Tittle: Dean's Influential Behavior
Challenge: Spent
Diclaimer: Not mine. So sad.
A/N: This is for 1983Sarah who wanted Drunk!Cas fighting.

Castiel spent the last of his patience and money on the bartender. One too many later, he was in the middle of central park. A pigeon stared at him, twitched, perched on the park bench.

It did not move. Potentially demonic.


Castiel tried to smack it away. It dodged his blows. Pecking at his hair.

"Dick with wings!" he accused.

It took flight- he pursued. His coat caught on a branch and he landed splayed on tree branches.

"Cas, get down!" Sam called.

He fell.

"Why are you drunk?"

"Dean does it. "

Sam sighed. "Dean's an idiot."