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At this point in time Naruto is in an AU (alternative universe) the battle with pain never happened, Naruto is nineteen, as is everyone in his age group (duh).

Naruto at the present moment has killed Orochimaru (Sasuke never betrayed Orochimaru) and Naruto has just killed all of Akatsuki… that's why he's in hospital.

The harem will be: Naruto/Hinata/Ino/Tenten/Temari/young Tsunade/Isaribi/Shion/Kurenai/Anko/fem Kyuubi/Shizune/kin/Hana/Yugito/fem Nibi/fem Haku/Hanabi/Tayuya/Ayame/Oc (Oc will be a second Hinata look-a-like… blond Hinata… same characteristics…) (I may add more ^_^)

Jesus that's a lot… this will be a Sasuke, Sakura bashing fic… don't like don't read… it will also be a time travel fic… don't like don't read… and it will have Mature sex scenes… e.g. Naruto (15) will have relations with Kyuubi (21) or Hinata (15)… and it will have great romance in also… although, Naruto's body will be that of his 19 year old form, he'll just be a bit shorter than his 19 year old form…



Naruto's New Life

Book 1: time traveling

Chapter 1: the end is only the beginning

Naruto was lying in his hospital bed, a big grin on his face. He had just defeated the entire Akatsuki all by himself. the rest of the village were beginning to like and trust him… the counsel on the other hand was still as arrogant as ever. They denied him the position of Hokage and denied him the right's to marriage in the fire nation… and if he got married in other lands and then returned to the village he would be rejected and thrown out of the village by law.

This made Naruto extremely sad… after all he had done for this village, they still didn't see him as a person… they still couldn't see that he wasn't a demon but a young man… he perked up though as he remembered the villagers… how they praised him when he returned… how they thanked him and apologized for all their mistakes and mistreatment that they brought upon him.

Naruto was happy that they didn't shun him or try to attack him when he returned… he wouldn't be able to defend himself because he had broken both of his arms after he unleashed Rasen-Shurikan after Rasen-Shurikan on the Akatsuki members…

Naruto was also extremely happy because Shion, the girl he had impregnated so she could continue the line of the priestess was also close to giving birth, nine months in. he had learned to love her, although she always loved him. ever since he stuck up for her and never gave up on her, proving that fate wasn't always destined, and that anyone could change their fate.

Naruto also had a spot in his heart for other woman, the girls he had loved for a long time, they meant everything to him. they all wanted to marry him and live together… but the counsel wouldn't allow it. he promised that after this was all over he would give a big talk to the other girls and tell them how he felt about each one of them. after all, he had Shion's blessing to do so.

As he was contemplating all this he heard the door open slightly, a girl with pink hair and green eyes entered the room. It was his friend and teammate Sakura Haruno. Naruto smiled a friendly smile at his old time school yard crush, she smiled gently back.

"Hello Naruto-Kun…" she smiled. "Always getting put in hospitals these days I see?" Sakura said quietly, Naruto didn't like the way she was approaching him, too much like a predator sneaks up on its prey.

"Sakura-Chan…?" Naruto questionably asked, but before he could ask anything else Sakura lunged at him, he felt a sharp object enter his neck. Naruto winced at the sudden pain he felt, Sakura got close to his left ear as everything started to go black.

"I'm sorry I have to do this Naruto-Kun… it's what Sasuke-Kun wanted…" Sakura said sadly as she pulled away to see his hurt face. Naruto stared at her as if not believing what's going on.

"Why?... Sakura-Chan…?" Naruto asked quietly as his eye lids grew heavier and heavier until they shut and the eternal abyss of darkness greeted him with open arms. Sakura had a look of utter guilt on her face, but she didn't care so long as she was with Sasuke. she chirped up on a happier tone as she thought of all the things she could do with him now. she giggled perversely at the thought.



Naruto opened his eyes slowly, he still felt weak from what was injected into him, his broken arms by his sides limply. As feeling returned to his body he felt the slight restriction of his throat, as his eyes cleared and the haze was swept away he could make out the figure of his ex-friend… Sasuke Uchiha…

Naruto's face contorted in anger. "Why am I here Teme? What are you planning to do?" Naruto asked angrily, Sasuke smirked at his rival, today would be a day to remember. Sasuke looked down to see all the people who had gathered, the villager's were shouting their rage up to the top of the hospital. Sasuke sneered again.

"Villagers of Konoha! I am going to free you of this demon! You will no longer have to co-exist with this filth!" Sasuke shouted out as the crowd roared with anger, the villager's were not happy that their hero was being treated so badly, the villager's shouted their protests to the runaway-Uchiha, but their cries for him to stop fell upon deaf ears…

"And I will not allow his demon spawn to be born either!" Sasuke shouted as Sakura picked up a tied up pale eyed, pale-yellow haired woman… Shion, and dangled her body over the edge, hanging by her throat much like Naruto. Naruto looked on in shocked horror.

"No! Please you can do anything you want to me just please don't kill her! I will do anything you want just let her and the baby live!" Naruto shouted out as he started to panic, he started hyperventilating and going a ghostly white pale. Sasuke sneered once again at the weak acts of his rival.

"Begging for another's life? how weak… I once thought of you as a great rival, now you're just a begging simpleton…" Sasuke smirked as he watched Naruto's tears fall. Sakura was feeling a deep emptiness in her stomach. it was regret, it was guilt, but it was suddenly replaced with the joy of the Uchiha… the shallow pink haired harpy showed no more thought to the matter.

Naruto let more tears fall. "PLEASE! LET HER LIVE! SHE HASN'T DONE ANYTHING! IT'S ME YOU WANT!!" Naruto shouted out absolutely terrified. Sasuke smirked and gave Naruto an evil laugh. Sakura smirked as well. Naruto's heart was beating inside of him like a drill. Naruto had never been so scared in his life, he had absolutely no power over the situation, he was weak from the drug so he couldn't move his legs, his arms were broken. his, Shion's and their baby's life were in the hands of his two ex-teammates, and former friends. Naruto saw Sakura blush while looking at the deranged psychotic traitor that held him by his throat. it sickened Naruto to see this reaction from his former friend.

"Ha! The Dobe is begging at my feet! What a sight!" Sasuke shouted out with malice, both Sasuke and Sakura laughed at the teary face of their old teammate. Sasuke brought out his Chakra enhanced Chidori blade. Naruto's heart stopped for a second. "With this…! I will end both the demon's and his whore's life! Along with their disgusting demon spawn!" Sasuke viciously yelled out with venom lingering to every word.



Hokage tower – Tsunade's office

Tsunade was sitting at her desk with a giant headache. the reason behind the headache was because a lot of girls were all clamoring to bash the counsels skulls together. The reason behind why is because after Naruto learnt to become a toad sage he was officially denied the rank of Hokage, and denied to be married in Konoha… the girls were furious…

Hinata, Ino, Tenten, Temari, Isaribi, Kurenai, Shizune and Anko were all in the office… they were the furious girls. And so the complaints carried on.

"This is so not right! He's a hero and the counsel looks at him like he's a damn weapon! We know he's not the Kyuubi, and we know he's not a monster! he's a kind, caring, sweet, lovable, attractive, responsible, strong and he's the nicest guy any of us have ever met! He always puts people above himself! He would put his life on the line just to protect a stranger! He's the most purest soul I have ever met and he disserves better than this!" Ino shouted out in unrivaled rage, all the girls with her nodded in agreement. And contributed their own two cents into the conversation.

"Listen! I can't do any…" Tsunade said but was interrupted by the loudest horror filled scream they had ever heard, it shook them all to the bone.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" came the cries of a male voice that sounded very familiar to someone they all knew and loved… but the scream was unlike anything they had ever heard from him. The cries came from the hospital roof. All the girls in the room hurried over to the window and gasped or yelped in shock horror at what they saw…

Naruto was dangling over the hospital roof with Sasuke holding his neck, the truly horrifying thing they saw was that Sasuke had his other hand that was holding a blade lunge into Shion's nine month pregnant womb, thus instantly killing the baby. The girls spent no time staying still, they all rushed to the scene as fast as their legs could carry them.



Naruto cried out in unrivaled sorrow. Shion was wincing at the pain but crying heavily at the loss, she could feel that her baby was hurt during that blow, it was a motherly thing. she cried out her sorrow as Sakura smirked at the girl.

"Will you stop crying already? You're hurting Sasuke-Kun's ears…" Sakura said with an evil smirk, Sakura looked at Sasuke, who nodded back to her as if telling her 'yes'. Naruto was still disorientated and crying hysterically. He then felt something falling through the air, his eyes snapped wide open and looked at Sakura. Shion was no longer there. It took all his strength his body could produce to look downwards, he saw Shion's bloodied crippled body slumped across the pavement below.

"AHHHHHHHHH! NO!! SHION NO!!" Naruto cried out as tears fell from his face like there was no tomorrow, Naruto then felt a horrible piercing in his flesh. Naruto looked up to see that Sasuke had plunged the sword into his chest also. Piercing his heart, Sasuke dragged the blade through his chest leaving him dying.

"not even the demon fox himself could heal that wound… you're dying Naruto-Baka… and you're about to meet the fate of your whore" Sasuke whispered into Naruto's ear before releasing his grip around Naruto's neck, as Naruto fell from the high building he started to see images of the smiling happy faces of his loved ones. oh how he would miss all of them.

Naruto landed with a sickening thud on the floor as the villager's ran to his side, screaming and crying out their sorrow. Hinata, Ino, Tenten, Temari, Kurenai, Anko, Tsunade, Shizune and Isaribi ran to his side with tears flowing down their faces. Ino and Tsunade tried their best to heal their love… giving him only precious seconds of time to talk to them all.

"Girls… I have… something… I need to… say…" Naruto said weakly as all the girls inched nearer so they could listen to what he needed to say, all girls had tears flowing from them but denied themselves the need to cry. they needed to listen to what he had to say.

"I… I'm sorry I… couldn't keep up… with my… promises…" Naruto said weakly, all the girls were crying heavily as they got as near as they could to Naruto to hear his final words. Blood started to leak from his eyes, nose, ears and mouth.

"I… I love you all…!" Naruto shouted as his body jerked then went limp, life left his eyes as they slowly shut, the girls couldn't keep it in any longer as they screamed to the heavens for all to hear their sorrow.

"NARUTO!!!" the girls shouted in unison as they all clung to his body crying into his chest to come back, as if it could save him, there was a flicker red chakra that released itself from Naruto's mouth. The girls didn't notice the red flicker of chakra that was released. They were too busy crying out his name into his chest or other parts of his body.

Tsunade gave Naruto's limp mouth one last kiss as her tears rolled down her face and land on Naruto's pale face.

The red chakra flicker expanded until it was the size of a mountain. The red chakra slowly vanished, revealing Kyuubi, the nine tailed demon fox. The girls noticed the chakra spike coming a few meters away and looked up at the great demon, the most surprising thing they saw was that Kyuubi was crying, she had a look of utter lose on her face.

Please do not be frightened humans… I'm here to tell you that there's a way for you to see Naruto-Kun again… Shinigami-Sama has an offer to propose to us all… Kyuubi said as a black swirl that was not of this earth made its existence into it. The black swirl kept spinning until a deathly visage exited it, the swirl vanished as the ghostly figure wearing black robes came into existence.

"Hello, do not be afraid, you're souls are not tainted by the evils of this earth. I have decided that Naruto-San is not to die today, but the only way to bring him back to life is if you all go back in time. there Naruto will remember everything, the deal I'm making with you, the fact that Shion died by the evil one and his accomplice's hands, and he won't forget what he told you. when I send you back, I want you to stop the lives of several people from dying." Shinigami said in a deep booming voice, filled with power and authority, the demon fox nodded vigorously. The girls were shouting their 'thanks' to the death god as they cried tears of joy.

"Then this is what is going to happen, I will send all of you back in time, including Kyuubi. Naruto will merge with Kyuubi's chakra, becoming half demon. Kyuubi will be released into the world with one tail, while Naruto will have nine, the extra tail is a gift from me. he will become the new demon lord, to mark you as a mate he will need to bite you on your neck. you will need to do the same to him, this will leave a mark that shows you as his and him as yours. the bite will also transform you into one tail half demons. he will need to pick an alpha for the pack, the alpha must be the one to take the boys virginity, or i'm afraid that creates a paradox for what we have decided will happen. so that you must decide now." Shinigami said as he crossed his arms, waiting for their answer. The girls blushed intensely, but all though for a second, they needed to decided who deserved to be Naruto's alpha the most. It hit them all at the same time.

"We want Hinata to be the alpha." Tsunade said along with everyone agreeing, Hinata blushed bright red at this.

"W-why m-me?" Hinata stuttered as she tried to hide her face with her hands, she was blushing tremendously red. The other girls smiled kindly at her cuteness, they knew Hinata deserved this more than anyone.

"Because Hinata-Chan, you have loved Naruto the longest, you deserve to be the alpha more." Ino said with everyone nodding kindly at her, Hinata was blushing extremely red, but you could tell she was smiling. even if her hands were in the way.

"T-thank you..." Hinata said shyly as they all grinned kindly back. they hadn't forgotten about Naruto and Shion dyeing, but they put that horrible fact at the furthest point within their mind, for they knew that they would see the two again. Shinigami nodded his head and began to speak.

"Then it's settled, I have told Naruto who needs to be saved, it's up to him and the rest of you to right the wrongs that have been brought to your world. I apologize from behalf of myself and Kami for the mistakes made. before I send you back in time, please sign this contract. this contract basically means that if you don't manage to succeed then you won't go to hell, your souls are to pure for that. and technically making a deal with Shinigami means that when you die you go to hell. this contract makes it so that rule won't apply to you all." Shinigami said as he handed them all the contract and a dark looking pen to write with. After all the girls, including Kyuubi, had signed the contract they all felt extremely dizzy and faint.

All the girls and Kyuubi in fox form fell to the floor, unconscious. Their bodies started to fade and vanish. the Shinigami nodded his approval before receding into the now opening black swirl of darkness.

The villager's were shocked and awed by what they just witnessed, they noticed Naruto's body and Shion's body start to vanish too, Until there was nothing there anymore. the villagers smiled happily that there hero got another chance. this would be a story to tell their grandchildren when they grew up.



Naruto was sleeping in his apartment bed, he was sleeping quite soundly. Naruto felt a weight on his chest so he reached his hand out to touch it. The weight moaned lustfully as Naruto squeezed it. Naruto's eyes shot wide open as his eyes met with two red lust filled orbs that stared with a look of wanting back at him.

Naruto felt a lot stronger than he normally did, he felt as if he could do almost anything with this new found strength and stamina. It was then that the memories of what happened to him and Shion came rushing back to him. He shot up from the bed only to be gently pushed back down by Kyuubi.

"Shhh… don't fret master, the girls are fine, their all fine. are you ok?" Kyuubi asked with a lot of worry coming from her words. she could see that he was disturbed and confused, even though Shinigami explained everything, and he understood it all, he was still feeling doubtful and none believing towards the situation.

"N-no..." Naruto stuttered as he brought his head into Kyuubi's shoulders, crying softly as he clung to her body. Kyuubi nuzzled him and caressed him with her tail as she tried to make him feel better. even though Naruto knew Shion was safe, and that everyone he loved were too, he still couldn't help but be traumatized by the situation.

"Do you feel any better?." Kyuubi asked softly as she continued to comfort him with her hold, Naruto didn't reply so she continued to hold him, to make him feel loved.

after a while, Naruto brought himself together as he realized that whining and crying about the past wouldn't accomplish anything, and that it didn't matter because he knew all of his precious people were alive.

"I think I'm ok now. although it may take some time for me to fully heal." Naruto explained as Kyuubi nodded her head in understanding, and quickly drove her lips to his, kissing him passionately and sweetly, letting him know he was loved. when they broke apart Naruto was blushing up a storm, remembering his chat with Shinigami. how the ghostly creature had told him he'd be able to have his own Harem.

"Kyuubi-Chan..." Naruto said as she looked up into his face, smiling at him as she nuzzled into his chest.

'people who love me... I never knew the others love me so much as to be with me at the same time.' Naruto thought as he blushed hard. 'I just wanted to get my feelings out there so I could feel better with myself. I never would have thought they all loved me.' Naruto continued as he pondered upon his thoughts.

"So, when are you going to mate mark your alpha?" Kyuubi asked with a grin as she tried to lighten up the mood a little, she didn't know if it was too soon, but she wanted to make Naruto feel better, to allow him to forget the recent tragedy.

"I'm sorry Kyuubi-Chan, but I don't want to rush Hinata into anything… I will let her decide when she's ready." Naruto said as he got out of bed. Kyuubi got up also, blushing hard and trying to avert her gaze when she saw Naruto's new body.

Naruto looked down in shock, he had nine golden furry tails sticking out from above his backside. He quickly ran to the mirror to look himself over, he had blond/golden hair with two blond/golden fox ears sticking up from the top of his head. He was more muscle bound, but with an athletic build. His eyes were still blue but with silted pupils. It was then that he remembered he had turned half demon.

Kyuubi walked up behind Naruto for comfort, she wrapped both arms around her mate's waist. Naruto smiled as she kissed his shoulders. This was the first time Naruto had a good look at her, she was about a head bigger than Naruto was. she was about twenty one years old with crimson hair, one crimson tail and two crimson fox ears atop her head. She had a busty size to her. She had D – cup sized breasts that were round and gracious. she smiled as he sighed comfortably, seeming to relax a little. although he knew he had no time for relaxing just yet. he pulled away from her slightly as she whimpered slightly at the loss of warmth.

"come on… I need to get you some cloths… what sizes are you? I'll try to pick you out some Ninja attire…" Naruto asked as he got a pen and paper for her to write down her waist, bust ect sizes. While Naruto got dressed Kyuubi wrote down her sizes she also wrote what colors she liked and what color's she liked to match the other colors she wore.

Naruto came out of the bathroom dressed in his usual orange jumpsuit, he frowned at it… orange he liked… jumpsuits… he did not… Kyuubi handed him the sheet of paper and knelt down so she could give him quick love filled kiss. when she retracted she saw the small smile on Naruto's face. Naruto turned and began walking until he heard Kyuubi following him. Naruto turned around and gave her a genuine smile.

"please wait here and wait for me to give you your cloths…" Naruto said as Kyuubi nodded a little sadly, she knew she didn't have cloths on, and that would be embarrassing, but she really didn't want to be on her own for too long.

"Anything you want me to do master." Kyuubi nodded as she sat down on the bed. Naruto blushed at the unintentional erotic sentence, but shrugged it off as he exited the room with Kyuubi waiting for him.

Naruto looked at the list in hand as he exited the room, and chuckled at what she wanted to wear. Naruto ran to the nearest ninja shop he could, he needed to do this all fast so he could go find his other mate's. he noticed the date on a nearby information stand. "Shit! It's team signing day tomorrow!" Naruto exclaimed as he ran with unrivaled speed, that not even Gai could match

'Well at least we all still have are strengths and knowledge from before we came here… that means that I have another seven years to become even stronger!' Naruto thought as he got even faster, becoming that of a blur to all onlookers.



Hyuuga compound – Hinata's room

Hinata had just woken up, she had tears rolling down her face, she needed to see her Naruto-Kun. she got dressed into her usual ninja wear, after she was dressed she dashed out of her room, out of the building, out of the compound and through the streets, one destination in mind…



Casino hotel bedroom

Both Tsunade and Shizune had woken up in a casino resort hotel, Shizune got dressed quickly… when she looked around the site that greeted her was extraordinary. Tsunade was an eighteen year old… she had the same bust size but she defiantly looked younger… Shizune gasped at her masters appearance. Tsunade felt the change in both her age and her looks. She started to shake not believing what's happening, she then burst out into tears of joy. this meant that she could have children with the man she loved.

Shizune was by her side in an instant, stroking her hair and whispering sweet nothings into her ear. Tsunade was laughing with joy, as tears still continued to fall from her eyes. She couldn't remember being this happy… ever.

The two decided to pay their rent and rush back to Konoha. Needing to see their man once again.



Yamanaka flower shop – Ino's bedroom

Ino had just woken up also, she got dressed into her usual ninja uniform and rushed out of her house, crying silent tears of joy that the man she loved would be alive once more.

She ran down the streets of Konoha, she ran to the one place her heart would reside…



Konoha – weapons shop – Tenten's room

Tenten had woken up in a sweat, she had a really bad nightmare… she dreamt that Naruto died again… and that they couldn't help him again, realizing that it was just a dream and that Naruto was still alive she shot out of bed, got dressed and ran out of her house.

She ran and ran, she was so happy that she got to see her man again…



Konoha – Kurenai's house

Kurenai awoke in her bed, she felt her face and realized that she was in her younger form. She dashed out of her house and ran for all she was worth towards the only man that she would ever allow to be with herself.

She ran to her love… she ran to her man… she ran to her sanctuary…



Konoha – Anko's house

Anko awoke in her bed, she remembered all that had happened in her future time line and she ran towards the house of the one man who ever treated her like she was more than 'the snake whore' the man that treated her fairly… the man who risked his life and almost lost it in protecting her…

She ran with happy tears streaming down her face… she needed to hold her love once more… she needed to feel his embrace…



Suna – Temari's house

Temari woke up crying tears of sadness for what happened to her love, they were quickly replaced by tears of joy as she remembered he was alive and sent back. She quickly got dressed, got her fan and ran outside. She jumped on her fan. As she was on her fan she used a quick Jutsu to make the fan glide through the air at a fast speed, she was heading for Konoha…

She was heading for the one who held her heart… the one who if died, she would die with him…



Demon country – priestesses quarters

Shion woke up groggily, her head pounding, it was then that she snapped wide awake. She got dressed into her priestesses robes and ran for the door, she got one of her men to drive a carriage to Konoha… she would be in the man she loves arms in three days…

She touched her stomach where her baby used to be, she cried out in sorrow and despair as she remembered how much she had wanted Naruto's baby. She promised that when she got to Konoha she would jump him and make him give her the baby once more… she wanted the baby so badly… to be able to make love with Naruto and produce something as proof to that love was all the incentive she needed… she would have a child with Naruto, raise it and love it with all her heart.



Village hidden in the sea – outside house on the beach

Isaribi awoke in her small humble shack, she knew that Naruto was alive and so she hurried back to Konoha so that she could be with her man, she got dressed first and then set out to go find her love. She knew which way Konoha was so she just swam there, the transformation didn't happen because Tsunade got rid of it a few weeks after she arrived in Konoha…

She started to swim towards the mainland that hold's the hidden leaf village in all its glory



Konoha – market district

Naruto was walking down the market district, he had just brought his mate, Kyuubi-Chan a nice red Ninja suit, the shirt was quite small for her but she insisted. The shirt was black and revealed a lot of her bust size, her overcoat was a trench coat that was black with crimson flames. He had gotten her black ANBU pants with black Shinobi sandals.

Naruto sighed before running back to his apartment.



Konoha – Naruto's apartment

Naruto was walking towards his apartment door, he reached out and turned the door knob…



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