Once upon a time there lived a Prince. He was a prince unlike many others. He grew up bereft of love. He did not have riches or servants to give him his heart's desire. His kingdom was a small one. In many ways, it existed more of the mind than of land.

One day, the Prince met a beautiful girl. Immediately, he fell in love. Soon they became great friends. It seemed nothing, no magic, no dragons, no evil hags, could stop this friendship. This was the Prince's tale.

Years passed. Their friendship started to dwindle. The Prince was bewildered as to how this was happening. She insisted it was because of him, of his choices in how to rule his small kingdom, that he was changing.

They chose different paths. They stopped talking. However, the Prince's heart still belonged to the beautiful girl. She married another man and they had a child. The Prince didn't believe his pain could ever be any deeper.

He was mistaken.

Without realizing it until it was too late, the Prince set a terrible monster on the girl. The girl was killed. Murdered. And the Prince knew it was all his fault.

Later he learned her son had survived. Desperate to redeem himself, the Prince made it his sole goal to protect the girl's son. It was painful, seeing the father in the boy's face more than the mother, but the Prince was brave and did not give up.

Years and years later, the monster attacked again. This time, the Prince was its victim.

The Prince's story was no fairy tale.

The Half-Blood Prince has no happily ever after.

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