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Phantom Blue: The Chimera Project


Chapter Five: Ragnarok

--- x --- / Previously \ --- x ---

Naruto drew his head back, preparing to fire. Kiba and Shino saw this and they ran away as if their life depended on it, not knowing that it actually did. Snapping his head forward, Naruto unleashed the compact and pressurized dark energy...

To anyone who was watching, it was nothing short of what could be best percieved as Dooms Day...Armageddon...


--- x --- / Now \ --- x ---

Kiba and Shino where freaking out. Plain and simple. They were sure the others were as well. Who wouldn't be? First, you watch your best friends say good bye to one another and then watch as one is killed via cannon fire. Next, you watch as the living friend snaps and becomes some sort of dragon/demon hybrid and fires off some sort of natural energy cannon at the people who killed the first friend...

Right now, Naruto was examining his 'art work'. The energy blast he unleashed had gone straight through the Devilfish, leaving an empy half-pipe in the top half in the front of the aircraft carrier/battleship. He had also managed to take out one of the 'Seven Deadly Sins' and damge most of the others. The now non-existent 'Sloth' had been unable to move fast enough to avoid the death-ray and was atomized from the raw power and chaotic energy. 'Gluttony' had lost it's left arm, 'Lust' had lost the forearm of it's right arm, 'Wrath' was only grazed by the radiating energy, though still lost a good amount of armor on it's right side, 'Envy' had lost it's left arm and mini-gun, and 'Pride' had lost one of it's swords on it's left arm. 'Greed' had been untouched. The only thing that remained on 'Greed' that even suggested it experienced a close call with 'death' was the glowing red/orange armor on it's entire right side.

Naruto took a single step forward and then suddenly disappeared. Kiba and Shino took that as incentive to get the fuck out of there and they did just that. The two ran back to the others to inform them of the 'battle of the Gods', though they probably already know...

'Pride' had seen where Naruto was going, but had been unable to react fast enough...'Pride' lost it's entire upper-body and head with a single slam of Naruto's tail, crushing it's body and sending it straight through the hull of the Devilfish. In a blur of movement, Naruto was now infront of 'Envy', his demonic and clawed arm speared through 'Envy's' chest. Flinging his arm off to the side, 'Envy' slid off of his arm and fell into the water, sinking faster than one might think. Naruto blurred out of existence again and 'Gluttony' could be seen being dragged through the floor of the Devilfish, never to be seen again as it's metal carcass sunk to the bottom of the ocean. 'Wrath' and 'Lust' were back to back, prepared for anything Naruto might try. 'Lust' saw something move behind one of the few jets on the ship and lashed out at it with a set of long bladed claws, reaching out nearly 75 meters and turning the mass of metal into ribbons of scrap metal. 'Lust' never hit it's target.

Suddenly, Naruto speeds by and snatches 'Lust' from it's spot and drags it into the water below. From there, Naruto proceeded to tear 'Lust' apart piece by piece...Literally. The biggest part left of 'Lust' was one of it's bladed 'fingers'. Once he was finished, Naruto shot out of the water and would have shoulder-charged 'Wrath' into the sea and destroy it like the other five, but Naruto was batted away by a powerful backhand. He went skidding across the ship's deck before going over the edge and into the water.

'Greed' had finally made his move...


"What the hell was that?!" Kiba hissed to Shino, both pale faced and shaken up as they tried to free themselves of the constant fog of rage, sadness, and pain that was trying to suffocate them. They were stumbling over their own feet with fear as they ran as best as they could to where Sakura, Sasuke, and Kakashi were. Neither understood what had happened to Naruto. Kiba thought it was normal for Naruto. Shino...thought different.

When Naruto had changed into this humanoid dragon/demon hybrid, he had been radiating such hatred, pain, and blood thirst that Shino had nearly blacked out from the intensity of Naruto's emotions. If it had been Naruto's normal transformation, then they would have felt these emotions before, but...They had never felt something so...hurt, so angry...

Shaking his head to clear it, Shino grabbed Kiba by the back of his hoody and dragged the dog-lover with him as he stumbled over his own feet while heading to the others.


'Greed' believed he had won, so it turned around and went to 'Wrath', but a clawed fist smashed into the side of it's head and made it stumble back a few dozen meters from the force and strength of the blow and also from being put off balance. Once it was stable again, 'Greed' turned and saw Naruto standing there, this time different then before.

Naruto's body was like that of a chinese-style dragon, long and serpentine, with four legs that had meter long talons on each toe, the 12 spikes of the end of his tail were now much larger and sharper as well as serrated and littered with smaller spikes running along their sides, and Naruto's scales were now a dark midnight black with electric blue markings littering his body. Naruto also had horns. Two on each side of his head, one pair extending down and forward below his jaw line and the other up and forward like bull-horns. A fifth came from the top of his head and stretched forward like the rest. Each horn was electric blue with black tips. Naruto's eyes had also turned a dark shade of gold with a dark obsidian slit pupil in the center. Each of his claws were a bright blue with black tips, same with the spikes on the end of his tail. Despite moving on all fours, each of Naruto's arms/legs were long and heavily muscled. Their strength was proven to be like that of an impossible level by...

'Greed' gave what Naruto believed to be a growl of anger as it placed a hand on the torn and shredded metal that was on the right side of it's 'face'. Naruto's fist had caused the nigh indestructable metal to buckle and bend while his scales shredded what was beneath it. His right knuckles were bloody and one was broken, but they were healing much faster than Naruto could ever imagine...

"Today...The Seven Sins Will Be No More. Today You Die, Greed." Naruto stated, his voice booming and commanding orbedience while the raspy hiss in his voice spoke volumes of power and intelligence. Glancing down at 'Wrath', who was under his front leg foot, Naruto pressed down with said foot and caused 'Wrath's' chest to cave in and push the metal giant through the deck of the Devilfish. After pulling his foot out of the metal floor, Naruto looked up at 'Greed' and narrowed his eyes before moving.

He seemed to fly as Naruto's body surged forward and wrap around 'Greed' before it could react. 'Greed' tried to break free, but Naruto proved to be too strong physically for it. Naruto placed his five horns against 'Greed's' back with the four on the sides of his head at it's shoulders and back while the fifth one on his head was pressed against the back of 'Greed's' head.

"Ashes to Ashes, Dust To Dust." Was all Naruto said before spearing his horns through 'Greed's' armor. After unwrapping his lank body, Naruto swung his head to the side, throwing 'Greed' from his horns and into the main tower on the Devilfish. The tower crumbled in on itself and as if on cue, small explosions began going off all over the ship. The water that had been seeping into the ship's underbelly was finally taking it's toll and drawing the ship downward into the icy depths of the sea...

With a mighty leap, Naruto took to the air and moved to the main building in the center of Level One of Phantom Blue. Just as he landed, Kiba, Shino, Sasuke, and Sakura came running out while Kakashi was being supported by Sasuke and Sakura. They saw the chaotic flames and sinking mass of the Devilfish, all knowing that the carnage before them was caused by one Naruto Uzumaki.

Hearing a rumbling hiss behind her, Sakura turned her head and screamed in fright. Naruto's face was no more than six inches from her and his new look terrified her. Everyone turned to see what scared Sakura, Kakashi being forced and limited to only a turn of his head, and each of them had to bite back a curse and hold their tongue.

"You Need Not Fear Me, Mortals." Naruto started before looking over at Kiba and Shino, both flinching involuntarily. "I Am No Longer The Mortal Human You Knew As Naruto Uzumaki. I Am Now Something More, Something Greater. What You Two Saw Earlier Was The Precursor To This Form, A Half-Way Stage, If You Will. From Now On, I Will Be Known As Ragnarok. Spread Word Of This, Tell Everyone. Let The World Know Of This Horrific Event And The Means As To Which It Came To Be. There Is A Small Submersible In Sub-Level Six You Can Use To Get Away From Here. I Ask Only One Thing Of You..."

"And that would what, Ragnarok-sama?" Shino asked in a surprisingly calm voice. Naruto/Ragnarok chuckled darkly while looking at Kakashi.

"You Leave The One-Eyed Mortal Behind. My Former Self Had Issues With Him And I Do Not Like Leaving Things Unfinished." Naruto replied before growling at Sakura and Sasuke, making them step away from Kakashi in fear. Placing a clawed foot over Kakashi to form a temporary cage to hold the silver-haired man, Naruto looked at Shino again. "Also...Don't Call Me -Sama. It Makes Me Feel Like an Arrogant Fool. Now Go. All Of You." Kiba and Shino moved instantly, but Sasuke and Sakura weren't so willing. A deep growl from Naruto/Ragnarok changed their minds fast and the pair ran off.

After they had disappeared, Naruto/Ragnarok used his tail and hooked some of the spikes on the end to lift the three bags Hinata had put there. He had forgotten about them until now and was now slightly glad that he had in a twisted sort of way. After grabbing the bags in one of his taloned feet, Naruto/Ragnarok looked down at the terrified Kakashi with a dark grin that would have made the Devil shit itself.

"I'll See You In Hell Soon, Kakashi. Say Hello To Danzo For Me, Will You?" Naruto/Ragnarok stated then asked in a mocking tone before crushing Kakashi underfoot and pushing the body through the steel grate that was barely holding Naruto/Ragnarok's weight. With an unholy roar, Naruto/Ragnarok took to the skies and flew away, unaware of the shadowy figure standing on top of the South-West Corner Tower of Phantom Blue...

"Ssso thisss isss ssuppossed to be my sssuccesssor? He isss fairly sstrong for one ssso young compared to the othersss..." The figure hissed out before disappearing all together.

X-x-=-x-X-x-=-x-X-x-=-x-X END X-x-=-x-X-x-=-x-X-x-=-x-X

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