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WARNING: The following is written by a complete amateur. Also, expect foul language and violence.


Chapter 2: Chicago



Although the young man's voice cut through the air, sharper than a razor blade, none of the men bothered to try summoning the courage to answer. Because they knew that Mello would not be happy with their reply. And if Mello wasn't happy, then the Boss sure as hell wouldn't be happy. And no one wanted that.

The blond's gaze wandered from face to face, the look in his eyes even making a few of the gang members wince. Deciding that they needed a little more incentive, he then proceeded to unwrap a bar of chocolate in his hands, tearing off a piece with a dramatic flourish.


"I know a guy."

Once there was an answer, almost at once the disquietude around them seemed to vanish. The only person whose body didn't loosen up was the one who called himself Mello. The newest addition to their group. The one with the crazy eyes.

Instead, Mello was thinking; It was true that normally, finding someone fit for the job would not be a problem, but the words came from Zakk Irius, an incompetent guy who made a lot of screw-ups in the past.

He broke off another piece of chocolate. Irius was well connected. He used to work for many organizations in the past, and it was also rumored that a few of them had to do with shipping and trade.

Could he have possibly known people who were trading with the Japanese?

Irius stared at him intently, interpreting the others silence as permission to go on. "Back in the nineties I worked for this guy who sold weapons to the Japanese Military. Definitely one of the big fish when it came to shipping and trade. 'King', I think his name was. Well, that's what they told us to call him..."

Mello grinned, and for a moment, there seemed to be something....unbalanced about the expression on his smooth, pale face.



By the year 2012, Chicago, Illinois -also dubbed "Crook County", "Murder City", and many other names that hinted a negative connotation- was commonly thought of as one of the most crime-ridden cities in America. There were the high-school dropouts, the corrupt liberal politicians, the burglars...

And then, there was the organized crime.

The Brotherhood.

Founded in the late 1980's by a man they referred to as "King", they quickly took over the alleys of downtown Chicago, making it a point to set up their work overseas, selling arms and valuable information concerning the American military. In little more than a decade, nearly half of the residents of Downtown Chicago fled to more northern parts of the city, leaving it as a strictly tourist area. The mob had ears everywhere, and more and more countries were becoming interested in what those ears were hearing.

What happened soon after could have been considered both a blessing and a curse. Kira.

The Japanese wanted information on the actions the most influential country in the world was planning to take, yet the President was refusing to say anything on the matter. So they started listening to what the Brotherhood had to say.

By the year 2012, King was, of course, long gone. As were most present-day criminals. And in the blink of an eye, one of the largest, most feared and respected organizations in the United States of America was left in the delicate hands of an eighteen year old girl.

At the moment, said girl had parked her Jeep in front of what seemed to be an old, abandoned warehouse, and jumped out, slamming the doors to her vehicle.

The metal doors of the building slid open before she had the chance to kick them down.

"What," she snapped, "the hell is going on?"


Author's Note: WOW! Finally done. I'm glad I managed to finish the chapter. At first, I couldn't think of where to start. I know the in the manga, the year was 2009, but in this case, I chose to follow the anime and make the setting in 2012. This story will be a sort of mix between the anime and manga.