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"What do we do with you now?" Aro asked.

Alice and Edward stiffened, this was the part that they dreaded the most, this was the part that decided our fate.

Aro paced back and forth in front of us, he tapped his chin lightly in a smug way. Every few seconds he would let a 'hm' slip from his tongue.

I could feel my nerves on edge, I was sure Edward and Alice's were too.

There facial expressions were feared, I could see that they were trying to cover it up with a statuesque like feature. For the first time ever I could see them succeed and slowly fail. I was shocked for a moment, gasping slightly. I just realised for once The Cullen's feared something and it was from their own kind.

I couldn't quite understand how someone could over power, strong, independent people like themselves.

My train of thoughts burst when I heard fingers click. I instantly brought my eyes to Aro, he seemed to be the only on making noticeable movements in the room.

"I've got it!" He half laughed.

His eyes were glued onto Jane's, I couldn't see the expression he was holding; but from the look of Jane's there were grinning at each other.

I let out a impatient sigh, caused by the silence. It was something I immediately regretted; all heads turned towards me, my face instantly flushed.

Aro held his hand up to them, there faces softened in the distance. "Edward?" He paused and floated gracefully towards him.

He stood merely inches away from his face, he laid his hand down, in one swift movement, on his shoulder. "Are you sure you don't want to join us, your powers will bring great help to we have here?"

Edwards body stiffened impossibly more, his nose was flaring. I couldn't tell if it was caused from anger or fear.

His mouth opened as if he were going to say something, but no words formed.

Aro laughed and squeezed his shoulder. "Your a promising young man, I can see great potential in you." His eyes widened as did his grin.

Edward took a deep breath and whispered. "I...don't...think...I can." His words came out in an almost blur. His eyes were mid closed, it was as if he were ready for an attack.

"Hm..." He let go of his shoulder. "Very well, I'm sorry to hear that you can't join us." Aro moved slightly back, not breaking his stare from Edwards. "You are welcome matter what."

Edward nodded his head slightly and let out a sigh of relief.

"Alice?" His eyes darted towards her, his tone of voice was as graceful as his movement. "What about yourself?"

The way Aro spoke, moved, looked was in such a kind manner. I just could not understand why he was feared from his own kind. Yes they were this so called 'Royal Vampire Family' but way that such a reason to fear them in a way.

Overwhelming relief filled my body; when I heard Alice's voice sing through my ears. "No, thank you." She added a perfected smile, that didn't quite reach her eyes.

Aro frowned and pouted his lips slightly. "And is there any such reason to why you can't join?" His voice grew irritated; he was not pleased that two out of three turned down his offer.

She looked to Edward and then me. I couldn't quite tell what was holding in her eyes, but it was no longer fear. "As much as I'm flattered with your offer. I have a husband to attend to." She said in an almost proud manner.

He nodded. "I see, are you enjoying this so called 'vegetarian' lifestyle?" He snickered.

A few laughs sounded throughout the room, I instantly glared in the direction it came from. I caught Jane smiling madly, when her eyes met mines, the grin melted from her face.

"Yes I-" Alice was cut off.

"She's a mighty brave one, isn't she?" He laughed. I could tell Aro was speaking about me, I could feel his red eyes burn into my now reddened cheek.

I didn't dare break from this dangerous stare. I knew I should have backed down the moment our eyes met, I suppose my so called stubbornness kicked in.

"Yes. She is." Edward growled, his eyes to burned into my cheek also.

Realization kicked in. What the hell am I doing? Memories from earlier flooded my mind.

She had some kind of power, something that I didn't fully understand, but I knew it brought great pain. If it brought that much pain to a vampire, what would it do to a human? I shook my head almost unnoticeable.

The room grew irritably uncomfortable. Finally in defeat Jane looked away and whispered something to Alec, I grew suspicious to what they were discussing, but my hearing couldn't strain that far of a distance.

I continued staring at her, waiting for battle number two, but she was well and truly defeated.

I smiled in victory and slowly moved my glare to Aro's face, my expression immediately softened when hurt formed on in his gravity pulling eyes. I had to mentally slap myself, I was ready for giving him an apologetic hug. Yeah that would go down well.

"Bella." Aro sounded after clearing up his hurt look. He moved swiftly towards me. My body froze with fear, somehow I was afraid of this perfect creature, but I could not fully know why I did? His immortality did not fear me, nor did his perfect looks. Was it maybe his almost too graceful movements, that out shined Alices, fear me?

My unanswered questions branded into my mind.

He stopped merely inches from me, his eyes grew black, I winced at the quick change.

"La tau cantante." He inhaled deeply and slowly brought his hand to my face.

Just as he was about to caress my cheek, a loud growl slipped from Edward's throat.

Aro's hand stopped just an inch from my face, I could feel the cold waves radiate off of him. It sent several shivers down my spine.

"Very protective." He sighed and pulled his hand back. "It's quite understandable, something this precious is worth protecting."

I heard Jane snicker in the background, followed by a few whispers. I didn't dare glare at her this time, fearing that I've pushed her to her limits.

"Bella, would you care to join us?" His hopeful expression, sent tremors throughout my body.

All eyes were on me, throughout my life, I've made tough decisions. But this by far was the worst.

I couldn't understand why it was so hard, Edward just came back into my life (Well I assume he has.) and it should be an instant no. I shook my head slightly without realising that I did.

"Oh...I see." Aro's face scrunched and his eyes glanced at the other side of the room.

I frowned in confusion. "I didn't speak." My tone of voice trembled as much as my body.

"Bella." Edward hissed.

I ignored him completely and kept my glance on Aro. His expression to was struck in confusion.

"Indecisive I see?" He voice full of hope.

"Very much so." I smiled. For a short moment it felt as if it was only me and him present in the room.

"Bella?" Alice sang.

I broke my stare from Aros eyes.

When I looked at Alice, I could see that confusion had settled into her small frame. Her eyes were filled with so many question, I think that she was too scared to voice them though.

I snapped away and looked back at Aro. "I would like to join you." Adrenaline convulsed through my mind and body, I felt like I could run forever...soon enough I will be able to.

A smile sprang on his face, it reached his eyes almost too sudden. "You've made a wise choice, something that you shall not regret."

"This is an outrage!" Edward braved. His body un stiffened, he glared intently at me, obviously not brave enough to shift his dark look towards Aro. "What is the meaning of this Bella?" A growl rumbled in his chest, he choked it back ever so slightly.

"Now Edward, I think such an outburst like that is uncalled for." Aro pointed out.

Edward grabbed my arm with force, I winced at the pain that had formed under has hand. "I think it's time we leave, Bella is obviously rather delusional." His eyes squinted. "She needs rest." He pulled me a few feet from Aro when we were stopped.

Suddenly we were trapped in a circle of Royal Vampires. Everyone of them were growling as us. I tried to cover my ears but Edward still had a tight grip on my arm, the pain was becoming unbearable.

"Edward just let go of her, she's made her decision." Alice pleaded.

The growling lowered when Alice's voice sang, it brought sudden peace to the room.

He loosened his grip and looked to the ground. I couldn't bare look into his eyes, I couldn't imagine what set of emotions were swirling in them.

I to looked to the ground; I was trying to comprehend what was going through my mind, everything I thought of resulted in more questions.

Why was I doing this?

What about Charlies' safety?

Would Edward stay here with me too?



The rest of the perfect Cullen's?

Jacob? What would this do to poor Jacob?

I racked my brain, comprehending each question at a time.

And finally after several impatient sighs from the non growling Vampires, I found my answer.

With out even thinking I spoke aloud my answer. "I want immortality." I took in a few shaky breaths and looked around the formed circle. Every set of eyes that laid upon mines, were widened in shock. Why though, why are they shocked?

"Bella, you don't want this." Edwards voice became soft and fragile.

I shook my head in disagreement. I looked to the ground once again, I wasn't prepared to look at the faces that held spite and judgement.

"I've seen it." Alice broke the pained silence.

Every one directed there some how whiter faces to Alice.

"What have you seen Alice?" I was shocked to find that it was Jane whom had asked the question.

Alice sighed and finally twisted her body in the direction of me and Edward.

"I promised Bella on the plane...that after this..." She explained in such a high voice. "I-I would change her."

"WHAT?!" Edward spat.

She held up her hand. "Please Edward, just listen will you." She took an unnecessary breath. "I had a vision of this...on the plane. I was hoping that it would change IF I turned her b-"

"But now you can see that this is her chosen destiny." Felix finished off the sentence for her.

Every one took a moment to embrace in the shocked silence.

So all along this was my destiny. To live with the volterra forever. A shiver ran down my back, causing the hairs on my neck to stand.

"Is she joining us or not?" Jane shouted.

I had to hold back a laugh, I couldn't take that girl serious, with her size she looks like a seven year old taking a tantrum.

"Hm.." Aro hummed and placed his fingers on his lips, you could see that his concentration levels were high.

"Well?" Jane snapped.

"Please." Felix roared. His voice rang through my ears, causing them to sting slightly. "Grow some patience will you." He sneered. "This isn't exactly an easy decision to make." His eyes glanced at mines for a moment, before looking back at Jane's.

Edward brushed my cheek with his cold hand. "Is this what you truly want?"

"Yes." I said without hesitation.

He let slip of another growl, his lips tightened. "Think about this Bella, think!" He snarled through his teeth.

I frowned and covered my face up with my sweaty palms.

Think Bella, Think! My own conscious was screaming out to me.

Jacob was the first person to enter my thoughts. He'll be fine, he has the treaty. He never had time for me anyway, because of the bloodsucker. If he destroyed Victoria. I felt sick to the core, at the mention of her name. Once she was gone, what makes him think that another Vampire want trespass there land. Will he have time for me then? It's safe to say that he'll survive without me, hopefully.

"We haven't got all day." Jane said snidely.

God she was getting annoying and fast.

I held up my finger to pose silence. "No you haven't, you have eternity."

Sneaky laughs formed in the room

"Just give me a second, talk amongst yourself's if you wish."

I heard a gasp fall from Alice's mouth, she's bound to know that I've been through so much...not to give a shit any more.

I began to fall into deep thought again, drowning out the Vampire whispers.

Jacobs out of the way.

Charlie, he'll be so hurt and damaged by my disappearance. But haven't I damaged him enough, wouldn't he have a healthy life with me. Apart for the dietary situation, but I suppose that's not really problematic.

Renee has Phil, I'll miss her with all my heart. But she has someone to live the rest of her days with.

Which leaves me with the last most important situation...Edward.

I glanced up and hadn't at all realised that he was standing next to Alice, several feet away from me. They were having a private conversation between themselves.

Days, weeks, months, fucking eternity. I know that no matter what, he will take me back with open arms, even if by then I have no soul.

"I've made my final decision."

Everyone stopped what they were doing and paid there full attention on me.

"I'm staying..but on one condition."

"And what may that be my child?" Aro said enthusiastically.

"I want to be able to see the Cullen's, whenever I want."

"Hm..." Aro cleared his throat.

"I mean." I began to tremble in my spot. "I'm his family and it's only fair for him." And me But I left out the last part.

Aro laughed as did the rest. "Is that all Bella, that seems fair."

He started clapping his hands gently together, as did the rest. (Apart from Edward and Alice)

"Welcome to the family Bella." Aro cheered.

Welcome to the family. I smiled, I liked the sound of that, I tried to figure out why though. I mean I thought that I would have been more happy hearing it from the Cullen's.

Was I happy because in possibly a few days, I'll be immortal, or could it be the fact that the hole which painfully existed in my chest was not gone.

Shouldn't the pain that I had created, vanished when Edward came back into my life. It should have, I mean he was the reason why it existed in the first place.

I shook my head. No point creating more problems when most have them have been solved. I don't want to bring back the pain that's been tormenting my mind and body for over a year now. No I cannot let that happen.

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