Bonnie clutched onto the warm hand that held her in place, hidden behind the body of the all famous and glorious kisser, Damon. What she really wanted to do at the moment was run for her dear life. She didn't really care if she could hardly see a thing in the black atmosphere that surrounded her, nor did she care she if she would trip and fall in the process of escaping, as long as she was far away from the tension that had formed in the small corridor like a thick fog. Her breathing seemed to be the only sound in the hall.

Finally it was broken by Damon stating in a hard, cold voice, "now, now little brother, I really do not think it is any of your business what my Bonnie and I do."

Damon stepped up, feeling the warmth behind him disappear a bit before he heard the scuffle of feet and it was back again, bringing back the bundle of nerves that he devoted to protect, even from his own brother who he knew couldn't even kill a spider. He was grateful that she was their. He knew that even though he could probably wipe out his brother in one blow, he could at least stay in control with her around.

"Oh Damon I do think it is my business when you are manipulating and putting a defenseless girl in danger, especially when the girl happens to be one of Elena's best friends," Stefan retorted, his voice hard but soothing, not anything at all like Damon's.

Damon let out a dark chuckle, "you really think I would do anything to Bonnie?"

Stefan snorted and the proceeded, "you can not be seriously asking me that question. You have never cared about anyone, except yourself, what makes you want me to think that anything has changed, especially for the better?"

"Well what makes you think it has not turned for the better?" Damon asked.

Stefan let out a hoot of laughter, bending over and clutching onto his stomach. He lifted his head slightly, before trying to manage a coherent sentence. Never the less, his laughter wouldn't give up on him, so he stuttered his way through a sentence, "di-did y-y-you j-just ask… me th-th-that… q-question?"

Damon's anger grew. He was beyond the point of killing Stefan quickly, he wanted to wrap his hands around his little brother's small neck and chock him to death slowly and painfully.

Waves and waves of anger pulsed through Damon and Bonnie could feel them. It seemed at any moment she would see steam coming out of his ears and nose, his face turning a beat red; like in the cartoons she used to watch when she was younger. She was afraid, but not for herself. She was afraid for Stefan. The more he continued to laugh, the madder Damon became. Bonnie knew that it would be soon when he lost his patience and hurt Stefan; badly.

She opened her mouth to speak but before she could say anything, Damon was already there, speaking through clenched teeth, "you dare laugh at me little brother when I ask a simple question?" He stepped forward, dropping Bonnie's hand in the process, so he was practically touching Stefan, "last time I cheeked, I said nothing funny."

Stefan immediately sobered up. He straightened, looking his brother straight in the eyes, noticing that his usual black eyes seemed to have darkened, turning them intoan even darker shade of black (if that was even possible.)

"And last time I checked, I wasn't the one trying to seduce a poor innocent girl who knows absolutely nothing about us and then when done taking what is wanted from the said 'poor innocent girl'" Stefan's voice rising towards the end, "up and leave her heartbroken or worse, dead!"

"I would never hurt her. You may not think so but I do know that I would never hurt her." Damon's voice softened just a bit.

Stefan let out a low snort. "And why would I ever believe that?"

"Because I believe he wouldn't do anything, and I… I just know that he wouldn't do anything to me." Bonnie's small voice broke through the darkness. She had no clue what went on to make these two boys hostile, neither did she want to know because she had a feeling that it was more then she could handle at the moment, but she wanted to at least have less tension in the closed off corridor.

Both boys turned towards her then, there faces had a look of pure astonishment. Damon was the first one to recover. He walked over to her, wrapped his arms around her small waist and pulled her close so that they were chest to chest. Her breathing became faster and she stood on her tip toes, letting her face inch closer to his. Her eyes closed and just before their lips touched she felt one of his rock solid arms travel the distance from her body to her face until it landed on her bruised cheek.

"Thank you," Damon said just above a whisper. He then melded his lips with Bonnie's. They kissed slowly, neither one wanting to deepen the kiss any time soon. Soft, warm lips, met with soft cold lips. The kiss seemed to last for hours. It was pure bliss, pure happiness, pure safety all tangled up into one.

Bonnie could feel every fiber in her body humming. She could feel his sweet caress as his arm cascaded back down around her hips. She couldn't get any closer to anyone in this moment then she was towards Damon. She felt whole, she felt… complete. No one had made her feel that way, and in that short amount of time. It was wonderful.

Damon pulled back then; he knew that if he didn't stop soon, he would expose both he and his brother and for some odd reason he just couldn't handle the fright and rejection that he knew Bonnie's reaction to the whole situation.

He still held her close, his eyes closed. He could hear her heart beating fast in her chest and could hear her breathing coming out in raspy gasps. When he looked down at her, her face held a look of embarrassment and the red glow that shown on her face matched the color of her hair. It was quit adorable.

That's when he realized that Stefan was still in the room.

Bonnie felt Damon tense. She knew why immediately; Stefan. She for the moment had even forgotten about him and the affection they just showed him was something that really was only meant to be shared between the two of them. She put her head down and tried to hide it in Damon's chest. Bonnie felt his arms tightened around her waist immediately, his body shifting just a few inches so that he was practically shielding her from Stefan's view.

"Is that enough proof for you little brother?" Damon's words were barely above a whisper. He turned his head so that he could look at his brother.

Stefan was shocked beyond belief. How could he… how could Damon… was it possible the monster with the stone heart to actually feel something? In all of his existence Stefan had never seen Damon have feelings for another as the way he saw now with Bonnie; not even Katherine. It was mind blowing. Stefan couldn't even respond to Damon's question.

"I… I don't know…" Stefan finally managed to stutter out. He bit his lip, his brows furrowing together.

"Look little brother, I have nothing to prove to you, neither do I care to prove to you anything, but I just want you to know that I wouldn't," Damon turned his head and looked into Bonnie's eyes then, "I would never, hurt her. Never."

Bonnie could see in the way he was looking at her that he meant that he would never hurt her. Her heart seemed to swell up and tears sprang to her eyes. She always wanted to feel safe, and with Damon she did. It was such an overwhelming feeling, but a feeling that was defiantly welcomed.

She didn't notice that her tears had fallen until she felt Damon's hands cover both her cheeks and his thumbs were rubbing back and forth, catching the tears that were falling.

"Bonnie, please don't cry. Please, just please, don't cry. I can't handle your tears, it breaks my heart," Damon whimpered out. "Please."

With that Bonnie broke down harder. She really didn't mean to but she couldn't help it, Damon was the first real person to show her affection. She cried into his chest. Tears of sadness and happiness filled into one. She cried until she could cry no longer, and the whole time she felt complete, safe, and ready for anything that was going to come full force at her.

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