The begging of a new life

There was a sound of running footsteps coming from the hallway as Talho scream out "Holland"

Holland heard Talho and shouted back in a worried tone from Eureka's room"Talho whats wrong"

Talho ran to every room looking for Holland still running opening every door she goes pass"Holland where are you"

As she was a few doors away from Eureka's room Holland answered "I am busy with Eureka".

Just when he finished his sentence Talho reached Eureka's door she was about to open it but then heard that he was busy so she walked one step back and brought her hands to her chest and "Oh well I will tell you Later then" The door opened as Talho walked away Holland peeked through to talk to Talho. But it was to late he saw her already on her way to where ever she is going He said softly almost like a whisper but very curiously" Oh okay?"

Talho was on her way to Misha when she reach there,Misha opened the door and let Talho in, Misha told Talho to lie down and took a scanner for Talho.

"Your in perfect good condition,it will be just fine"Misha said with a caring tone in her voice

Talho leaned forward and smiled "Oh good " she felt reviled ,she pulled down her shirt and got off the bed that she was lying on, just then Holland came in and looked curiously at Talho"What are you doing here Talho?"

Holland was at the door waiting patiently for an answer,"Oh um... I I just thought I had to see if I am fine.... what are you doing here Holland?" she said quickly changing the subject

Holland looked at Eureka and placed his hand on her head"I am getting Eureka some pills shes not feeling to good right now"

"Oh OK well I have to go...Thanks Misha"Talho said as she was about to leave .Misha smiled and said "Now be careful okay"

Talho smiled "Yes I will be bye"as she giggled the words out she left. Holland became a bit confused "Misha why did Talho come here?

Misha said in her usual tone"She said that she wants to tell you so I cont say." Holland thought to himself "Is that what she wanted to tell me earlier?"

"Um Misha I would like my pills now please."Eureka said in her soft tone

It snap Holland out of his thoughts and back to whats happening ,now that Eureka just reminded him why he was really here "I almost forgot sorry Eureka,get your pills I am going to my room alright"

"Okay Holland Bye" Eureka hugged him then Holland walked out of the medical room to he reached his room he heard Talho was looking for something in their he walked in and saw Talho on the floor throwing things out of her closet.

"where is it,where is it"still throwing things around, Holland gazed at her,he giggled as he asked "What are you looking for"

Talho got a fright and quickly answered him "Nothing,really" she stood up and looked down at the mess she made.

Holland placed his hand on her shoulder "Talho please tell me"

But before Talho could say something Mathew walked in "Leader you are needed on the bridge"Holland stood up "Okay,Talho you can tell me later okay?" He gave her a kiss then walked out.

Talho signed in relieve "OK"

On the bridge

"Oh great another one"Holland said as he sat down

"There is a sky fish taken into the shourize ,so there is going to be a small trapper wave hold on"then the trapper wave push the ship and Renton and Eureka asked at the same time "Whats a shourize Holland?"

.Holland looked back and answered " A shourize is a cloud which catches sky fish and uses the sky fish to make a shield"

Eureka asked to see if she understand what it is"So its a cloud in armor to protect it self right?"

Holland lighted his cigar and answered"yup so it wont be harmed"

"Okay then why does it have a shield and why will it be harmed?" Eureka asked still a bit confused .

"You know the army that kept Anemane,they once tried to destroy it" Holland said and stood up from his chair.

"but Holland why would anyone want to destroy it"Renton asked then held Eureka's hand

"Because Renton its a sign for all things good and when you pray to it like the voderact then it will bring good luck and its the destruction for all things evil" Holland yawed a bit.

Eureka and Renton both replied "OH!"

Then Talho walked in"This one is much prettier then the one I saw yesterday"

"Um but Mrs Talho I don't remember seeing one yesterday"Eureka said as Talho was walking down the stairs to Holland

"No I mean I saw it on the tv there was one by the Great Land"Talho smiled then stood next to Holland.

"Hay maybe we should go there"Holland said stretching his arms over his head

"Yes please Talho" Eureka and Renton said as they begged Talho to agree. Talho signed and looked at them "fine we can go".

"Great then we can maybe catch some waves what do you say Hap?

"Sounds good Holland"

"Doggie change our destination to the Great land"

"Roger that Holland"

Talho whispered in Hollands hear ."Holland I am not going to join you guys with the reef boarding"

"Talho why not it will be great if you join"

"Holland I cont explain right now maybe later alright...I am going now to pack my bags...come with me Holland"

Talho walked off while dragging Holland behind her

"how did you get so strong Talho"

Talho laughed still pulling him along "Well Holland its a girls little secret haha"

Um Renton will you give me a hand with asked in her sweet tone which Renton could never resist.

"What must I do for you Eureka ?"Renton asked as he and Eureka walked to her bedroom

"Will you help me with packing my bags so I will be ready when we get to the Great land?"They reached Eureka's room, Renton held the door open for Eureka to go in

"Okay I will help Eureka....Um where is the kids Eureka?"

Oh ya Mater and the others are going with Gidget to do some shopping,Eureka was searching for a blue top and Renton got the bags for her so she can put her clothes placed three different kinds of shirts and pants in Maters bag and in the boys bags she place 6 pants 3 shirts and a blanket . Renton went down and sat next to Eureka

Eureka leaned on Renton and looked up to see him,she noticed that Renton was kind of blushing Eureka just looked at her.

Eureka whats wrong?

Nothing I was just thinking... Renton put his arms around Eureka.

About what Eureka?

Eureka looked down and signed "Well ever since you saved me I knew you put your life at risk just to get me"

Renton turned Eureka around so she can face him and smiled. "Eureka I made that choice so that we could be together"

Tears started coming down Eureka's face. Renton saw a tear fall on his arm

He noticed Eureka was crying" Eureka whats wro....."

"Oh Renton you would have died for me, you did so much for me and I did nothing back in return I'm sorry I always put your life in danger,I am just so...." Renton Kissed Eureka to stop her from continuing.

Renton just could not see her in tears.

"Eureka look I saved you because I love you and I cont live without you,Oh Eureka it wasn't your fault,I wanted to save you, you mean the world to me".

Eureka was so happy every time she is with him there is always something he says that makes her feel so special."Thank you Renton"

Renton smiled and wiped her tears with his hands" I love you Eureka" Renton kissed Eureka again.

They heard a giggle by the door, the couple broke their kiss as they saw Holland standing by the door failing to contain his giggles.

Oh sorry..I ..hehehe ...c.. come back l..later" Holland smiled with a grin and walked out laughting.

Renton was half blushed and half way out to punch Holland. But with Eureka's smile it was like it stops Renton from doing something stupid Renton went and helped Eureka up and carried on helping her pack

In the Hallway

Holland ran around a corner then bumped into someone ,they both fell down to the floor."Idiot watch where your going!"as Talho yell she was rubbing her head then she notice that she bumped into Holland."Oops sorry Holland"she gave him a kiss and helped him got up and rubbed his head.

"damn Talho why are you so mad?"

Talho folded her arms,"I just didn't want to hurt...uh um never mind"

Holland was starting to get inpatient because he knew that Talho was keeping something from him"Talho lets talk in our room "

Talho signed knowing that this is the time that she must tell reach their bedroom and the door slid open .Talho walked in and Holland was trying to lock the door

"Ok now please tell me Talho what the hell is going on"Holland said annoyed after all that has happened

."Well I wanted to tell you this morning but you were busy so I couldn't "Talho said thinking that its not the right time to tell him ,Holland notice that talho was a bit uncomfertable telling him in the mood he was acting just now so he hugged her

"Look I'm sorry Talho I just want to get to the point alright",Holland tried his best to make Talho feel better. "Okay Holland I'll tell you"she lean back and took a deep breath

"Holland ....I ...well I .."Talho tooks his hand and placed it on her stomach"you see Holland I am... p.."Holland interrupted"you mean you are"Holland could hardly believe what Talho wanted to tell him.

"But how could this happen", Talho grinned at Holland's stupid question

"Holland you know exactly how"

Holland blushed " No I mean this is just a surprise, so that why you went to Misha?"Holland asked as he hugged her

"ya but when you came in I couldn't tell you because it was just Eureka was there" Holland laughed and the kiss Talho.

Then the door slid open and Mathew walked in

"Oh sorry I ...didnt...mean um sorry leader"

Then he ran out as a speed bult for in case he gets a punch in his face and waited outside by the door,Talho laughed and Holland giggled rubbing his head

"Can I come in now Leader"

"Sure came in Mathew"Holland said still giggling

Mathew walked in making sure it was safe. "Sorry Leader but ....... but we have just arrived the Great Land "

Mathew rubbed his head cause he ran into the wall outside

"Already... okay I'll come to the bridge just now alright"

Mathew nodded his head and left to the bridge, Holland was on his way out. But Talho stopped him Holland

I'm coming with wait for me"Holland smiled and held Talho's hand on their way out.

Um Talho when are you planning on telling everyone about the baby?

Talho looked at him and wished he had asked later "I don't really know let think about it later ,any way did you finish packing your bags yet?"

Talho leaned onto Holland's shoulder as they were walking

"ya I did I thought it was a great idea to camp for awhile since everyone have worked so hard"

Well we must make sure everyone is packed

As they reach the gave a quick kiss.

"Well lets get started"Talho said excitedly

In the cafeteria

"WOW Doggie did you make this food"Gidget asked as she took a bite of a mini chicken.

"ya why don't you like it gig"Moondoggie asked as he sat down next to the young adult with a pink hat "No not at all I love it,its delicious "Gidget giggled a bit and leaned forward,Moondoggie held her face then leaned in and give her a kiss .But they were interrupted by the speakers as Holland spoke"EVERYONE PLEASE REPORT TO THE BRIDGE FOR WE HAVE JUST ARRIVED THE GREAT LAND SO BRING YOUR TENTS AND GET READY".Gidged looked at Doggie and smiled

"Come lets be going doggie" the young couples stood up and left to go to the bridge.

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