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Warning: Curse words and gay jokes abound.

Notes: This is going to seem somewhat disjointed and severely lacking in details, but in my head it makes perfect sense. Use your imaginations to fill in the details. I've been daydreaming over this idea for months now. I'm writing bits and pieces down and posting few of them. The basic concept is AU--the Sanzo-ikkou are college students.



July 2009

"You've got to be fucking kidding me," Sanzo muttered.

Goku grinned sheepishly and scratched the back of his neck with ill-concealed chagrin. Why he was even remotely embarrassed was beyond Gojyo, who took another drag from his cigarette, leaned back in his chair on two legs, and grinned at the stupefied look on the blonde's pretty face. "Yeah, I'm here on a full scholarship," the youngest of their rag-tag little group confessed. "I was surprised when I found out about it."

"Skateboarding is a collegiate sport these days?" Sanzo drawled.

Hakkai shrugged good-naturedly, diffusing the tension between the two roommates effortlessly. It was what Hakkai was good at. "Sanzo, aren't you a Tibetan Buddhist Folklore major?" he pointed out. "I'm sure that there are stranger things to study in college."

Sanzo dragged his violet gaze away from Goku's fierce blush to level a glare at the other brunette. "I suppose," he frowned. Then the corner of his lips twitched up and he arched a brow at Gojyo, who was eying a few female students that had wandered into his peripheral vision. "What are you, an aspiring gynecologist?"

Gojyo had the good sense to look mildly affronted by that. "No, I'm undecided," he sniffed dramatically, letting his chair's legs hit the ground loudly and throwing a companionable arm over Hakkai's shoulders.

The blonde smirked. "Yeah, I can see that."

Goku chose that particular moment to snort milk out of his nose and choke uncontrollably as his distracted mind registered the intentional double meaning of Sanzo's words. As Hakkai leaned over and smacked the younger man helpfully between his shoulder blades, Sanzo looked up at the blue September sky. "I guess 'equal opportunity' means that this place has to accept all kinds of losers," he sighed sadly. And he had had such high expectations for this college...

Under the table Gojyo kicked him hard in the shins.