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Ring. Ring.

My hand clumsily darted across the nightstand and after thorough searching, I grabbed my sleep-depriving phone and flipped it open. "Hello?" I muttered groggily, the lack of sleep evident in my voice.

There was utter silence on the other end.

"Hello? Care to speak up, or speak at all?" I knew I was being impolite to whoever was on the other end but I had just been woken up, from a sleep I had spent ages trying to get into.

"Bella, it's me Billy," I sighed and shifted in my bed to find a more comfortable spot.

"Hi, Billy. What's up?" I asked, suddenly more curious and alert than I had been when I woke up, oh a few mere seconds ago. Meaning that he must have had a good reason to phone me at…3 a.m..

"There's something you must know," I noticed then his voice came out all raspy and throaty. "Jacob's body's been found dead…" My eyes widened and after hearing Billy's voice less audible and clearer, I realised I had dropped the phone.

"I appreciate you coming for the funeral Bella, on such a short notice. You didn't have to drop everything and come running here as soon as I phoned."

I opened the front door and went down the steps. Twigs snapped under my feet and I felt as if that was me and Jacob at a time once, way back. And now, I learnt that the older things become, the less time it has to stay, possibly for good. And the twigs that have been snapped under my feet represent me and Jacob; separated and alone.

"You said the funeral was on a short notice; if I came any later I would have missed it entirely. Besides, Jake would have wanted it."

"No, Bella. Jacob would have wanted you to be happy. I've been keeping my eye on you all day, you have been nothing but walking around with that gloomy face. Not once have I seen you smile today."

I threw my hands up in the air and sighed exasperatedly. "I'm mourning for Jacob, is that illegal to do now?"

"I'm mourning as well, but do you see me as if I'm contemplating suicide?"

"I'm not 'contemplating suicide' as you so call put it." Billy chuckled and I immediately glared at him. He put his hands up as if he was some criminal caught.

"What, I'm not allowed to laugh now? You know, Jacob's probably up there surrounded by beautiful angels who won't give him a minute alone. Lucky fella."

"I really don't know how to respond to that," I stated.

"You just did." Billy adjusted himself in his wheelchair; from what I could recall, Billy had been in a wheelchair since I was three due to an accident. "Like I said, thanks for coming. Do you want someone to drop you off at your hotel?"

"No thanks. I'll catch a cab, got somewhere to go. If I can, I might be able to visit."

"You're welcome anytime, Bella. Just remember, if you need any help or anything at all, I'll be there. What else could godfathers do?"

I shrugged as I steadily walked off. I hailed a cab and waved to Billy before I entered and sat myself down. I gave the driver the address, leaned back into the seat and closed my eyes.

Did it really seem as if I had dropped everything in Phoenix just to come here? Did I appear to be desperate to everybody else? I asked myself.

I frowned as my internal voice confirmed my suspicions. Why was it wrong to give Jake the proper send off he needed? He was my best friend, my brother and the one person I could really talk to. And just because I hadn't seen Jake in over three years didn't mean that we had turned into acquaintances.

Although possibly that may have been the reason why I had searched his room for anything that might have been unknown to me. And that is where a C.L. Foster, and his home address, came up. Which was something I didn't understand; Jake never mentioned anything about a C.L. Foster. Sure it was alright to have secrets, everybody had them, but if this person was important, surely he would have came to the funeral.

Which brings up Jake's death. His body was found dumped in a lake; that practically screams murder. Jake can't swim, he never learnt to or even tried. So why the hell was he found at the bottom of a lake?! I was sure hoping this C.L. Foster could give me a few answers, after all, I found his name and address on a torn piece of faded paper under Jake's mattress. That raised a few suspicions of mine.

I realised we had stopped, paid the driver the fare and got out. Looking at the two storey house made an unsettling feeling sink in my stomach; I had a bad vibe about this- I could taste it in the air. Weird.

I slowly approached the front door and ignored the wild thumping of my heart. What if a crazy person was on the other side? I asked myself, the whole situation making me uncertain. But my rational mind answered back, Jake's not that stupid to go around making friends with insane people. There's also a possibility that a woman is on the other side…

Yeah, I agreed. Maybe C.L. was short for Charlotte Lexie or Casey Lisa.

But when I knocked on the door, instead of a pretty woman opening, the door was slightly open and a gruff man's voice was heard, "Show me your wrist!"

I immediately showed him my left wrist.

"The other one!" I showed him my right wrist and with a sinking feeling, I thought he really was insane. "Your back as well!" I turned around and lifted my hair to give him access to my neck. "You can come in."

I turned back around and blinked in surprise, the door was wide open and the man – probably in his late sixties – was standing on the side. "You comin' in or what?"

"Uh...yeah," I responded, uncertain if that was an answer safe for me. I finally grew some courage and entered. W.O.W. Never have I ever seen the insides of a house such as this; necklaces, teddies, toys and clothes of all sizes and for both genders hung on the walls.

"Congratulations, you're visitor no. 3," he casually mentioned as I followed him into what could be assumed as the living room.

"Of the day?" I asked, trying to strike a conversation with the peculiar man. It was much brighter and airy in here so I could see him more clearly. He had dark and rough looking hair which was tied into a ponytail and completely, all over pale skin. It was as if he never ventured out of the house.

"Of the week?" I asked again, not satisfied with the nonexistent answer he gave me.

"Of the year," he calmly replied. I gaped at him.

"W-what? Are you telling me you've had only three visitors this year?"

"Yep. Now who are you and what do you want?" His voice turned rougher than what seemed to be normal and I pondered if coming in, or at all was a good idea.

"I'm Bella Swan," my voice came out shaky, "and I'd like to have some answers."

"'Bout what?" he asked, he seemed to be satiated with my answer as he started to fiddle with the leaves of his flower.

"Jacob Black." He froze momentarily before carrying on as if the name didn't hold any importance to him. But it did, and I caught him.

"Never heard of him." We both knew he was lying.

"Please," I begged.

Apparently that was all it took for him to comply to my request; he stopped fiddling and faced me.

"Take a seat," he motioned to the red recliner and I followed his instruction. "Now what do you want to know?"

"He's dea-"

"I know," he interrupted.

"Then why didn't you come to the funeral, C.L.?"

It was his turn to gape at me, "How did you know my nickname and where did you get my address from?"

"Found it on a note under Jacob's mattress," I replied truthfully. It wouldn't have done me any good to lie, especially when I needed answers, the right answers.

C.L. grumbled, "I told him to flush it down the toilet. Didn't want anybody to come here. Anyway, I didn't come because it was too dangerous."

Too dangerous? I looked him square in the eye and said, "I went and nothing happened."

C.L. took a big breath. "Well then, I suppose you didn't notice them."

"Them? Was Jacob in a gang?"

He chuckled humourlessly. "You could call them that, but they would be offended by it."

So what were they? I wanted to ask him that but he interrupted me before I could even start.

"Jacob used to talk about you," he stated.

My mind was whirling; he was steering the topic in a new direction. A direction I didn't want to go to. But I decided I would follow, and then reverse.


He cracked a smile; it was an awkward one, but it was still a smile. "Yeah. Talked about you non-stop. From what I've heard, you're extremely clumsy."

Heat flooded my cheeks under his gaze.

"And that blush- he talked hours about it."

"Yeah well, Jacob knew everything about me. He knew me better than I did." I stared at my lap.

"Can't blame the kid." I looked up to see him with a comforting smile on his face. I smiled back. "I had a family once- a wife, a daughter and a son. They died." His smile turned into a frown.

"What happened?"

"Thirty years ago they were killed. We went camping, the kids had been begging for ages to go," he smiled once again. "I finally gave in and we were off. The first night there, my wife thought she heard noises outside our tents. I went out to investigate." He stopped frowning. "Came back three minutes later and found their bodies…" He let out a sob and I got up to comfort him.

"Shhhhh. It's okay," I assured him.

"I'm okay. Go back and sit down." I complied and waited for him to continue. "Bella, I lost my family and you lost your Jacob. The only thing you can do now is to carry on with your life-"

"No!" I protested.

"Hear me out first. Bella, you mean a lot for Jacob. But that doesn't mean you should be risking your life trying to avenge his death- it's futile. You have no idea what you're up against."

"Then tell me," I demanded. He shook his head. "Please," I begged again.

"I'll be risking your life…"

"You won't be risking my life, it'll be my fault if I get into any sort of trouble. I'll blame myself and I won't even think of your name at that time." I was secretly hoping that there would be no 'that time'.

"Might as well." C.L. sighed, "Vampires."

"What? Did you just say Vampires?" I was confused; what could Vampires have anything to do with Jacob's death? Vampires didn't even exist! "Vampires don't even-"

"Exist," he finished for me. "Well if that was true Jacob would have been alive, my wife and children would have been alive, and thousands of people would have died at the time they were suppose to!"

"Do Vampires actually exist?" I asked meekly.

"What do you think? And they have been for thousands of years." He leaned in closer. "There's another world out there Bella, one I'm afraid you're not going to like."

"Tell me more," I insisted. C.L. looked unsure. "You've already told me something."

"What do you want to know?"

"Everything, and what Vampires had to do with Jacob and his death."

"Well you know the basics…"

"Sleep in coffins? Garlic? Crosses? Stakes? Sunlight? Holy water? Bats? Mirrors? Oh and er…blood?"

"First of all, Vampires sleep in beds." My eyebrows shot up. "Don't look so surprised. Vampires claim there are more uses with them and they will only sleep where they feel safe and comfortable." I tried to hide my disgust but failed. "Garlic, holy water and crosses have no effect on them; it's just myths created to make peasants back then get their hopes up on protection.

"However with stakes on the other hand…if it goes through the heart the Vampire will burn to ashes. Sunlight is also deadly to them. Vampires can't turn into bats and they do have reflections in mirrors. And I think blood is the most obvious answer."

"Yes but you said sunlight was deadly to Vampires. So why were you checking my wrists and back? Was it for any bite marks?"

"I'm sort of glad you didn't forget about that. Have you ever heard of Familiars?" I told him no. "Familiars do the Vampires' biddings at daytime in hoping to get changed by their masters. Familiars are everywhere and could be anyone. They could be your boss or your best friend. They're everywhere. And I was checking your wrists and neck to see if you had the Familiars Mark- it's a tattoo of the Vampire House you work for. It marks who owns you and tells others how important you are to that Vampire."

I grew very interested. "What's a Vampire House?"

"Vampires grouped into clans. There are 13 Houses in total all over the world but you should worry with only five of them. In those Houses you have leaders who are all Purebloods and male. The Female Purebloods either aren't a leader or is mated off to a leader. It's a rule but one House has slightly bended it due to certain circumstances.

"Like fast food restaurants and businesses, the Houses have their own branches in different cities, states or even in another country or continent. There's also a main leader of the House."

"What are these Houses?" I asked.

"The ones you should know about are House of Amazon, House of Occasus, House of Schatten, House of Cacciatori and one more. This House is the one you should truly fear; it has the most Purebloods and the only ones gifted at that. That House is the highest in ranking and practically called 'Vampire Royalty'."

"What's it called?"

"House of Foame." After hearing the name, shivers went up and down my spine and I suddenly felt this strange urge to run and hide. "It means Hunger in Romanian. And just our luck to have a branch here in Chicago with Edward Cullen." He spat out the name.

"Who's Edward Cullen?"

"Leader of the House of Foame. The most sadist and insane Vampire out there. May the Lord have mercy on his singer."


"A singer is a human whose blood sings out to a Vampire. A Vampire can only get one throughout their whole existence so they can never let them go. I feel sorry for whoever is Edward Cullen's singer; the asshole will probably swim in her blood first before turning her into a Half-Vampire."

"Half-Vampire?" I asked, my curiosity getting the best of me.

"There are three types of Vampires: Purebloods, Halfbloods and Half-Vampires. Purebloods are those who have been born Vampires through their Pureblood fathers and human mothers. Purebloods are stronger, more powerful and respected and worshipped no matter what they've done. Only male Purebloods have the ability to reproduce, not the females and Halfbloods.

"The problem is that many male Purebloods have been mated and don't want to be unfaithful to their mates. Also, it is a very rare chance the baby will become a Pureblood- it's either that or human. And it's human 99.9% of the time.

"Halfbloods are those who have been turned into Vampires. They're the ordinary Vampires and can never be anything more than that. They're not allowed to mate with Purebloods – sex is allowed – but nothing more. It's Pureblood for Pureblood. And Half-Vampires in my opinion are the best out there, and not because there aren't any. Half-Vampires are the singers changed by whoever their bloods called to. Half-Vampires are immortal, like Vampires but do not drink blood or have Vampire qualities."

"Interesting," I commented. That was a lot of information to take in.

"I know. That is why I'm warning you to run. They have a slight hint you know and it'll be goodbye friends and hello Jacob. Just looking at you tells me that you have no self preservation, so do your family, friends and future a favour and run. Forget this conversation and live your life."

"I can't do that now!" I abruptly stood up. "You told me something I could never forget."

"Never say Never. Jacob said he was never going to get hurt and look where he is now!"

"Since we're talking about 'never', you never did tell me what really happened to Jacob!"

"Jacob was a Familiar, happy?!"

That instantly brought a sickening feeling to my stomach. "What?" I couldn't believe it; Jacob was a Familiar? But why was he one? Was he not happy with his life?

"You heard me."

"But why is he dead? Did something go wrong in the change?"

"No, Edward Cullen wanted him dead. Jacob was working for him you see."

"But why?"

"You don't need to concern yourself with all this now. What is done is done. Look Bella, I told you this hidden world is something you won't like. Generally people avoid something they don't like, why couldn't you be like them?" His voice turned gentler, "A vampire – a Pureblood one at that – killed my wife and children. I had to move on to survive. You must do as well."


"No buts," he steered me out of the living room and out of the door. "Forget all of this but be careful; they are everywhere." With that he slammed the door in my face and I turned around and marched off. Edward Cullen, I will have you, I thought before hailing a cab.

I rang the bell and waited. Pounding music could be heard and I cringed when the door opened and the volume grew to almost deafening. I hesitantly took a step inside and noticed women, twenty or thirty beautiful women either drinking or making out with someone who could be possibly a Vampire.

I suppressed a shudder. I was here and I couldn't back out now. Immediately when I got back to my Hotel, I searched Edward Cullen and got the location of his Condo and got wind of the party he was having today.

So here I was, in Edward Cullen's condo, hoping to stir up some trouble and leave unnoticed. I went deeper in the condo, just looking for a face that resembles the killer of my best friend. Apparently, there were no pictures of Edward Cullen.

I didn't have to look long. Women were lining up for him and even though I could only see his back, I knew it was him. I looked away to see some blonde-haired – presumably a Vampire – licking his lips at me.

Abruptly, screams were heard and I turned to see it coming from the line of women. I wondered what was going on until I saw Edward Cullen turn around, his fangs glistening and eyes coal black which were staring into my own. I was transfixed by his gaze; he was godlike beautiful with an unusual shade of bronze hair, pouty and pale lips and high defined cheekbones.

He hissed suddenly, "Get her!"

I didn't realise he was talking about me until I felt arms restraining me from moving. I still hadn't taken my eyes of Edward Cullen and until he smiled cruelly and viciously at me I thought, oh shit I'm in trouble.