Breaking the Shell

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha or Ouran High School Host Club

Summary: Kagome, a half shadow kitsune half inu demon is started high school at Ouran with her elder brother Sesshomaru where she meets the host club. There she will meet new people and find new love but will her haunting past get in the way of her finding someone to break her shell…

Pairings: Mori/Kagome/Hiitachin twins, Haruhi/Tamaki, Kyouya/Renge

A/N: The whole Inuyasha and jewel shard thing never happened in my story. Kagome and Sesshomaru are blood siblings and Kagome will be OOC. I will try to make the characters as close to there actual character as possible except for Kagome, she is completely different in my story. I wanted to write this story for a while now I hope you like it.



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Chapter 1: New School

The sun barely began to peak in the horizon as Kagome Taisho rose to the sound of nothing.

Her blank eyes stared at the wall in front of her as she rose to get ready for her first day at Ouran Academy. The thought of wearing the female uniform repulsed her and she was grateful that her aniki brought her the male uniform as well. She quickly stepped in to the bathroom to prepare herself, she was one of the heirs to the Taisho family and she would not disappoint her aniki by not coming to school in a presentable fashion.

She dressed in to the uniform and glanced at herself in the mirror for a second before looking away, the sight of the scar on her face disgusted her. The long jagged scar ran from her temple to her collarbone. It was a reminder of her past and thinking about it made her chest constrict painfully.

Kagome gracefully walked out of her room and down the steps of her home. Only her aniki lived with her, she decided to move out from her fathers home and her aniki being the man he was refused to let her live by herself. As she reached the bottom of the staircase she saw her brother there waiting for her.

Sesshomaru glanced at his imouto and allowed a smirk to cross his face. "It seems the male uniform suits you better then I expected. Should I begin calling you outoto from now on?"

Something akin to amusement flashed into her otherwise emotionless. "Well dear aniki that actually seems like an entertaining concept shall we wager on how long it will take for those idiotic ningens to figure out my true gender?"

Sesshomaru couldn't help but smile at his sister's mischievousness and finally said, "Deal…outoto."

They both exited the house and began running to the school, unlike most rich people Kagome and Sesshomaru enjoyed the simpler things in life. They didn't need a fancy limousine to get to school, they preferred to walk. Even though there school was a few miles away they could handle it, after all they were demons.

The siblings finally stopped a mile away from the school and walked at a slow pace. Sesshomaru glanced at his imouto taking in her appearance.

Her long raven black hair was tied in a braid that reached the back of her knees and the braid made her silver streaks more noticeable. Her silver bangs hung over her eyes but he could see the crimson-golden eyes staring blankly at the path ahead of them.

He caught a glimpse of the scar on her face and he resisted the urge to snarl, that foul woman and their father were the cause of that. The woman was the reason he began hating their father.

Ignoring those thoughts he began to examine his imouto more, the uniform suited her well the blue blazer was buttoned up and the black pants hung onto her toned legs. Her tie was neatly done his sister was the definition of perfection. The air-headed females at their school would most definitely mistake Kagome for a boy.

Kagome was a freshman at Ouran while he himself was a junior. Sesshomaru only hoped she wouldn't encounter those idiots at the host club. They were indeed troublesome, constantly wanting him to join their club.

As they entered the school whispers began to erupt that the ice king was actually hanging around a gorgeous new student. The girls at the school grew hearts in there eyes at the sight of two handsome males together.

Kagome ignored all the stares she was getting and her hand unconsciously twitched wanting to strike the females for talking about her as if she wasn't there.

Sesshomaru sent a cold glare at anyone who glanced at him and his imouto.

When they entered the office Kagome looked at her brother with a blank face. "Aniki are these females always this annoying?"

"I'm afraid so but you must refrain from injuring them outoto."

Sesshomaru walked up to the secretary and asked for Kagome's schedule. The secretary glanced and Kagome and her face began to flush. "Dear me you are Taisho-san's outoto? You are quite handsome but that's to be expected since you are related to Sesshomaru-sama." The secretary began to flirt till Sesshomaru stepped in.

"Cease your mindless chatter and give my outoto his schedule." He gave the secretary a cold glare and she flinched and nodded.

Kagome looked over the paper with her usual blank eyes. "Sesshou, it seems I have a few classes with you as well." He nodded and said, "You should have expected that outoto you are quite intelligent after all."

After Sesshomaru gave her a tour of the school he left her at her first class and continued onto his. The teacher looked at Kagome and smiled. He then cleared his throat and called for the class's attention. "Class please welcome our new student Kagome Taisho!"

The girls in the class erupted into giggles and squeals. "Oh my gosh are you related to Sesshomaru-senpai?" Then other females butted in asking, "Do you have a girlfriend?" "Is your eye color real?" All the question began to grate on Kagome's nerves but it didn't show on her face. Kagome looked at her sensei with her empty eyes, "Where is my seat?" The teacher pointed to an empty seat next to a boy with short brown hair and glasses.

Kagome walked over and glanced at the boy. He was quite odd it seemed that no one knew that he was a girl just like her. Said boy looked at her and stuck his hand out. "Hello I'm Haruhi Fujioka." Kagome glanced at the hand and then gave it a firm shook before she said, "Kagome Taisho."

Haruhi felt like he wasn't going to say anything so she went back to paying attention to the teacher. Kagome seemed so cold and emotionless unlike all the other people at this filthy rich school. Haruhi glanced back at Kagome and noticed that he was facing the window staring into nothing with blank eyes. Then Haruhi caught a glimpse of the scar running down his face. Haruhi's eyes widened behind her glasses and she wondered how Kagome got such a thing.

The classes went by uneventful for Kagome all the girls would blush at the sight of him. It was their study period and a girl went up to her and was about to proclaim her love for Kagome when she noticed the scar on her face and screamed. "Ah! Kagome-kun how did you get that terrible scar on your face?!?!?!" Everyone turned to stare and began whispering when they noticed the scar as well.

The girl was about to touch her face before Kagome stood and roughly grabbed her wrist. "Do not touch me girl." She gave a cold glare and left the room but not before hearing the girl get yelled at by her fan-club for 'hurting Kagome-sama's feelings' she snorted at this. Kagome didn't care she just hated all the attention on her and she was close to snapping with all the annoying girls around. She sat on the stairs with her bangs shielding her eyes. 'I hate this school.'

Haruhi opened the doors to the library and noticed how loud it was. She thought she would see Kagome there but was surprised that he was nowhere in sight. She quickly left to find a quiet place to study. As she was walking up a set of stairs she noticed Kagome sitting there.

"Taisho-san?" Kagome looked up at the sound of her name and noticed it was the Fujioka girl.

"What is it that you need Fujioka-san?" Haruhi looked at Kagome and tilted her head. "Why are you sitting all by yourself?" Kagome stood and looked ahead with dull eyes. "I needed to escape."

To anyone it would have sounded emotionless but not to Haruhi she could hear the anguish in what he said. "Your very lonely aren't you Taisho-san?" Kagome's head shot up and she looked into Haruhi's eyes. "Why would you say that?"

Haruhi gave a soft smile that made Kagome blink in surprise. "You know, when my mom died I was lonely too. But I tried to be strong so I could help my dad but then one day my dad told me that I didn't have to be strong because I had him and he said that I was never alone because he was there to take the loneliness away." Haruhi looked at Kagome with happy eyes and for some reason Kagome felt a connection to this small girl. "What I'm trying to say Taisho-san is that even though we don't know each other that well don't think you're alone because I'll be there to help and be your friend if you'll allow it." Kagome's eyes widened slightly at what Haruhi said. No one has ever attempted to be her friend in middle school people avoided her because she was so cold and now this slip of a girl made everything she believed about ningens come crashing down.

Kagome looked down at her feet. Haruhi was worried she had said something wrong she was about to apologize but was interrupted.


Haruhi looked confused but then Kagome looked up with her dull eyes and said, "Call me Kagome, Fujioka-san." Haruhi smiled happily and said, "Okay but you have to call me Haruhi." Kagome nodded her head, her face was still blank but if you looked close enough you could see how her eyes softened when she looked at Haruhi.

'Thank you Haruhi. Maybe school won't be so bad.'

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