AN: I do not own any of the characters. They all are owned by L.J Smith. Without her there would be no Vampire Diaries.

Summary: Bonnie has grown up with abusive parents all her life. She hides her bruises behind her clothes and hides her emotions behind an internal wall. Then Damon and Stephan come into town and everything changes.

It doesn't surprise her when she gets hit. It doesn't hurt as much as it used to. All she feels is a sharp pain over and over again, and then its over. It doesn't scare her as much anymore when they do it. She has grown stronger over the years. She no longer feels. No longer does she cry. She doesn't have to.

At school she puts on an unemotional face and hides her bruises with clothes. Her parents don't dare hit her anywhere above the neck. The last time that happened she had to lie and the police almost got involved. That day she got the worst beaten of her life. Her parents kept on saying that it was her fault and that she was worthless that why they pounded on her. She could barely walk the next day. Bruises covered her from neck to toe. She learned that day the more she hides from her parents and the world, the better it was for her.

She learned that fate was not always on your side and that miracles do happen.

Her name is Bonnie and this is her story. Her story of abuse and the miracles that do happen when you least expect it.