Dear Readers,

Ugh! This sucks! Really badly. You guys are awesome; all of you! Man, things are going so well now...I finally have reviewers for HC and Plans is going so great. My cousin's back on, under a new username, and my writing is getting so much better. So why does this suck?

Most of you should probably have noticed that I've been gone for about three months, give or take a few weeks. And you probably thought I was dead.

I'm not.

But I must, with greatest sadness, say goodbye to you and to fanfiction.

I'm not any happier about this than you are; in fact, I'm less happy. Much less happier. Because not only am I starting to be recognized on fanfiction, but it's helped me get so much better at my writing.

If you were to look at Giomanapped, for example, you'd find a story with twenty-or-so chapters, each chapter put sloppily together in the course of a half-hour. Now, I'm so much better.

But I got a virus from fanfiction and I'm not even supposed to write a goodbye to you all. But I did, cuz you guys deserve that, I think. But seriously, if I go on again, and my mom finds out, she'll take away my computer forever. Seriously. I won't even be able to use it for writing anymore.

But seriously, you guys rock. I love you all. Just know that I'm not dead, okay?

And just as a special treat and because I won't be able to tell you later, I'll give away all the endings I haven't finished yet.

To Be Afraid:That one I haven't even really started, but I was going to have Ciaran kidnap Alisa as a next-best thing to Morgan, and then have Robbie save her and whatnot. For all you Sweep fans, the plotline is still wide open. Sweep deserves to have more originality.

Plans: The winning boys' name was Nick. I was going to have Alice give birth completely unexpected, and Jasper have this showdown with Maria, while at the same time Rosalie encountering Royce and Bella James, all in unison. All the kids would come out okay, but in the end, they'd all be orphans and all the Twilight peoples would become vampires.
Then I'd have a bonus chapter, with Alice finding all of this out.
A little odd and undeveloped, but that's my ending.

Hunter Cullen: I am uber-sad to give this one up. It's so I'll tell you what. I'll continue writing it, or typing it, and log on just once more for an epic updating-spree. It could be months, though, so don't expect anything too soon!!!! You're lucky this one's that special...

I Cannot Bear to Love You: Honestly, it's hard to remember the ending to this one. I think it's not too hard to guess, though.

Okay, so there you have it. It's been quite a while, and so I've forgotten a lot of my ideas, but don't worry! You're all still at heart. Great memories on fanfic.

Good-bye. I love you all!!!