Phineas and Ferb stood at the edge of the pool feeling the water splash between their toes

"Ah there's nothing like swimming on a summer day" Ferb looked up at the glass roof above them watching spots of rain hammer on the glass "even if it is a rainy summer day"

"Well at least the roof will protect us it is an indoor swimming pool after all. Have you got our turbo tires?" Ferb gave him a thumbs up pressing the button on his rubber ring, it gave off a loud ignition noise. Candace was with her parents watching her brothers run into the water "keep an eye of them Candace ok?" Linda said worried about her boys she didn't want them to drown or anything.

Her husband reassured her "Don't worry darling they have lifeguards here the boys will be fine"

She looked down still unsure "well…ok see you at 4 Candace, have fun!"

Candace smiled as she waved hem off "Well at least with the lifeguards around they won't do anything too extreme today"

A tannoy was heard "I'm afraid that nearly all of the lifeguards will be off duty today due to a severe case of 'swine flu'." Candace sighed "peeeerfect…"

"If you need anything the remaining lifeguard Tim will assist you."

Candace looked over to the 'remaining' lifeguard. He was a suave but stern guy with curly black hair. He wore sunglasses that made him look like a spy rather than a life guard.

Phineas and Ferb were playing on their turbo charged rings skimming across the water. Tim rose from his chair blowing on his bright metallic whistle "Hey! What are you kids doing?"

Ferb slowed down his tire and Phineas glided towards him "Playing"

"No motors allowed!"

Ferb pressed a button and the tires deflated into pea sized balls "Sorry sir" Phineas apologized. Candace smiled "wow he's just like me!" she approached him "Hi there I'm Candace and I admire your work" Tim darted around "huh what who said that?" he lifted his sunglasses revealing his tiny blue eyes. He saw Candace "oh hi there sorry I can't see much through these glasses but I'm glad you like me" he put on his sunglasses again. Candace looked back on Phineas and Ferb who were now playing with a massive radio controlled beach ball. Tim stayed oblivious to it. Candace sighed "of course…"

Phineas was still playing with the gigantic ball as it twirled around in the air, Ferb sitting on top of it.

"I'm sure Perry would have enjoyed this place! He is semi-aquatic after all"

The teal green platypus ran over to Candace's chest of drawers and jumped into the left hand drawer. He slowly crawled out of the drawer taking the bra of his hat; half blushing, half scarred for life. He then jumped into the right hand drawer. The chute lead him to his usual hideout, Major Monogram waiting for him as always. Carl was in the way of Monogram "Carl I told you the left drawer was the one with my make up in not the right one!"

"Sorry sir" Carl moved out of the way revealing a very dolled up Monogram. Perry sniggered trying to keep in his laughter.

"Agent P it's Doctor Doofenshmirtz. He has been spotted at the Danville swimming arena. We need you to get out there and make sure he's not causing any trouble!" Perry saluted the screen and ran off to do his mission.

"Carl, did I look like an idiot in my mother's makeup?"

"No sir, I think it brings out the dimples in your cheeks"

An awkward paused ensued.

"…Let us never speak of this again"