Bold – action and change of scenery

Underline – thoughts

Italics – morphing and sailor scout attacks (if any)

Bold/italics – flashbacks and dreams

AN: Well, this fanfic is only dedicated to some of the episodes in MMPR; however, it's going to be slightly different if Serena wants to help out.

Disclaimers: I don't own Sailor Moon and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

In an empty space, a woman with long flowing silver hair had tears in her eyes. Her friends gave up their lives to protect her from the great evil known to the universe. As her friends' starseeds got extracted by a bright yellow disc, the woman, Serena, was shocked by the outcome. Her friends, the sailor scouts, gave up their starseeds and merged into her. Now floating in endless space after a fierce battle with her ultimate enemy, Chaos, Serena cries her heart out for her friends. "Why did you all have to die? Now, I'm really all alone," cried out Serena.

"Serena, you are our friend," said a familiar voice.

Serena's eyes widen as eight different color lights surrounded her in space. She smiled sadly as she saw her friends spirits emerge from the color beams. Each scout smiled at her, trying to reassure her that she was never alone. "Where's Darien," asked Serena.

"That coward didn't want to see you," said a spiteful Amara.

"I see," said Serena.

"Don't worry Serena! We're all going to be with you in spirit," said Michelle.

"Just remember that you are never alone," said Lita.

"Yeah! So, cheer up, meatball head," said Raye.

"You guys," said Serena.

Seven of the scouts smiled as they disappeared, but not for long. The scouts changed into little crystal balls that went around Serena's neck. The last scout, Pluto, smiled and said that she would send Serena to a place where someone needed some help. Serena nodded, a bit wary to leave her universe, but understood that she was still needed else where. Pluto smiled as she changed into the last crystal ball, sending Serena to a small sleep as she sent Serena away.

- In the new Universe -

"Let's just wait and see about that Bulk," said Jason, a teenage boy with dark brown hair and brown eyes.

"Yeah, okay," said Bulk, another teenager that has a round belly, "We'll see."

A couple of hours later, the teenage boy were playing with four of his friends, two girls and two guys. The first girl was wearing yellow and had black hair, Trini, while the other had short blonde hair and wearing pink, Kimberly. The first guy was wearing dark purple/black, Zack, while the other was wearing blue, Billy. As they were playing with the volleyball, a loud splash was heard near them. All five teenagers looked around in the water to see Serena floating/sinking into the cold water. "Look! Over there," shouted Trini.

"Aw man," said Zack, "I hope that it wasn't Rita."

Jason ran into the water, swam to Serena, and pulled her out of the cold water. Billy instructed to warm her up with the towels while she was unconscious. Kimberly and Zack went to get the towels while Trini started to get the soaked clothes off of her, leaving her in her undergarments. As Kimberly and Zack went to place the towels on her body, Jason and Billy started to lay her clothes out to dry in the sun. Serena stirred a bit but did not wake. While they were going to play volleyball again, they spotted a woman who was dressed like a scorpion smirking evilly at them. "It's Scorpina," said Trini.

"And putties," said Kimberly.

"It's morphin time," said Jason.

While the five morphed into the power rangers, they did not see Serena stirring awake to see them transform. Blinking slowly, she sat up a bit to see the five fighting gray human-like enemies. Keeping quiet, she thought, What am I suppose to do to help them?! I don't know anything about this world!

She saw the woman, Scorpina, hold out a worm as the worm encased the five in a hard cocoon. She also saw that the gray goons pushed the cocoon into the water. While the people disappeared, Serena slowly got up from the warm towels and ran to see if she could fish them out of the water. She did not realize that Neptune's crystal was glowing as the currents moved to get the cocoon back to the beach. Now how to get them out, thought Serena as she looked at the cocoon.

- In another Place -

"Aiyiyiyiyi," said a robot, "Zordon, the power rangers are in trouble and can't get through."

"Calm down Alpha. Someone is now helping them as we speak. For now, contact Tommy and teleport the others to their zords after they get out," said Zordon, a floating head.

- Back at the Beach -

"I don't know how to get them out," whined Serena.

Mercury's crystal glowed as an image of Amy came forth. She sighed as Serena stared wide-eyes at her. Mercury smiled and said that she figured out how to get these people out. As Mercury explains the plan, the power rangers used their minds to figure out a way to get out. Serena smiled happily as she prepared to use one of Mercury's attacks, but the five used their blasters first and got out of the cocoon. "We're free," said the pink one.

"Um guys," said the red one.

"What is it Jase," said the other four.

"The girl's awake," said the red one.

"Um, hi," said Serena.

"Uh, hi," said the blue.

"Did you see us…," trailed off the yellow.

"Yes, but don't worry, I won't tell anyone," said a smiling Serena, "Now I think you have to go and defeat something."

The power rangers were a bit taken aback by how this girl was taking this well. Since it's common sense that she doesn't know her way back to the city, the red ranger teleported with her and the others into the city. Serena stood back as they went and summoned their zords to defeat the evil worm. Walking to a safe place, Serena watched the power rangers take on the worm and some huge golden monkey and golden scorpion. Hearing a musical sound, she turned to see someone on a building, wearing green. Where on earth did Trista send me this time, thought a wide-eyed Serena as she saw the worm become destroyed by a giant sword.

- After the Battle -

"So who are you," asked a demorphed Trini.

"Yeah, like you fell into the water out of no where," said a demorphed Kimberly.

"blush Well, my name is Serena and my friend sent me here to help out," said Serena.

All six teenagers walked towards Ernie's Juicebar as Serena explained her life story as a warrior. While arriving in front of the entrance of the juicebar, they met up with another teenage boy wearing green, Tommy. Tommy looked at Serena with a confused expression as he asked who she was. Serena sighed and said, "It's better if I did this to you all."

"What are you talking about," asked Zack.

"Well, I can do something that can transfer my memories to you guys," said Serena, "And it's harmless, unless you do not like the fighting."

The six looked at her and nodded their head. Serena relaxed a bit as she concentrated on a 'luna mind meld.' Her insignia shined on her forehead, an eight-pointed star, as six beams of light hit the power rangers' foreheads. Serena showed only the last battle in her universe to the power rangers. As the memories were done, Kimberly and Trini were crying. Billy and Zack were trying not to cry as they looked at Serena sadly. Tommy and Jason looked at Serena with shock and sadness. "It's not a big deal really," said Serena, "I just want to know what I'm supposed to do here."

"You'll figure it out, Serena," said Trini.

"Yeah, well, let's go and get some drinks," said Kimberly.

- The next Day -

"Class, we have a new student with us today," said Miss Applebee, the teacher.

Serena smiled as she walked into the room where the power rangers were in. The six were surprised but happy to have their new friend with them. Unbeknownst to them, she had all of Jason's classes. Time to help them, whatever help I'm supposed to do, thought Serena as she sat next to Jason.

Next Time: Tommy gives his powers to Jason, but Jason blames himself for not being there. As the others comfort Tommy, what does Jason thinks of all of this?