Tick tock of the clock.. make a wish, but the time won't stop...

~Back to Nowhere, Dropping Daylight

Chapter 1

Two wolves ran together through the depths of the forest, side by side. Their steps fell together in silent synchronization as they traveled around the trees and coordinated through the pitch darkness from the lack of moonlight from the nights tranquil sky.

The black Varg male, once a Kerl, made a quick motion, and the beautiful Grey female stopped beside him instantaneously. Their connection between each other was powerful, and she understood that he had found a suitable spot. As she followed him into a small clearing, she spotted a small pool of water in the break of trees, rays of moonlight reflecting off the surface and illuminating the face of large cliff overlooking the clearing with water blue and yellow light. The black Varg bent down and began to drink, slightly winded from their long period of running. The Grey wolf walked beside him, her body touch his, and joined in his drink. After five minutes they were both done. The black Varg stared into the pool of water as the Grey one watched him, cleaning her own paws.

"Fell, we've been running for days... And you still have not told me where we are going." The Grey Varg watched him, waiting for some sort of explanation.

"I am sorry, Tarlar.." he apologized, turning to look at her. Fell's face, despite his age, still preserved the look of a strong, young wolf. "I am not sure yet..." Fell looked back into the pool, searching for images he could not find. Tarlar got up and padded over to Fell, nuzzling his sleek black mane with her muzzle.

"Have there been any new visions?" She asked. Fell shook his head. "No, I have not been able to see anything since we left." He said.

Fell's visions, although they could be wrong, had given him insights of the future in his past experiences. It was one of the powers of the infamous Sight, a rare power known among wolves which gave them certain peculiar abilities. He had been born with this, along with his sister, Larka, a pure white she-wolf, whose control and power over the Sight had let her reveal the great truth of humans to all of the animals before she was killed, a result of a large series of incidents involving their aunt Morgra, who was now dead as well, although it seemed she'd wanted to repent for her deeds, even after death. The face of Larka still appeared to Fell from time to time, watching over her brother.

So much had happened in Fells long life, yet he still had so many years ahead of him; another affect of The Sight. He had often wished he could have just slowed things down, enough so he may have had more time with his sister Larka, his mother and father, Palla and Huttser... even the human Alina he'd befriended. So many people had left his life... but as he looked at Tarlar, at least he felt that he was not alone.

"You never did explain to me the vision you saw before, you know..." Tarlar said. Her beautiful tail swayed from side to side as she paced around the body of water. Fell sighed; he knew he'd have to try and explain what he saw, so many days before.

"I saw..." he started, but stopped, thinking over his vision. "I saw blood. I saw blood and death. Slaughter. Wolves, killed by their own kind. An entire group of clans. And in the middle, two wolves, one white, and one black like me, fighting for their lives. The two reminded me of me and Larka..." He paused to let what he said sink into the beautiful Grey wolf. "And then; A large golden tree, A lake shaped like a paw, A great fire-tree that burns forever. And..." He pointed with his muzzle to the cliff of water, and the small pond where they had been drinking from. "This cliff."

"So... you believe that the vision was trying to lead you to this scene?" Fell nodded. "But why even bother going? What does this have to do with you, Fell?"

Fell hesitated, and then said "Because... why would I have scene this if it had nothing to do with me?" He sighed, and laid down. "I know it's strange, but I feel I have to do this..."

Tarlar padded over slowly and laid down with the black wolf. "It's alright. I understand... I just wish you would tell me these things..."

"I am sorry," he apologized. "Sweet dreams, Tarlar."

"Sweet dreams, Fell."

Fell held the fact that it was Larka who told him of this to himself, as he had done with all his encounters with her. He felt that those were things that he should not share with anyone but himself.

Fell. Larka's message played back through his mind as he drifted off into sleep. You must go to the two wolves, Fell. Your lives depend on their future...

A moment of disclaimer..

I do not own, Fell, Tarlar, any character, setting, or idea/ term from David Clement-Davies Amazing wolf books; The Sight, and the sequel Fell

However I am the creator of Luna, Kain, their family, and the setting and plot revolving around them.

For people reading this Fan Fiction, I've started this story to be kind of about my own wolf creation, Luna, who was coincidentally initially based around Fell, the black Kerl Varg we all know and love ;). You'll meet Luna and her brother in the next chapter, so be patient.

I also want to take the time to say that Luna was created originally in my first fanfiction post on here, an Inheritance-one called Light Up The World (currently a work in progress) She's become somewhat of a main character, so I suggest that you read that story in the meantime, as this one I wont be updating as frequently.

Anywho, I hope you enjoy my work :D