The Infinity Saga

Part One:


Chapter One:


Some information: I have been working on this fanfiction in my head for a long time, and just now got around to the hardest part: writing it down.

This takes place in the Marvel universe, so you might see, say, Spider-Man and Iron Man working together to beat the living tar out of some weirdo mutant dude, that sort of thing. It is a bit more like the movies though. The X-Men part is set in the movie-verse with the rest of the Marvel Universe added to it, around the time of the first movie. Probably between movies 1 and 2. Although with the way I'm planning this in my head, it'll look like the cutting-room was attacked by an angry gorilla with a blender.

"Max? Max, where are you? This isn't funny!" Max laughed at the guard, and continued running down the hallway. Then the radio that was attached to his belt crackled.

"You know you aren't supposed to taunt the guards like that. Come on, give him a chance. You're getting the entire workforce fired!"

"No way, Kent, why do you even bother asking?" he laughed again, this time at his bodyguard's tone of voice, then turned into one of the side passages.

The guard turned around the corner after him. "There you are! GET BACK HERE!" he yelled. Max ignored him and continued running.

Then he skidded sideways to a halt, and started running along one of the passages that ran along the outside of the White House.


In a secure room, approximately three hundred feet below the Pentagon, an alarm started to blare.


In the white house security room, the same alarm went off.

"-censored-!" yelled one of the guards. Another guard, a bodyguard actually, grabbed a radio and began to run, shouting into the device at the same time.

"MAX! Get out of there NOW!!!" said Kent through the radio. "Wh-" he began to ask, then just stood still, a confused look on his face. Sparks of lightning flickered around him for a moment, and he collapsed. The guard who had been chasing him rounded the corner just in time to see this, and immediately radioed Kent and the security center.

Kent rounded the corner just in time to see the outside wall next to Max rip itself apart. The guard, who was frightened, but trained for this kind of situation, tried to reach out and grab Max, to move him to safety. Instead, he was slammed into the ceiling, spun rapidly around, and then launched outwards through the hole in the wall.

Kent ran up to Max, and was pushed back by an invisible force. He ground his teeth, and shoved his hand through it, then grabbed Max. He turned to run, but as he moved, the wall alongside him was torn apart, so he simply sat down, still holding Max, and pulled out a Class-4 Experimental Weapon 774X-A. (which translates into mini laser canon, the results of an experiment to see if you could make a weapon usable with one hand, portable, and capable of blowing up a car. Oh what fun the fictional government has.)

About five minutes later, a report came in from the guards that they had found Magneto, unconscious outside on the grounds. They quickly moved him to a secure cell, then a specially configured plastic cell. That was done within ten minutes.

Kent was still sitting there, when, after about five minutes, Max coughed, and began to wake up. Kent helped him sit up.

"Are you okay, Max?" he asked, concern in his voice. Max coughed again. "I think so... I feel like I tried to eat a lightning bolt... Ugh," He coughed again. Then he saw Kent's weapon. "What's THAT?" he asked. Kent winked at him and said, "ever been to Area 51?"

Max stared at it, then looked at Kent. "Right," he said, rolling his eyes. Kent just put it in his holster, laughter in his eyes. "Now come on, we have to get you dressed up to go to New York!" Max looked at him, surprised. "Why?" "You have a meeting with some journalist, or something like that. Name was... uh... something with a... letter. Yes, it definitely had a letter in it." Max laughed. He reached down, and helped Max stand up.

"So, I faint, and don't even need to be sent to the doctor? It's just, 'okay, well, you're not dead, carry on then,'" Max said. Kent rolled his eyes. "The way things are around here, it would be more like 'okay, well, you haven't been dead for more than a week, carry on then.' Your dad could be dead and they would still make him attend meetings. Especially when something happens."

End Chapter One


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