Doofenshmirtz evil incorperateeeed!

The TV was playing in the background and Doofenshmirtz was wearing his usual robe and panda slippers. He sliced up some pepperoni pizza; still grumbling about today and how Tim the lifeguard had screwed him over

"I show that lifeguard who he's messing with…maybe I'll invent an 'I'm better than you'-inator to show that little…"

He suddenly pulled his finger away dropping the pizza slicer

"owee owee ow!"

He began sucking his finger as it throbbed from the pain. He looked at it squeezing out a little blood

"hmm…I'm gonna need to put a plaster on that…"

*cuts to Disney logo sequence with electric guitar playing in background*

"Oh man I'm all out!"

*electric guitar strikes ending notes*