Chapter 1-: Her

She was a sixteen year old girl, seemingly a typical fighter at first glance. One more glimpse opened up her dangerous beauty - hypnotizing, but with a sharp edge. She perfected the thing that defined a female soldier with a deadly elegance: a destructive grace. Not only that, but she also had intelligence embedded in a sage-like expression. She stood to be five-foot-seven with silk-like jet black hair that fell just past mid-back, and had corresponding onyx eyes, piceous eyes that mirrored the determination and challenge within. She had pale pink lips and, with the minor exception of several story-telling scars, a layer of porcelain skin. There were long charcoal bangs that framed one side of her face. Her darker demeanor and consistency of blade-carrying aside, many assumptions could be made that the teen hailed from a royal bloodline.

Her attire consisted of a cropped white turtleneck, one-sleeve top, with a half-length zipper which was partially unzipped, and the sleeve extending all the way down to her hand, and looped over one finger like a glove in one. She paired her outfit with a black vest over that and it was held together by two small chains in the front, and steel plate sat atop her bare shoulder, while two buckles covered her upper arm and black ribbons were tied around her wrist and sleeved arm. She wore black shorts and a white belt, with holes all the way around, and through each hole were tiny silver hoops, various fangs and claws dangling off each one of them. Outfit completion: knee high white boots with black straps and buckles, and steel plates that matched the one on her shoulder covered both knees.

The black hair maiden favored a large sword – Salvatore -that stood to be five feet, and occasionally wielded self-crafted, twin daggers she named Misericordia. Misericordia and Salvatore; Mercy and Salvation.

In spite of her young age she was a prodigy swordsman and assassin, and was becoming well-developed in necrotic art. She was also familiar with basic and several advanced sectors of healing, and she was an apprentice mage (and would likely stay as an apprentice mage, due to her disinterest in the class). She had never been blessed with any glyphs - not a single one. But because of that she raised herself and became a warrior – to prove something for herself and for other like her against judgment; even the Unblessed could become powerful with enough work... well, for that, and because of personal vows. Fortunately for her, she had achieved that, and much more. Alas, that did wonders for her and little else.

At age fourteen she had volunteered herself as a recruit for the Liberation Force and became prized amongst the people as she continuously paved victory.

The girl could be perilous – perhaps even a hazard. But she was a protection charm - one that worked every time. She was told just about everything because secrecy and loyalty were specialties of hers, like all assassins. That's probably why she knew most of the little sins and guilts and guilty pleasures within the Liberation Force's Secret Steam. Pity no one really knew hers, though... but she always kept her promises, and self-forgiveness was just about unacceptable if one was to be broken, and that was the important thing. She was claimed a perfectionist by all who knew her name, only she would simply counter with the clarification that there was nothing wrong with refinement, and she was her own proof. She would work herself to her last inkling of energy without a concern, and her motivation was the people and her allies. That's how mastery is born.

Assistance for the vast majority of the time, but she was also stubborn (though isn't every good fighter?). Oddly, different parts of her personality could be and were parallel opposites; sarcasm and laziness then hyperactive bounciness, to venomous and critical then gentle and fair. As if it weren't obvious enough, she was confident in herself, and preferred to maintain a level-headed composure.

'Swift as the wind, fierce as fire, yet gentle as the breeze.' It was her ever popular description.

She was Kalia. Kalia the Black Angel.

-Prevant Castle-

:Kalia's Point of View:

I was late, I was unfortunately far too sure of it. Lord Sigmund had already cut the chain. Edward would be there, and I'd be questioned about where I was dawdling again while they and the Lord were fighting. I'm not sorry if I got ambushed.

It was taking far too long to reach the top of the Castle, and I was in desperate need of a portal. I recalled a portal spell in the Ancient language and recited the words quickly but smoothly. As I finished an orb of black decorated with specks of aquamarine morphed itself in the air. I quickly dashed through, and as I reached the top of Prevant Castle, I fell through the air, and swiftly landed on the ground. I knelt on one knee on the stone ground and crossed one arm across my chest in a salute.

"I apologize for my tardiness, my lord." I said, and it was just after I had heard Lord Sigmund claim that his wounds couldn't be healed. The words were needles pricking my ears. It pained the Force as much as it did the Lord himself that those wounds couldn't be helped.

"You are forgiven." Came the smooth, calm voice of my lord. I stood and crossed my arms, my head cocked to one side in an enthusiastic curiosity, but the sad smile upon my lips said nothing about enthusiasm. "By the way, don't be so sure about that." I murmured quietly, but it was loud enough to be audible to the group.

I heard Edward sigh, "What do you have in mind, Kalia? That Dwayna will show up and bless someone with an amazing healing gift? Miracles don't happen from the divine miraculously appearing."

My smile transformed into a slight frown as the level of depression moved up. Sure I thought negatively and said just as sarcastic as he, but did Edward have to show that off in this situation?

I could feel my eyes begin to go blank with a sober hollowness as I settled a melancholy gaze on him. i'I could only pray for that to happen.'/i

Wasn't it the only thing anyone could do? How could he even say that when he would want the same? The Liberation Force... our hope was our Lord. With the burden of wounds that can't be mended, our Lord... if he were to falter, the dreams of civilization would be corrupted. Everyone only wanted Lord Sigmund to stay well.

I held my gaze. The burn was intense and heated, yet I said nothing. I stood, inpaling his eyes with a harshly disapproving stare. It was the kind I saw a parent give their child when they made a mistake. Saw was the keyword considering I've never had a parrent applicable for that. I heaved a heavy sigh and lowered my head, hair hanging over my face applying a ghost like appearance, and shook it out of disbelief. I turned to face... a Sigmund replica? For the five seconds time froze, the new auburn haired boy and I stared at each other.



I threw my hands up in the air and turned around, tilting my head back to stare at the clear, blue sky. I could feel my pupils constrict into thin lines from the brightness. "Well, well, well. How long's it been? Two years?" I chimed, sounding lazily content.

i'This day gets better and better, doesn't it?'/i I asked myself, crossing my arms.

"Uh, yeah. Just about." Capell replied. I swiveled on my heels and faced him again. My mouth was drawn into a weak smile.

"Still a flute player?"

He smiled, "Of course."

I sighed, "No surprise," I muttered under my breath.

"Wait a second," Edward's arrogant voice jabbed in, "How do you two know each other?"

Capell and I both turned towards the navy-haired boy. I regularly would smile in amusement at Edward's aggravation, but the pain from his words pushed the smile away.

"We lived in the same town a few years back." I explained simply. "After knowing each other for a year, I left and joined you guys."

"Well, it's good to see you again."

Finally, Aya spoke, "Lord Sigmund, Capell should join us."

"Wait, Aya-" Capell began nervously, but was cut off when the brunette silenced him, "Stay out of this!" She hissed.

"He already helped us this far!" She turned back to our lord.

"What! No!" Edward exclaimed in a surge of white anger. I sighed as I took my place next to our lord.

I glanced at him out of the corner of my eye. i'Aren't you going to stop this chaos?'/i

He continued to observe the argument, i'Just be a little more patient.'/i Despite the fact that he couldn't see me, I nodded once.

"Yeah, he's right!" Capell mused hopefully, praying that maybe Edward not wanting him in the Force could get him out.

"Quiet, you!" Ed snapped.

"Capell will be joining us." Lord Sigmund announced quietly. I saw Capell sigh in defeat. Same old Capell, trying to avoid violence.

I stepped forward, onyx eyes narrowed. "Now that you have joined the Liberation Force,"

"Are you willing to risk your life at any and every moment?"