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Carlisle's POV

I was surprised and worried, very worried, when Rose called me crying. A million things popped into my head.

Was she hurt? Where was Alice? Where was Edward? Where is she at? Can I help? Who else is there?

Rosalie doesn't usually cry, and when she does I'm not the one she wants, it's Esme. So what was this problem that she wanted me for?

I'm not sure what the hospital staff thought happened when I answered my cell and froze immediately, trying to make sense of her words. In any case, it couldn't have been good.

"Rose, Rose. Slow down, honey, I can't hear you." I only partially realized that Dr. Wagner was looking at me worriedly.

She was saying something about a girl, Bella. She was hurting herself? I couldn't hear anything because there was too much screaming. Someone was screaming.

"Mom! Please, I'm not a liar! I swear!" There was repetitive banging. Alice was trying to say something.

"Rosalie, listen, I can't understand you. Get away from the noise." I ordered, trying not sound as worried as he was.

There was some sort of shifting. The noise continued, but was getting farther away.

"Dad?" I heard.

"Alice. Where are you at, what's wrong?" I asked. I was walking quickly now, towards my office and drawing glances from the nurses and other doctors that I passed. Would someone tell me something?

She was crying but surprisingly more in control of herself than Rosalie at the moment.

"Um we met this girl Bella at school. And we were bringing her over for a sleep over and she stopped at her house and her mom was out and I guess…I guess she hasn't been out of her room for like 2 years because she's depressed and she was there and then Bella saw her and they were both just staring and then he mom ran back to her room and now Bella's crying and screaming and banging on the door and her mom won't do anything, dad! She's beating on the door and her fists are bloody! It's so horrible! I don' know what to do!" Alice told him.

"Dad." I heard. It was Rose. She was still crying, but not as much as she had been. She could at least talk. "You have to get into your car right now and pick up her brothers. Emmett works at Big O tires. I think we passed it on our way to the grocery store."

"I know where it is." I said and began jogging now. When I got my keys I whispered to the secretary Marcie that I had a family problem. She nodded and said something back; I think it was a question. I didn't hear it.

The grocery store was not that far away, but I didn't know where this girl's house was. Her brothers would know unless this was more complicated than I thought.

"You have to get them." She said urgently. The screams continued. I was already pulling out of the parking lot.

"Okay, honey I'll get them. I'm on my way. Rose-"

"I have to go." She said quickly and hung up before I could ask any more questions.

Urgh. I cursed and drove faster. What was happening?

A big teenage boy with a half grin on my face waved me inside as I pulled into Big O Tires. I stopped the car outside of the building and hopped out of the car, with it still running. His name tag read

Hi My Name Is:


That was easier than I expected.

"Emmett!" I yelled, waving him down to come over. "I'm Carlisle Cullen. I believe you met my kids at school. There's a problem with your sister and Rose asked me to come get you and your brother?"

His grin was gone, replaced only by worry that didn't look like it belonged on his face.

He was in the car before I was. "Jasper works at the grocery store that you passed.

I was driving towards my house, oddly enough. Jasper explained where they lived at. It was quite close, really.

"Rose and Alice said that they were going to have a sleepover and they stopped by your house. She said your mom was somewhere and she and Bella kept staring-"

"Wait! Are you sure she said mom?" Emmett asked, looking at me as if I had lost all sanity.

"Yes, I'm sure." I tried to remember her exact words. "They said she hadn't been out of her room for 2 years and when they saw each other they just kept staring. Then your mom went back into a room and now your sister is banging on the door and screaming and crying."

I looked at Emmett carefully. His face held controlled anger. I looked in the rear view mirror at Jasper. He was shaking his head, eyebrows furrowed. They both looked beyond concerned.

"Do you think she knew Bella was home?" The younger one asked quietly. He seemed scared by the notion. I thought he was talking to me before Jasper answered.

"How would she know? In fact, she wasn't expecting anyone home for a while. They could have both been surprised." Jasper looked like he was thinking intensely.

"Maybe not." Emmett muttered.

"So, what was it Emmett? Mom suddenly comes out of her two year comatose- like state just beat up Bella again?" Jasper growled. "Unlikely."

My forehead wrinkled. Abuse? Where was the dad? What kind of house were my kids in?

"So what do you think happened?" Emmett asked, turning his head angrily. "Since you know everything, and all."

"I just told you what I think. They were both surprised. It's the most logical suggestion."

"Okay, so it was a surprise. Why is Bella acting like this?" He asked.

It clicked in my head just then that these two boys looked and were acting so much more mature than any other kid their age I knew. I wondered why and then started thinking on the circumstances. If their mother wasn't leaving the house, she didn't have a job. They were probably used to taking on responsibility. Still, where was the father in this picture?

"I don't know. Maybe Bella tried apologizing or something?"

"So it goes 'SURPRISE! She apologizes for telling mom and now she's beating at her door, screaming? It doesn't make sense." Emmett grumbled.

"Maybe mom said something about Charlie?" Jasper suggested.

Em sighed heavily. "God, I hope not."

I cleared my throat. This sounded a bit more complicated than anticipated.

"Is anyone else home?" I asked, praying the answer was no. I wanted to be sure my girls were okay.

"No. Jasper and Bella and I live alone other than our mother. As Rosalie said she hasn't left her room in two years, almost since our dad left us."

"You mentioned your mom…beating Bella up. Is she abusive?" Carlisle asked. He wanted to be straight forward and know what he was walking into and what his daughters were in the middle of.

"No. She only did that once because Bella confronted her about Charlie abusing us."

"Charlie is your dad?"I asked, looking at Jasper through the mirror.

"Yes." Emmett muttered darkly. Neither seemed happy about that fact.

"Let me see if I can get all of this. Your dad abused you. Bella went to your mom about it and she abused her. Then your dad left and your mom hasn't left her room in two years? Now your mom left her room and your sister is very…upset?"

They nodded.

I sighed in thought. "What I heard Bella screaming was that she was sorry and that she wasn't a liar-"

"Mom called her a liar?" Jasper asked suddenly.

Both of the boys were abruptly tenser than they had been.

"I don't know. Your guess is as good as my own. I've told you all I know." I wished I could help more.

"It'll crush her." Jasper murmured. "It'll just crush her."

As Emmett and Jasper burst through the door I took in the house. It was deplorable. No children should have to live in a place like it. These poor kids. I had only met two of them and knew that they didn't deserve this.

I watched as Emmett scooped up his sister with ease, Jasper by his side. She was sobbing into his shirt, clinging to him with one bloody hand while the other clutched her head.

Nothing appeared to be severely injured, but I'd have to take a better look. She was panicking though. I just hoped that her brothers could calm her down before it got any worse.

My heart broke.

Rose and Alice ran into me, both of them crying. I had to admit, they had never been exposed to things like this. Our family was rare. Esme and I were still married. We weren't separated or divorced. There wasn't much violence, only the occasional cat fight or an annoyed Edward, definitely not abuse, alcohol, and things of that nature. It had taken them by surprise.

Their eyes told all. They didn't understand. But I couldn't explain it to them because neither did I. I, for the life of me, could not even think of why someone would want to do this to their children. I held mine close and waited until I could do something to help.

I couldn't help but sneak a look down the very short hallway that Bella had been in. Was that where their mother was spending her life? The thought made me sick. She was ignoring the world as if she didn't have a reason to live. Children are enough reason to live, and these three could have certainly used the love that she had not been giving them.


As I was patching up Bella, Edward came in, frowning. Obviously no one had bothered to call him about this. He went over to his sisters to get the inside scoop on things. I glanced up occasionally. He was not happy.

Bella, on the other hand, seemed to be getting better by the minute. She was relaxing slowly, thankfully. Jasper was doing a wonderful job at talking to her softly. Emmett was still holding her protectively, like any good brother would. They were so close.

I tried to imagine my own children in this situation and just couldn't.

I felt myself getting angry and had to push it back down. Being angry would not help anything. These kids had experienced too much of the mad-male-figure in their lives. I had seen victims of child abuse at the hospital I worked at. It was nothing like seeing these three stuck together like glue, relying on each other because they had no one else. It was nothing like seeing these three, hearing their stories about their lives that had been so horrible. They felt like my own children already.

Bella sighed and I looked up from my work. "Sorry, guys. She mumbled and her cheeks turned bright red. She looked like she did that a lot.

"It's quite all right." I heard my flirt of a son say. I could tell already that these two liked each other.

Bella smiled and at that point I would have done anything to make her do it again.

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