Opening my locker to put my shoes away, I found a perfectly folded piece of paper. I looked around me before reaching for the letter. "Good morning Yu-chan!", the loud voice of a female rang in my ears. I looked next to me to find Sae. I gave her a warm smile, "Kashiwagi, good morning". She eyed the note in my hand,

"What's that you got there?", she snatched it out of my grasp. Sae opened the note and read it. She gave a stuck-up laugh and crumbled the note. I grabbed the note back from her, "I wish you wouldn't do shit like that Sae". I threw my shoes in the locker and closed it.

"You would of let me read it anyways", although she spoke the truth, I still found it to be an invasion of privacy. "Yeah, your right", I laughed. "Come on lets get to homeroom", Sae said walking down the hall and that's when I noticed her bag. I hurried over to her side, "Is that a new bag?".

She looked down at the bag and smiled, "Yeah you like it? I got it last night". "It looks good on you but, I thought you didn't like floral bags" Sae laughed and opened the door to our homeroom. The first person I noticed was Kazuya-kun or what peach girl, Momo Adachi called "Toji".

I blushed and looked down. Sae took noticed and used it to her advantage. "See something you like?" I looked up at Sae, "No" I couldn't tell her I had a crush on Kazuya-kun or else she'd tell the whole school.

Sae was my best friend and all but I couldn't trust her with any of my secrets, and I learned that the hard way. I sat down in my seat and watched the day slowly pass by.

The end of the day finally came and I was stuck cleaning the classroom with a couple of other classmates, one of them being peach girl, Momo. I was hard at work cleaning the board when the door was suddenly opened. I looked and saw Sae.

She seemed to be angry and hurt. She stomped over to the desk Momo was sweeping next to and slammed her bag on the desk. "Here take your stupid tacky bag!", she yelled and stomped back out of the room. "She must be mad that Kairi shot her down", another girl that was clean said.

"I should go comfort her", I said before leaving the room. I stopped outside the room and saw Sae looking out the window. I walked over to her and gave her a hug, "Its okay"

I didn't expect her to cry or hug me back but what she said surprised me, "I didn't even like him" I let go of her. She smiled at me and walked away.