Hermione...I Broke the Time-Turner, by AndromedaMarine

She bristles when she hears his guilt-ridden voice. "Hermione...I broke the Time Turner."

Resisting the urge to clobber him over the head with her heavy copy of One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi, Hermione Granger marches over to where he's standing and wrenches the sad and pathetic-looking Time Turner from his grasp. "What did you do to it?"

Harry Potter scratches his head, turning it to one side like a confused dog. "I dunno. I was only going to go back an hour or so to..."

Hermione plants her hands on her hips when he trails off, amused at the red tinge rising to his cheeks. "Harry, the Ministry created the Time Turners for practical uses. Not so original you goes to class while future you skips and snogs Ginny instead."

The red tinge turns pure scarlet in less than a second.

She settles back down into the armchair, tucking the miniature hourglass into her sweater's pocket. She pries the heavy book open again, glancing up to see Harry where she left him, thoroughly embarrassed and wondering how she knew his intentions. "Oh, and before you try to nick it again, I should remind you the girls' dormitory stairs don't welcome males."

Harry frowns down at her, loosens his limbs and sits across from her. "I don't know what happened to it, Hermione."

She eyes him over the top of the book. "Perhaps you should consider that I charmed it to break if anyone else used it?"

"Um...well...I hadn't thought..."

"Just spit it out, Harry."

"No, I didn't think of that. I tried Reparo, but it didn't work."

"Have you forgotten how much advanced magic I can do, Harry?" She shoves the book away, and leans forward, glancing to the boys' staircase to check for Ron. "I think it'd be better for all of us if you keep the snogging to a minimum, even if Ron's not around."

Harry has a rebuttal ready. "Then maybe you shouldn't leave Time Turners lying around when you go snog Ron."

It's her turn to blush, but both their points are made.

She takes the Time Turner out, taps it with her wand, and hands it to Harry. "I won't tell Ron as long as you don't bring your business in here."

"And I promise not to break it...again." Harry grins and slips the Time Turner over his head, twisting the hourglass around once, and disappears.