall behind it. They're eyes were wide looking first at the destroyed bed then at the heavily breathing boy. He was wearing a torn ragged white shirt that was supposed to be under what could have been a black shirt through indication of the black short sleeves hanging off his shoulder. His pants were tattered and torn badly, the left pants leg having multiple holes in it showing pieces of his boxers, which also had holes in it, going up to the middle of his calf which was obviously torn at. The right side was practically missing with only a small ring hanging around his right ankle and the top of the pants leg torn a little under his backside, not showing his boxers. He was brown skinned with black spiky hair that hung down to the middle of his back with a few upright sporadic spikes and two bangs framing the sides of his face. He had nice brown eyes which currently looked angry. The only piece of clothing they chose not to for some reason was his footwear. It was tatami sandals like that of Naruto's. But that wasn't the problem.

He was breathing heavily as he finally broke free of the straps restraining him. In his blind anger he took the cot and threw it through the door almost hitting those behind it. He eyed them in mild confusion. Were they here captive in this place as well? No, that couldn't have been right. They had looks of pure shock on their faces looking at him. They must have captured him. Were they with Orochimaru? So many questions ran through his mind.

'I highly doubt these fools are working for Orochimaru. Use your brain for once. They HELPED the Kyuubi container not tried to kill him. God you're so stupid.'

"Quiet you sack of skin. I don't need you starting again. I'm busy right now," he whispered to himself which was still audible to his audience. Ok this boy was starting to scare them and not because he seemed powerful but because he started talking to himself. "Why have you captured me? What do you want with me," he asked in a surprisingly softly dull tone of voice. It was much different than what they heard hours ago. It wasn't that deep, which was no surprise since he looked as old as them. Robin, finding his voice spoke up.

"We didn't capture you. You needed medical help and we brought you here so you can heal. And we wanted to ask you a few questions."

"That explains why you strapped me to a cot. This is a bit original using a cot I mean. If you don't let me leave, I will be forced to kill you."

Robin was getting nervous. By the sudden dark change in his tone of voice, he was sure he wasn't bluffing. Or at least he could assume.

"We saved your ass from near death and you threaten us." Naruto now looked slightly pissed from the way the boy was acting. "What the hell is you're problem. You should be happy we didn't kill your ass." He ignored Cyborg's plea to calm down. No way, this ungrateful little punk should be thankful and smacked some sense into.

The boy looked at Naruto with a curious eye. It was that jinchuuriki. Now that he had some rest, he would be able to take them all one and still kill the boy. Finally, fate decided to smile upon him. Well that's what he though. He slowly reached for the side of his right leg and patted it a few times. It was gone! His weapons pouch was gone. Come to think of it, where was his swords. He prayed that they had it somewhere in this place. He quickly made a few familiar hand signs silently spoke:

"Futon: Diatoppa" nobody knew what he was doing and suddenly a burst of wind shot from him straight towards them forcing them to jump in the nick of time. Though as soon as Naruto hit the air, the boy was in front of him and threw a punch at him. The punch wasn't as effective since he cringed from a sudden pain he felt from the side of his chest. That distraction was just slow enough giving Naruto enough time to catch his fist and counter with his left straight to his face. The boy went flying back but caught himself on the wall. He pushed himself downward towards Naruto again but this time that tri-colored boy as he raised his silver staff ready to smack the boy back again. Just as the boa staff was about to connect to his face, he caught it much to Robin's surprise and used some of his strength ignoring the pain from his chest as he flipped the staff upward along with Robin making him crash into an incoming BeastBoy from behind. The crash of the two distracted him as he didn't even recognize someone was coming from behind him. He paid for that distraction as now a bunch of green energy balls hit him square on his chest and legs. The boy folded on one knee as the hits were too much for his already injured body. Why wasn't his body healing as fast as it should be? It didn't matter right now as he jumped high, dodging the next green energy blast as he swing kicked the orange skinned girl which didn't go as far but the impact did just what he wanted. He deducted that it was either due to his current weak condition or her skin was rock hard. He forced himself to go with the first at the moment despite the pain in his foot. once he landed on all four when he hit the ground he rushed at the jinchuuriki again jumping high over a black square shield and pushing down an incoming Cyborg to the ground, digging his fingers deep within his circuitry causing the metal man to receive literal shock and momentarily shut down his system.

The boy used the metal man as a springboard and he pushed himself over Naruto and blew another, larger gust of wind down to him who flipped to the side and jumped towards the hovering boy and attempted to punch at his head again which was dodge and Naruto ducked an incoming swing kick catching the boy this time in the gut. The boy hit the ground hard on his back as Naruto landed easily. Damn, why was it so hard to defeat this boy? He attempted a sweep kick which proved successful as Naruto was falling on his back but was punched in the gut. He started to shoot backwards but caught himself and grabbed the boy's fist and swung him, letting the boy go, and the momentum of the throw causing the boy to hit the wall hard, even leaving a dent. His stomach couldn't take this much pain anymore and he threw up, puke mixed with blood. His eyesight was momentarily blurry as he looked up. By the time his eyesight returned to normal though, a small ball of spinning chakra was in the jinchuuriki's hand and only 3 feet away from his stomach. In desperation, the boy did a quick series of Handseals.

"Rasen-" Naruto's yell was cut short as a huge slice of wind cut at him slicing the left sleeve of his shirt off and diminishing his Rasengan. The force of the attack alone should have pushed him back, but that wasn't the case as he was still caught on the right of his chest with the ball. The pain of the attack was too much as he fell down, his chest bleeding profusely refusing to heal. He tried to get up, but he felt a force on his back stopping him from doing so. He felt so damn weak right now. Guess he didn't get enough rest as he thought. He felt himself be risen by a black shadow and tried to turn his head to see. It didn't matter as the user of the technique revealed herself to be that girl from before. He struggled to get free but the more he struggled, the tighter his body was squeezed making it more painful. All but Cyborg crowded around him as he was still shut down. The attack must have short circuited his battery keeping him out of commission. Robin would deal with Cyborg afterwards since he was actually taught how just in case. The boy was getting more angrier and could barely hear what they were talking about amongst themselves. In a huge surprise, the boy made a huge roar, his eyes momentarily turning to green slits which no one caught. The force of the yell forced everyone off their feet to the various things behind them. Everyone but Naruto was knocked out by the attack. Now with more energy, he attacked Naruto faster and harder, barely dodging all of the boy's swings. He ducked from a swing kick, weaved to the side of an incoming punch but getting hit in the gut with a right and continued to get punched upwards until he was kicked in his sides, smashing against the wall next to where the door to the operating room to the medical room should be. He was given no break as he felt his entire body smash through the wall and was headed straight for the computers behind him but was given no chance as he was hit with another Daitoppa, blasting him to break through where the boy's body last hit.

"Futon: Kazekiri!" A huge slicing wind hit Naruto square in the chest making a huge gash along it. What the hell was up with this? Before he seemed so weak and tired. Now he had all this sudden strength. Naruto didn't understand but it didn't matter. He was an enemy and he would be stopped. He took out a kunai from his pouch and ran at him only for the boy to appear in front of him with a malevolent smile stretched across his face. Naruto hesitant from the shock, eventually swung at the boy with the kunai who easily caught it in his hand, another shock to Naruto but didn't have time to be any more shocked as the boy twisted his wrist making Naruto cry out in pain. He continued twisting it, even after Naruto was forced on a knee until his entire body twisted and he kicked the blonde jinchuuriki in the jaw making him hit the ceiling. Naruto was barely conscious but it didn't matter as loud footsteps were heard and a boa staff slicing at the wind was heard and the boy attempted to make an uppercut at Robin who jumped to dodge the punch and flipped, his metal boot connecting with the boy's jaw. That forced him to back up a few steps. Now he wasn't given much time to retaliate as he had to keep weaving and blocking incoming, well placed swings from Robin. He ducked the next swing but didn't pay attention to his sides as a rocked impacted him from the side making him bounce against the floor, but he caught himself eventually. Suddenly a green paws swung at him, inches from his face and it kept repeating its pattern. Two to the face, one to the stomach and occasionally a fist to the chest. It kept forcing the boy backwards and he was still perplexed by the changing into different animals. He was almost against the wall but caught the next swing to the face, but was hit by a constant barrage of star bolts. They were coming so hard and fast, he could only block against these as he was forcefully pushed to side, but still next to the wall. The barrage stopped and he carefully removed his burning arms from his face but was proven a fatal mistake as he was hit dead on with a huge star bolt blasting him back through the entrance of the current room.

He forced himself up, now all that energy going away again. Damn he was spent and he was winning. This group proved more powerful than he thought. He needed to be at full strength for this group. He forgot about his third, more tainted power since he was focused on just killing the jinchuuriki. Two large pieces of earth hit him twice in the back of the head. He turned around now angry and his steps wobbly, baring his little more than normal canines which almost looked like fangs; almost.

"RASENGAN!" It was too late for dodging as his eyes were stretched wide as his chest was impacted with a spiraling sphere of chakra cutting through his skin until the ball was let go and forced the boy's entire body to fly upward and hit the ceiling. He was stuck there for a moment until he came crashing down along with a huge chunk of the roof from battering beating it took. Naruto was panting heavily as they tried this again. Cautiously they approached his current position. Robin, from behind with his silver boa staff, BeastBoy in gorilla form flanking the left and Terra right next to BeastBoy with a hovering rock in front of her, Starfire on the right her fists glowing green and Naruto next to her kunai in hand. And Raven stood at the head of the boy's position her hands glowing black (oxymoron). The rubble started to move as they all took a step back. He launched a surprise attack and a large slicing wind hit Raven in the stomach making her double over and almost screech though she kept her composure. The black leotard had a large gash in the middle and blood was oozing on it as she held her stomach stupidly trying to stop the blood flow forgetting about her powers. Robin was about to attack again but stopped just inches as he saw the boy now out cold.

He only had small bit o strength left and he would use it before going down. With his hands under his stomach he roughly made the necessary hand seals and launch a Kazekiri at whoever was in front of him before he succumbed to the darkness losing consciousness. The last thing he heard was a heavy grunt.


'If you didn't realize you skin wallet, I was still weak and needed more time to heal. Speaking of, why didn't you heal me during the fight? That left me in worse condition as I fought you poison less skin bag?'

'Because of what you said exactly. You were weak and you used a hefty load of my chakra for days straight so if I pumped anymore than I did earlier even when you pathetically needed it during your battle, you're body wouldn't be able to take it so lightly. Who knows what would happen. You should be lucky that nothing happened to you during your trip to this world?'

'Wait what do you mean this-'

'You'll learn soon enough.'

Slowly his mind came back to consciousness as he opened his eyes but closed them just as quick from the blinding light. Slowly the boy opened his eyes letting his eyes get adjusted. This is what deer must feel like when they see bright light during the night. He saw light gleaming from a large shiny figure. Looking up he saw that it was that dark skinned metal man he took out earlier. He seemed to look at him with distaste. Well the boy surmised that he must be pissed about him taking out the metal man so easily. They stared at each other for a moment, the boy with a dull impassive face and the metal man with an angry glare. He turned away and walked towards various areas. He checked various machines grumbling. The boy smirked as he heard the man's words. Yep, he was definitely pissed he was taken out so easily. Nobody else seemed to be around. This was the perfect chance to escape and rethink his strategy. After a good long rest, he could kill that jinchuuriki. He tried to move but it was no use. He couldn't even wiggle as he was tightly bound this time. Even his chest was bounded firmly to a….heavy cot it seemed. He would have thought they would use metal as most humans would. Move up from leather to metal thinking it would help which it wouldn't. Apparently these people were smarter than that. They must have known that with something flexible, like these leather straps, then they could keep someone bound as good as they want. Where as opposed to metal where it still left space to wriggle and that was always an advantage to the bounded. He tried to move his hands but found his handed strapped close tightly. Jeez these people were super careful. He heard a loud voice echo over the room and outside.

"Alright everyone come on up."

Cyborg saw him trying to struggle for freedom. He smirked at this.

"Don't even try it kid, we made sure to use thick leather and bound you really tight. By the time you're released, you'll see marks among the various areas."

"Apparently so." His voice was ever monotone as if it didn't matter to him at all. It was quiet again as Cyborg was waiting for his friend to hurry up. "So may I ask what kind of being are you? I never seen one made of metal before so this is a strange thing to me?" His voice was still monotone but it seemed soft and not as dead.

"It's complicated kid, that's all you need to know. But to keep it simple for the most part, I'm a human. These metal pieces on my body doesn't make me any less human." Cyborg was hesitant to say more, but he decided against it. This guy couldn't be trusted and was currently the enemy no matter what Robin said. Unknown my ass. "What about you? Are you human or are you hiding some sort of animal or alien behind that guise of yours?"

He was shocked as his eyes grew a bit wide. How did this human metal man know about what was inside of him? No wait stop that couldn't be right. He showed no signs during battle, and didn't Orochi say something about this being a new world? Despite not being entirely sure about what that meant, but he was sure that this place was totally different from where he came from.

"No I'm just as human as you. I just don't have metal parts like you do. I'm surprised you aren't trying to be rude with me."

"No need to. You're bound and gagged and you seem to do well without me shouting all medieval like."

It was quiet again until the cavalry had arrived all with food in their hand. Robin had handed Cyborg a sub sandwich which quelled his wonders about what took them so long. Raven also had a large plate of food in her hand. Hesitantly she walked over to the boy, who showed no signs of attacking. He studied her for a moment. Despite the battle she seemed fine and even her wound has healed though the tear in her leotard was there. He would have thought she would have change. She laid it on a stool next to him and walked back to the group. He still weirded her out. Everyone looked hesitant to speak so Cyborg decided to.

"He seemed pretty calm."

"How do you know that Cyborg? He could probably lash out again like before, the maniac." The boy ignored the insult.

"I doubt it. He knows his position already and stopped trying to escape."

"You spoke with him?" Robin was slightly confused now.

"Yeah, once you get him bound and gagged, he's pretty much easier to speak with." He took a bite out of his sub and his spirits started to lift. Oh yes, good old roast beef.

"Well if that's true, I have some questions and you better give me answers."

"BeastBoy cut it out," Terra said punching his arm to behave. Raven sighed. Sometimes BeastBoy was more trouble than it's worth. Robin stepped up now seemingly unafraid. With a sandwich in hand, he took a seat next to the boy.

"So to start things off, who are you and why were you attacking us? Why are you in Jump City?"

"Who I am is none of your concern. I'm sure you're not going to be spending much time with me, so might as well give me a nickname until we part ways. Don't flatter yourself; I wasn't attacking you, just the blonde ninja. And as for why I'm in this "Jump City", I don't know. I was just brought here by an unknown force," he answered all in order with a dull tone of voice. It was getting aggravating.

Everyone was seldom shocked. This boy knew Naruto was a ninja? But how was that possible. Unless he decided to take fame to the head, Robin was sure Naruto didn't tell anyone. This led to only further questions.

"How do you know he's a ninja? Have you been spying on us?" There he goes with that "we" stuff.

"Why do you keep including you and the rest of those people in this? Do you really think that highly of yourself because honestly, you're not important?"

Despite Robin not being one for fame that hit his ego hard enough. He was just about to yell at this boy for his insolence until Raven decided to step in for safety reasons.

"Where do you come from?"

"I'm not obliged to answer that," he said turning his head away like a petulant child. She rubbed her temples. This was going to be troublesome.

"Alright then, why did you attack those criminals the way you did. There was reason for such brutal behavior. They weren't meant to die?"

"That's how I fight. I fight to kill. If requested, I won't kill them but with reluctance."

"Well that's not how we handle things on our turf buddy," interjected BeastBoy. "Not every being deserves to die and despite them being criminals they still deserve to live." Everyone that was not the current enemy was shocked at BeastBoy. That was really well said.

"BeastBoy that was so cool," Terra exclaimed hugging him. His body turned to jelly before he melted. Naruto rolled his eyes while smiling at the two. Yet he returned his hard gaze at the boy in front.

"That was well said BeastBoy. He's right that's not how we work and we don't want to have to send you to jail for that. Whatever reasons for defeating the enemies for are your own and we appreciate it and hope you can calm down with your beatings."

The boy rolled his eyes at this sentimental discussion. Such soft beings these humans are.

"That brings my next question, how do you know Naruto is a ninja and why were you attacking him then?"

It was silent for a moment as the air seemed still.

"I attacked him for my master so he could become king." He ignored the first question as he thought it was stupid and so obvious.

"What master are you talking about? Why would you need me dead to become king of whatever."

"Isn't it obvious," the boy said in a calm but deadly voice. "You being alive is enough of being in my way. I'm humiliated by being beaten by someone as weak as you."

He was taken aback by such a statement. He wasn't going to let this little bitch kill him. He jumped at the boy only to be restrained comically by Terra and Cyborg.

"Dude chill, don't let him get to you. He's only trying to get to you and you're letting him."

"Naruto you keep trying to attack him and I'm going to smash you're skull in with ten building at once."

He finally pushed them off, their bodies flying like bowling pins. He stomped to the boy and glared at him. The boy gave him a dull uninterested look in return further irritating Naruto. He turned and left the room mumbling incoherent words. Robin turned back to the boy in question.

"So who is this master of yours? What makes Naruto so special that he needs to be killed just for someone else to be king." If Naruto was hiding something, he would need to have a talk with him.

The boy was silent. He continued to stare at the boy wonder unaffected by Robin's glare. It didn't help that Robin was wearing a mask, though it was still obvious that he was glaring. The stare down lasted for another minute before he moved away.

"Damn, he's not going to answer any more questions." He sighed. Guess it was going to have to come down to this. The rest of them started to leave except for Raven. Robin put a hand on her shoulder and it seemed as though she understood. Guess he had information that they could use. The boy watched as she moved closer to him no longer hesitant with an impassive look.

"Are you going to feed me?" he asked smirking.

"Don't flatter yourself," she replied emphasizing on the word 'yourself'.

"Heh, using my own line against me. I didn't expect it." She narrowed her eyes at the sarcasm. He wasn't making a very good impression on her. "How do you expect me to feed myself if I'm tied up like this? Unless you have the gall to release me, you're going to have to feed me."

Damn, he was right. And she was the only person here too. Just her luck. Well better get this out the way first. She was now next to him and he became confused. What in the hell was she doing. She put her hand on his head and searched. Ok he was getting uncomfortable. He didn't know what she was doing and she doubt she knew either. She backed away and got into a meditative stance. Now what was this girl doing. It was infuriating not knowing.

"OI, what the hell are you doing? Are you listening to me? Hello, over here woman. Answer me damnit…."

Jeez this boy was rude any noise. She was barely able to concentrate.

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!"

He couldn't see it and was starting to give up yelling as a shadow spectral of herself flowing and went into his head. He could feel the impact as she entered causing him to finally shut up as she worked.

This was weird. Unlike anybody else's mind, it was totally different. There were vines everywhere and the water was heel deep. She walked onwards trying to find his memories to find answers to their questions. You could hear the dripping of water from somewhere but she looked around and it was hard to find anything in this jungle. This might take a while. Eventually she got lost and didn't know where she was. Why the hell was his mind so complex? As if by some miracle, she happened upon a huge large cage that was made out of bamboo. There was a tag on the middle bamboo bar that was in kanji. Damn it Japanese. He must be from somewhere in which was her guess. She assumed that meant memories though that was an educated guess but not very good. She walked closer and something was shining behind the bars. They were….eyes. Large green glowing pair of eyes. She, now hesitant walked closer to the bars to see who was behind it with such bright eyes. She was barely able to comprehend what happened next. Something large came out the bars and smacked her really hard, her entire spectral being forced out the boy's mind. She slammed back into her body which slammed into the makeshift door behind her. She felt the pain and from the swat she experience. That short experience was really scary. She was breathing heavily and looked at the boy. Instead of his usual dull look she quickly grown accustomed to, he gave her a hard wicked glare. Hesitantly, she moved closer to him still scared of being hit again.

"Keep your thoughts to yourself," he spoke darkly. She simply nodded at his words. That was too dangerous. She followed his gaze and realized where he was looking at which made her blush but her fear quickly turned to anger until he spoke again.

"You're bleeding."

That shook her anger. She looked down and he was right. A slash across her chest was made tearing her cloth. And she was bleeding too. That was where the unknown being smacked her. Her eyes widened. What the hell kind of being was that thing. Well better change. She had tears in too many places (only two) and it was revealing enough. He probably was looking at her in the wrong way the pervert.

"I'm going to heat this up and get changed. I'll be back shortly."

What the hell was she fretting for? What was wrong with two little tears in fabric? Women he swore.

"Hey Raven, uh where are you going with that food. Isn't that for the kid?"

She really didn't want to answer, but oh well.

"I'm heating this up for him so he can eat it."

It took a minute before Robin connected the dots. BeastBoy and Cyborg overheard and tried to control themselves failing miserably.

"Haha, you got to feed the baby."

"Hey BeastBoy, it's not just any baby. It's Raven's new lovey duvy baby. Kissy kissy"

Cyborg started making kissy faces making BeastBoy laugh harder. Robin couldn't help but laugh at it.

"Hey Raven, are you going to wipe his mouth and kiss your boyfriend's boo-"

Socks started piling into the green boy's mouth until It was full.

"Put a sock in it BeastBoy," Raven fumed as she threw the food in the microwave as she went to her room for a new leotard.

Futon: Daitoppa – Wind Release: Great Breakthrough: A huge blast of wind emitted from the mouth able to level almost anything in the way

Futon: Kazekiri – Wind Release: Wind Cutter: A large slicing wind able to through the opponent. This technique has been used to immobilize large summons

Rasengan – Spiraling Sphere: Sphere of spinning chakra able to grind into almost anything the user decides to use it against.

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