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Now this story is about the Frontier gang having a chat show and just talking about various subjects. There will be special GUEST APPEARANCES and special cool things like 'Truth Or Dare' and 'Confess a Secret!" So if you think this sounds pretty dang cool…READ ON!

Alrighty, so you know what's going on? Alright! =)

Remember, it's a talk show! You know, just in case you're going "Why the HECK are these people talking into a camera!?!" lol


~ Episode 1 ~

Welcome everyone to our new chat show, Chatting With The Digimon Frontier Gang! And here's our hosts...The frontier gang! Give it up for...Takuya Kanbara!

Takuya: (walks in and waves) "Hey!" (Sits down in chair)

Crowd: (claps) "Woohoo!"

And...Koji Minamoto!

Koji: (walks in) "...Whatever" (Sits down)

Crowd (mostly fan girls): "Oh my gosh! The mysterious emo loner guy! WE LOVE YOU!!"

Takuya: "...Wait a second, why does KOJI have fan girls and not me?"

...How should I know? Koji's the mysterious emo loner guy girls swoon over and you're...A guy -_-

Takuya: "...Hmmph"

Anyways, let's give it up for...Kouichi Kimura!

Kouichi: (walks in and smiled) "Nice to be here everyone!" (Sits down)

Crowd: "Oh my gosh! It's KOUICHI!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!"

Takuya: O_O "…Wait, what? Why does the crowd love KOUICHI too?"

Kouichi is the TWIN of the mysterious emo loner guy girls swoon over...Of course girls love him!

Takuya: "Isn't there a girl out there that likes me?" T_T

Speaking of a girl that likes you, give it up for...Zoe Orimoto!

Zoe: (walks in) "Hey everyo-Wait (blushes) I don't like Takuya!" (Sits down)

Takuya: "Boy...Don't I feel loved" -_-

Crowd (mostly fan boys): "ZOE! I LOVE YOU!!!"

Zoe: (smiles): "It feels good to be appreciated (smirks at Takuya) Doesn't it Takuya?"

Takuya: "...Hmmph!!!"

Notice how the female dominates the male in this conversation! ^_^

Takuya: "I hate this show!"

Now notice how the male is being immature and taking his hurt out on this fantastic show!

Takuya: "…HMMMPH!"

Haha anyways, let's give it up for…Tommy Himi!

Tommy: (walks in) "Hey everyone!!" (Sits down)

Crowd: "AWW…"

Takuya: "What? How come the crowd thinks I'm not cute!

Zoe: "Cause you aren't"

Takuya: "Hey!"

Zoe: (rolls eyes) "You're the one that asked…"

And last but not least…J.P Shibayama!

J.P: (walks in) "Sup!" (Sits down)

Crowd: "Oh my gosh! It's CHOCOLATE BOY!!!"

J.P: (smiles) "I knew people liked my chocolate loving skills!"

Takuya: "Why don't I get a nickname?"

Don't worry Takuya, you'll get a nickname someday!

Takuya: "Thank you!"

Or not…

Takuya: "…Gee thanks"

Anyways, it is time for me to leave the gang to discuss whatever it is they will discuss in today's episode! So goodbye!

Kouichi: (picks up envelope) "The writer wanted us to talk about a certain subject each show, so I guess here it is! (Opens envelope) Today's subject we will talk about today is…DIGIMON FRONTIER COUPLINGS!"

Crowd: "Oh la la!"

Takuya: "Great…"

Zoe: "Woohoo…"

Tommy: "Oh you guys are just annoyed because the most famous Digimon Frontier coupling is…TAKUMI!"

Takuya: (groans) "I know…I know, curse these people who like Takumi!"

Crowd: "Boo Takuya!!!"

Takuya: "Ugh…"

Kouichi: (smirks) So since this is Takuya and Zoe's coupling…Why don't you two talk about it!"

Zoe: "Well, in many fanfics Takuya and I are seen having crushes on each other and what not, but in reality we're just friends!"

Takuya: "Yup"

Koji: "Really? Then what about what happened in Ophanimon's castle Takuya?"

Takuya: (blushes) "N-Nothing happened"

Kouichi: "Roll clip!"

Takuya: "What!?!"

T.V Plays showing what happened in Ophanimon's castle…

Takuya: "I really like you too Zoe"

Zoe: "…Yeah?"


Tommy: (sings) "Takuya and Zoe, sitting in a tree! K-i-s-s-i-n-g!"

Zoe: (blushes) "That was nothing! Takuya was just saying that he liked me…As a person!"

Kouichi: "Then why were you two lovebirds blushing?"

Takuya: "…I have a fever!"

Koji: (rolls eyes) Whatever Takuya…Alright what's the NEXT coupling?

Takuya: (grins) "KOZUMI!"

Koji: (grunts) "Let's get this over with…Zoe and I are JUST friends that's all"

Zoe: "Yup! Besides (smirks at Koji) …KOJI LIKES FAN GIRLS!!!"

Koji: (glares at Zoe) "Zoe!"

Crowd (fan girls): "OH MY GOSH! KOJI! MARRY ME!!!!"

Koji: (clears throat) "Ehem…MOVING ON!"

Tommy: "Well then…there's also Junzumi!"

J.P: "I like that one!" (Winks at Zoe)

Takuya: (glares at J.P) "Hey buddy, back off!"

Oh la la, is Takuya jealous? ^_^

Takuya: (glares at writer) "Hey! You said you wouldn't pop up again!"

I say a lot of things…So deal with it

Takuya: "Urrgh"

Zoe: (hugs Takuya) "Aww, you like me!"

Takuya: (blushes) ^_^


Kouichi: (coughs) Okay…Any other couples?

Koji: (thinks) "Hmm…Aha! Koumi!"

Kouichi: (sees Zoe hugging Takuya) "Me and Zoe are friends…(smirks) But I think Takuya and Zoe could be more…Just a guess, haha. Next coupling!"

Koji: "Okay okay…Uhh-Wait no! I know what you're thinking Kouichi!"

Kouichi: (smirks) "You mean…TAKOUJI!"

Takuya: O_O

Koji: O_O

Zoe: (let's go of Takuya) O_O

Tommy: O_O

J.P: (Drops chocolate bar he was eating) O_O

Crowd: O_O

Takouji fans in crowd: "Woohoo!"

Kouichi: "Haha, you guys look funny!"

Takuya: "…Takouji is ONLY fanfic based!"

Koji: "Yeah!"

Kouichi: "Alrighty…So, is there any more?"

Takuya: (thinks) "…Nope"

Zoe: (thinks) "…Nada"

Koji: (thinks) "…Uhh…Twincest…." -_-;

Everyone: O_O

Koji: "…"

Kouichi: "…Let's uhm…Move on"

Koji: "YEAH"

Zoe: "Well, is there anything else to talk about?"

Takuya: "Nope…"

Kouichi: "Alright then! That wraps up today's show!"

Zoe: "Tomorrow's show will feature a SPECIAL GUEST! And best yet, YOU the reader get's to choose!"

Takuya: "So review in and tell us what guest should be here! *restrictions apply, see Author's Notes below for further details*"

Frontier gang: "Bye!"

Crowd: (cheers)

~ End Of Episode 1 ~


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