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They were a happy family and his family. To the neighbors they were the Harrisons, to him they were mom, dad, and lil' sis. Just like any good family they had a dog and a cat, who, having overcome racial differences and quarrels, were inseparable. Just like any good son Seiji would groan about having to walk the dog, grumble about having clean the litter box, and downright sulk when forced to feed both. He used to laugh around the dinner table, worry over the incompatability of his first and last name, and sit in front of the TV to catch the cartoons. Looking back now Seiji would give anything for those days, school would be a blessing, one more minute complaining about his little sister, fishing with his father, and arguing with his mother would be worth more to him now that all the riches in the world. But that was impossible, seeing as they died. In the darkest recesses of his mind one could find this brutal memory, of a young boy hidden under the sink stifling screams as he watched his family ruthlessly gored and dismembered by those things. It struck him odd that the most vivid part of the memory was how warm his mother's blood was when he stepped into a puddle. How his socks absorbed the crimson and how he left red footprints as he made his way to the door only to look out onto a ruined landscape that was his neighborhood.

Now as the speaker's clear and booming voice echoes over the crowd, Seiji can barely hold his body together with the hate which he harbors. Seiji knows what they are, what she is. The speaker, a girl with the looks of a human, he knows that behind those turquoise eyes lies a Coralien. The Coraliens, pleased with the prospect of cohesion and peace, have begun to send their kind all over the earth. "Ambassadors" he scoffs, didn't they used to be intelligence gathers? Ambassadors, representatives, all sugar-coated words for spies.

His grip on the hilt of the pistoled tightened, sweat drenched his neck, armpits, and palms. If he could only...

A strong grip on his shoulder startled him into awareness, his adrenaline spiked and he whirled around to look at his assailant. Not an assailant, only Joseph. Joseph, his dearest friend and only survivor from those days, looked at Seiji with his sad but serious blue eyes from under his cap which shaded his face.

"Not today" said Joseph before melting away into the crowd as if he were never there.

"Not today, not today either, always not today..." Seiji muttered sadly. Tears welled in his eyes, "Mom, Dad, sis... not today" before he pulled his hood low and also faded away into crowd. How ironic, he noted, that the speech was about Warsaw remembrance, as if anyone could remember better than he can...

"They grew up while we were away..." she said again with a voice that was quieter, sadder.

"Eureka" Renton said softly. "Let's go..."

"Yeah..." she replied, then she placed the magazine back on the display "Thank you for letting me look..." she said, addressing the sales man.

"No problem" the salesman responded casually.

"Finally" breathed the man in line behind Eureka and Renton, Renton turned around and shot the man a death glare but it wasn't quite noticed, the man had already already pulled out a wallet brimming with money and was examining the items on sale. "Rude..." Renton growled. He turned to follow Eureka but she was already many paces ahead of him. Renton quickened his walk to catch up with her. Eureka hung her head uncharacteristically low and wouldn't even look up to address him when he had caught up.

Unsettled by her mood, Renton rummaged his brain for a memory, one that, he hopes, would make her smile even if just a little. "Eureka..." he began...

"Hmm?" She still would not raise her head.

"Remember..." he began, peeping at her with his peripherals to look for a reaction. "The time we first met, you crashed into my room..."

Still no response, Renton continued. "And then you gave that funeral for all my stuff, it scared me so bad I practically jumped in it to put it out. I marred my cletes!"

"Oh those wonderful cleats!" He said in a melodramatic tone, folding his arms across his chest and sighing a very-much-longer than normal sigh.

"Oh..." said Eureka, Renton looked at her anxiously. "Sorry..." was all she said.

Renton let out a true sigh now, and they walked together in silence, both their heads hung very low.

It was a few minutes before Renton broke the silence again.

"Seriously I give up!"

This sparked Eureka's interest, she looked at him curiously. "Give up what?"

"I just can never figure out what makes you tick... or more importantly..." He paused.

"What!" She said, the slightest tone of annoyance in her voice.

Renton took the indexes of both hands, hooked them behind the flesh of his cheeks and raised them up high in a very awkward looking position.

She stared blankly for a moment, suddenly she realized what the sudden facial dis-figuration was. "Oh" She exclaimed.

"A smile? You wanted a..." A sudden urge rose up in her body and made its way to her vocals. A smile cracked, then she covered her mouth, and then before you knew it she was laughing in front of a dumb-founded Renton.

"I don't get it" he said, remove his fingers and returning his face to normal.

"You're just really silly sometimes..." She said, wiping a few tears from her eyes.

"I have to be silly to make you laugh?"

"No..." Renton scowled. Eureka continued, "You've gotta be Renton to make me laugh, because he is silly, and brave, and handsome and so many other wonderful things."

"Thanks" Said Renton reddening. Eureka seized one of his arms and pressed against him.



"I'm hungry..."

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