Here's a new poem I cooked up, as I was inspired by the Full House oneshot "The Big 13", by ChazzyJ, which I think is pretty cool. So I thought, "What if Michelle was inspired to write a poem by the Backstreet Boys?" And this is what I came up with.

Disclaimer: Genius Jeff Franklin owns Full House. I own the oneshots and poems about the show.

My Favorite Boy Band

I sure love the Backstreet Boys

They are so cool.

I often imagine them offering me a ride in a limo

every day when I go to school.

Nick, Brian, Kevin, AJ and Howie are lookers.

Charisma they certainly do have.

They cheer me up with their music

when I feel sad.

I'm very inspired by them,

as I can so plainly see.

They are my favorite band,

and they are so cool and charismatic to me.

Well, I hope you like it! R&R, please!