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The Wait.

The room seemed darker and emptier than usual, the emptiness didn't seem to become any better as each person on the ship comes by wanting to know if he'll be alright and what they should be doing while his lost in the daze. Holland has been up all night, as his wife was still in the medical bay where Mischa is busy taking care of her three patients and the fact that Misha told Holland no visitors should be near them or the room till that afternoon, it tells him that something was definitely wrong with Talho and the others.

Things didn't seem to feel any better for Renton as well. All night he sat up looking out of the window praying to himself, hoping that his angel would come through that door of theirs saying that Mischa has checked on her and says nothing is wrong and that she would could leave but still have to go for her often checkups. All night he was waiting for her to enter but it never came. Now the bright morning sky glows through the window, clouds passing by causing faint shadows in the room, Renton still sits there by the window lost in his worries. Every now and then Gidget would walk in to check if Renton is fine, clearly she didn't have any rest either.

The night was restless for everyone in fact. Gidget was up all night going through Moondoggie's things and cleaning up the room that they now share; Hap would be sitting on his bed all night replaying the moment when Moondoggie was shot, clutching the bed every time he could almost hear the gun shots wishing he could just clearly see where they had shot him, wishing he could have helped Moondoggie before they had shot him.

Mischa stayed up all night going through procedures getting help from other medical doctors, scanning, checking, and doing surgery. Misha had to stay up with no rest all night taking care of all three of her patients and at times it would get difficult when 2 beepers goes off cause of either heart failures or increase or decrease in certain temperature.

Matthieu and Hilda would be with the LFOs checking up for any unusual activities that might have been placed on to it. Ken-Goh would be on the bridge keeping the skies safe and clear for a save journey in the sky, to make it easier for Mischa to work. Jobs would have his usual times going through the ships hardware with Woz, but seem more bothered about the unsettling feeling on the ship.

The children who had stayed in their room so quietly were even more worried, they had kept out of site when they heard their mother's disappearance just to make it easier for the adults to find their mama and bring her safely back home, making the adults not having to worry so much about them as well. Maurice had taken care of the other two with feeding and playing and washing. He truly has become a big brother.

Gidget started to become very edge with how depressing and silent the atmosphere of the ship has become. She walked out of the room and walked into the kitchen to start making food for the crew, it helps her take her mind off things. It would have taken her more than an hour to make the food she was planning to make for it is a big crew to feed but while making the food the smell went through the ship. Renton could smell a sweet and familiar smell in the air and curiously walked out of his room to see who would be up so early making breakfast. He saw Gidget making it all by herself.

He walked in silently and gave a pat her on the shoulder to get her attention but only caused Gidget to have a great fright and turned around but as she turns she knocks over a box of milk with her elbow causing the milk to spill onto the floor form the counter. She gasped and quickly picks up the Milk box and grabs a cloth to quickly clean the mess.

"Oh I'm really sorry Gidget, I didn't mean to give you a fright, I just came by and saw you busy making food and decided to help you. It's better than just being cramped up in a room and it's also really lonely without her around." Renton quickly grabs a cloth as well and helps Gidget clean the mess.

"I know what you mean, without my poor Moondoggie it just seems so boring to be alone, so I decided to make some food, everyone needs to eat and seeing that they are all to blue like me to make food I thought I'd make. It also helps getting the images of him in so much blo…" Gidget stops cleaning and starts to tear up dropping the milky soaked cloth onto the floor. " so much blood.."

"Hey hey come on it's alright we have Mischa looking after them right now, and she will not stop till he is better, I'm sure that Mischa has it all under control right now. Come let's get breakfast ready. I'm sure that by this afternoon when we go visit them they will all be just fine and Moondoggie would be looking at you cracking up some of his strange ways of speaking to me getting me all confused on it all having to make you explain it all over to me." Gidget would give a slight giggle and nod picking up her cloth.

"Yes… I guess your right Renton it's just so scary to see him in so mu… but I'm glad we have Mischa taking care of him, it is a really big reliever since she has done so much on that other lady… uh I think it was Nalah?... so I'm okay… just by knowing who my Moondoggie's doctor is." Gidget turns back to the food she's making asking if Renton could run up and down for her when she asks for ingredients

"So what you breakfast you making for us Gidget?" Holland asks gloomy as he leans against the door watching them make food.

"Oh Holland… I didn't see you there. I'm making pancakes, waffles and French toast but now that Renton is here I also think I should make toast, eggs bacon and other common types of breakfast for everyone. Maybe full tummies might cheer them up a bit." Holland gives a slight smile to Gidget effort and gets off the wall walking towards them.

"Thank you Gidget, I'm sure this is exactly what the crew needs, a small group up with a wonderful breakfast. It just might work on cheering them up. I'll get the drinks and glasses"

Holland walks towards the fridge but just as Holland entered the kitchen Hap just happens to walk by and see him go in. Hap walks in as well to what Holland is up to at a time like this, finding Gidget making food, Renton running at her every order and Holland carrying many bottles of drinks and looking like his having a tough time juggling them all.

"Hey, You all seem real busy… maybe I could help out as well?" Hap volunteers trying to make himself feel more useful.

"Great you can start helping me carry all these drinks" Holland grumbles as he carries the drinks to a large round table that the crew agreed on buying for crew meetings and group ups.

"Alright Holland" Hap hurries to get some of the drinks from Holland making it easier for Holland to carry his own pile they both walk to the table.

Hilda and Mathieu walks in as well wanting to get drinks after having to go through the LFOs. Hilda stood there seeing everyone setting up breakfast and asked to help as well, she went to set up the table with plates, knives, forks and spoons. Mathieu found this an opportunity to spin some music for the moment as they all busy with the set up.

"It's been a while since we all had a chance to just eat together. Though I think it would have been a lot nicer if…" Mathieu stopped Hilda from mentioning anything by giving her a look.

"Right! I'm almost done with the Pancake and waffle pile" Gidget gladly announced.

"Hey Holland don't you think that it would be better if you place the beer pile near this side of the table rather on that side where the kids sit most of the time?"

"What are you talking about Hap? Everyone always sit on this side on the table which is why I place it here, there by you is where the kids always sit."

"No I actually am quite sure where we always sit and its here."

"No Hap your wrong. I'm the leader I know for a fact where we sit."

"Why do you always feel the need to announce that you're the leader whenever someone is telling you your wrong?"

"Because I should know what goes on, on my ship."

"PSH you don't always because you don't even know where we sit by a table!"

"You're the one fighting about where we sit by the table, your even the one who started this!"

Ken-Goh walks in frowning slightly at the two boys yelling.

"What's with all this noise?"

"Hap says I'm incorrect for saying that we sit here and which is why we should place the beer here."

"Well he is wrong isn't he? I mean I know we always sit here!" Hap yells placing his pile of beer where he is standing."

Ken-Goh would roll his eyes at this and stands by the wall watching them two fight.

"How pathetic they are fighting on where to sit." Stoner says as he takes photos of them two fighting " come on guys it's only a sitting place and you two are fighting like little children who can't agree which seat you two can sit on"

"His right you know. Maybe just choose a place and get it over with. It really doesn't matter where we always sit." Woz walks in hearing the yells as well.

"Seriously and just a few weeks ago Holland you told me that we are adults." Renton announces looking at Holland with a grin on his face.

Holland's face goes slightly red. "Hey now just a second I also told you that you should just let go of the big life and act silly once in a while!"

"Oh? I didn't know you meant this silly." Renton sarcastically smiles at him.

"Fine! Hap you get your way this time. But I will win next time" Holland takes his beer pile and places on Hap's side.

"Finally I actually won." Hap grins folding his arms with satisfaction looking at the beer pile.

Gidget turns to look at everyone. "Right breakfast is ready, I'll go get the children and then we all can start eating."

During breakfast everyone was having a great time, although there were times when it became really gloomy when either a person whose not there was mentioned. It would have grimed the atmosphere a bit, but Gidget, Holland or Renton would land up changing the subject to just brighten up the moment a bit more. After breakfast the ship, to everyone's realization, has become so suddenly hot. The heat inside the ship started to grown uncomfortably hot, everyone walked to their stations again some went to find the air conditioners but this time they didn't feel so down.

Renton would walk with Holland around the ship silently as they hear the crew talking about how to fix the air conditioning which had stopped working. Renton would have a really gloomy look but could feel that Holland must be having it a bit tougher on him. Renton looks at Holland thinking to start up a conversation so that it does feel so quite anymore

"Hey Holland… Do you really think that they are okay? I mean things were pretty rough down there."

"To be honest with you Renton, I'm not too sure myself, yes it was rough down there but you and I have no idea what has happened to our lovers. I was also hoping they would be out and with us by now but Mischa has had them in there over night and hearing that she hasn't slept once or even stopped working means that she's really trying her best with whatever is going on in there. The beeping that kept going off also worried me."

"Yeah I heard them too. Every time I hear it I feel like twisting one of those scientists head, making me think that each beep could be for Eureka. All I really want right now is for her to be alright and here next to me. I just… really want her with me."

"She just might be in a few minutes. We have exactly 30 minutes before we are even allowed to go near the room. But I'm sure soon we will have them back. Then you can take her to your room and make her feel even more loved than the sweet kisses you two randomly share in the corridors"

"HOLLAND! HOW CAN YOU JOKE LIKE THAT RIGHT NOW?!" Renton's face would bright up red and stare in shock on how Holland could even tempt to use a time like this to be funny.

"Well won't you? I think I will with Ta…"

"Okay okay stop I really really don't want to know." Renton sighs and rub his head "Geez seriously Holland I don't even think this is a time to be thinking about that at all, you seriously thinking of that right now?."

"Of course not, all I'm thinking about is the safety of my wife and child. All I wanted to do was cheer you up a bit because you were looking so gloomy and just so that I don't have to walk around with someone who feels like I do, I had to get you brightened up a bit more."

"By using such a personal thing?!"

"It worked didn't it?"

"You're cruel Holland…" Renton places his hands in his pocket and walk around a bit more with Holland.

As 30 minutes went by, the first few people who stood by the door waiting to enter were Renton Holland and Gidget. The children were asked to wait just a bit longer because otherwise the room would be filled with too many people. Mischa opens the door for the three of them and step aside allowing them to come through Renton would walk in first and when he saw Eureka he quickly went to her side. She would be covered with many wires and needles. Blood markings from her arms, her eyes slightly open as she gaze lovingly at Renton, and her skin would look slightly pale and she would only be wearing a white hospital dress. Renton would kiss Eureka's head whispering to her that his there with her.

Holland would go in after Renton and in tears sit next to Talho's side seeing her with wires as well but not as much as Eureka. Talho looks at Holland with a relieved smile and whisper out words but Holland could not hear her. He places his head against Talho's and his hand onto her stomach. Talho would be wearing the same kind of doctor dress as Eureka but would look in no condition that Eureka is in. Talho would look so much happier to have Holland with her and Holland wouldn't stop looking into Talho's eyes.

Gidget would rush in right after Holland towards her Moondoggie who would be groaning as he looks around. Gidget grabs onto his hand gentle and start crying as Moondoggie looks at her with painful eyes. Moondoggie would slowly stop groaning and look at Gidget crying. He so badly just wanted to wipe her tears away, give her a kiss and say his alright but his body forbids him to do and movements of the sort.

Mischa would stand aside and watch the couples get together.

" Eureka will have to stay with me for just a while longer but Talho seems fine to go, Moondoggie still seems to be in much pain so I still need to have him here…for at least another day or so. But Eureka is ready to leave in a few hours, she has been drugged with many substances but I have gotten it under control and I need still have to do more checkups to figure out what the tests were done on her. But I will take a really long time to figure those out so I'd Expect Eureka to come in often for constant checkups. Talho seems really fine, just a lot of stress had been placed onto her and there was just a bit of too much excitement that her baby could handle. Other than some sleeping drugs and numbing serum which has been placed into Talho she is in no danger of her health or losing the baby at all I have taken control of that completely and I'm sure she's completely fine."

The three of them looks at Mischa with different emotions. Renton would look extremely concerned and worried about Eureka hearing about all the drugs and tests that had been done on her. Holland would look really relieved to hear that Talho is going to be fine but would also look really concerned for Eureka and Moondoggie. Gidget on the other hand would be sobbing over Moondoggie holding his head slightly closer to her saying things like "please don't die on me!"

Eureka would slowly move her hand to Renton and he quickly takes her hand and gives it a kiss, still looking straight at her.

"Renton… I feel so weak all of the sudden… but I am so happy to have you near me again. I'm so sorry for causing everyone so much pain" Eureka would look shaky and tears fall from her eyes.

"Eureka, stop it. This was not your fault and Talho said so as well. So please, get better… get better so that you can be with me again, none of this is your fault no one blames you."

"His right Eureka… I... I told you this isn't your fault. I chose to go after you and because of that I'm here… lying here..." Talho looks at Eureka weakly and smiles.

"Talho are you truly alright? Do you feel okay?" Holland holds her hand firmly and with so much concern in his eyes. When she spoke to Eureka, he found this the opportunity to see how she truly feels right now.

"Yes Holland. I'm ready to leave, but I think I'm just going stay here for a bit longer. Just a few minutes then I'll come to you."

"Okay then… I'll be in our room waiting for you… it's the only place I can wait without being bothered so much." Holland stands up and looks at Mischa "Thank You for letting me sees her but I feel that I should go. I'm sure the children outside still want to come in to see you all…"

Mischa nods and walks with the three of them out after they had said there temporarily goodbyes, it was quite a mission for her to trying to pull Gidget away from Moondoggie but Gidget finally let go looking sadly at Moondoggie as she left.

Once again Renton sat alone in his room. Replaying what he saw in there, he didn't like the look of so many wires on her. It pains him so much that he failed to keep her safe and now she is being checked on constantly for any unusual activities within her all just because Renton didn't keep a close eye on her so he just sat there waiting for the hours to pass by.

"My… you are really concerned about her aren't you?" Talho has entered the room leaning against Holland who looks as if he had been defeated in an argument.

"Talho, I see your already up and walking about." Renton looks at Holland as if understanding why he looks so defeated and Holland would just sigh in reply. Renton looks at Talho again who is just smiling at him as if nothing had happened to her, almost as if the memories of all those bad events just vanished.

"Yeah I don't think I can stand just lying around anymore I needed to see how everyone is doing before I can be forced to sit and rest again. But now you didn't answer my question Renton."

"Well you already know what I'm going to say. I mean you saw for yourself how much attention she needs from Mischa, that's enough to get worried about, hell you were in there all night with her you saw more and experienced more than I could"

"Well not really… I slept until this afternoon so I haven't seen much for myself, I only heard a lot of noise. But anyway… I have to get going, there are many others to say hi to. But Renton please don't stress so much, she's going to be out soon you'll see."

"Yeah thanks Talho. Please don't walk around too much though" Renton looks at her concerned still unsure if she's truly fine.

"I'll make sure she won't." Holland replies and walks out with Talho leaving Renton alone once again , looking outside the window once again.

The ship has gone silence once more, but as he listens carefully he could hear it. No… maybe he is hearing things but he could swear that he can hear it. Those familiar taps of someone walking to his door, his heart starts racing and his stomach twists, and his body feels like its heating up as the sounds get closer and closer to his room but then it stops by his door. Staring at the door his whole world seems to turn and he waits and waits for the door to open but then the sounds of footsteps starts to tap away from his door, leaving Renton in almost tears and sadness feeling stupid to even think that Eureka would be on her way just yet, looking down in sadness he covers his face with his hand. Then a soft, heartwarming, gentle voice would come out as the door slowly opens.

"Renton, Mischa has checked up on me again and said nothing is wrong and that I can come back here now. But still have to do often checkups."

Then Renton looks up and in tears he would see her, glowing in the sunlight brightening up the entire dark gloomy room with warming light. There stood Eureka looking as if not a bad single thing had happened to her or the day before and just her appearance had made Renton forget about all the horrors that had happen.

He stood up and slowly walk to Eureka as if she's not truly there, giving her a gentle hug expecting her to just suddenly disappear from his arms. She was real; she was truly there with him at that moment. Soft, warm, comforting, Renton looked at her. Not a single scratch, no sense of pain, or any horrible wires strapped against her or markings of evidence that she has been tested on. Eureka looked completely fine and Renton was so happy that he thought it was all too good to be real, until Eureka gives Renton a kiss, a kiss that felt as if they had bonded together in that moment. A kiss that made Renton's thoughts lift from his mind and doze away lost in this sensation that he had missed.

Renton held her closely as the sunlight glows over them. Everything just seemed so right.

Yes Eureka is really there, she is really there with him right now with no pain or illness. Eureka was with him once again.

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