Breaking The Shell

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Chapter 13: Kagome's Fear and the Beach!

Kagome sighed as she stared out of the jet window and into the magnificent water. Her eyes dulled when she recalled how she ended up here.


Tamaki sauntered up to Haruhi and jumped in glee. "My lovely daughter guess what papa did for you!" Haruhi looked up at him with slight curiosity and tilted her head. "What did you do now senpai?"

Tamaki began to sparkle as he held Haruhi's hands. "Papa is taking you to the beach in Okinawa!" Haruhi stood up in shock and looked at Tamaki with wide eyes. "Are you serious? W-whaa? B-but it's so unexpected we can't just up and go like that!"

Kyouya chose that moment to walk in and he smirked down at Haruhi. "It's quite all right Haruhi I already have a private jet waiting to take you and the rest of the Host club to the beach and besides weren't you the one who said that the beach sounds fun?" Kagome looked up at this and sent a cold glare over towards the Shadow King. 'He must be insane if he thinks I'm going along with this. Host club my ass, this is the only day I get to relax.'

Honey perked up when he heard they were going to the beach and Hikaru and Kaoru began dancing around at the concept of going to the beach with Kagome.

Mori glanced over at Kagome and saw her glaring at Kyouya. Mori's eyes filled with confusion, wondering why she would be angry. Sesshomaru and Inuyasha became quiet when he mentioned the beach. They both remembered clearly the time they spent together at the beach. It was a memory that both of them longed to relive.

Kagome stood when all the other host's began packing. Kyouya glanced over at her and smirked. "Where exactly are you going Kagome?" All eyes turned on her when he spoke. Kagome slid her dead eyes over to Kyouya and snorted. "I'm going home."

Haruhi looked at her in surprise. Honey jumped on Kagome's back and began tearing up. "You don't want to go to the beach with us Gome-chan?" Kagome looked over at Honey and sighed. "I'm sorry Honey but I'll have to refuse." Sesshomaru looked over at her in understanding but Inuyasha seemed to get more confused.

"Hey you idiot I thought you loved the beach!" The other hosts looked at Inuyasha in shock for the new information he just revealed. Kagome glared at Inuyasha and began walking towards the door. "Not anymore Inu-baka."

Before she could reach the door the twins blocked her way and smirked. "We're not moving till you go with us! It's not fair that you leave us all hanging!" Kagome was about to hit Hikaru upside the head but was stopped when Haruhi stepped in.

"Kagome I understand if you don't want to go and you don't have to but…" She looked up at Kagome with soft eyes. "…it would make me really happy if you did." Kagome's eyes widened for a split second before she turned her head away and grunted. "Che. Whatever."

Honey and the twins began cheering at Haruhi's success. When they all resumed packing Sesshomaru walked up to her and wrapped his arms around her shoulder's in a rare display of public affection. "I'm sorry you are getting dragged into this but you know as well as I do that they do not understand why you feel the way you do."

Kagome escaped Sesshomaru's grasp and began packing her things as well, never noticing Inuyasha's eyes following her every movement with hidden sorrow.

-End Flashback-

Kagome was jolted out of the memory when the jet landed. She glanced over at the sleeping Honey and picked him up onto her back before Mori could even reach them. Mori looked at her with a soft smile and patted her head. Kagome just looked away. "Hm."

As they all exited the jet Kagome's eyes strayed towards the clashing waves. A heavy feeling hit the bottom of her stomach but she just turned away and walked towards the beach house. They all set down their stuff in their assigned rooms when Tamaki started prancing around in joy. "Come Haruhi lets head to the beach!"

Before anyone could say anything he was already off and they had no choice but to follow.

Kagome sat by Sesshomaru and Haruhi and watched as Mori and Honey played in the water. Inuyasha surprisingly enough was playing pranks on Tamaki with Hikaru and Kaoru. Once they realized Inuyasha was related to Kagome they got along much better.

Kagome looked up when she noticed a group of girls that seemed familiar. 'Hm. Those girls are from our school but what are they doing here?'Haruhi managed to voice her question to Kyouya and he gave them an evil smirk.

"Well I decided to fly out our costumers so they can spend time with the Host Club in a new environment. After all this is an all expense paid trip so you're going to be working." Haruhi sweat-dropped at his answer but smiled and waved at the girls nonetheless.

Luckily Kagome and Haruhi were both dressed as boys. Kagome wore a long sleeved red shirt and some black swim trunks. This was the first time anyone saw any of Kagome's skin, which like her face, had scars. They were scattered all over her legs but there weren't that many. Kagome unconsciously rubbed at the scar on her face as she looked at her legs.

'Well at least it's not as bad as the rest of my body.'The girls began squealing at the sight of Kagome's distracted form. Sesshomaru growled angrily at them and grasped Kagome's hand and tugged her to a standing position. "Come outoto we shall get drinks for everyone."

The schoolgirls began screaming with joy at his commanding tone. Kagome inwardly chuckled at Sesshomaru for wanting to get away from the pestering girls. She just nodded at him and walked towards the concession stand that was up ahead.

As they were quietly walking the older Taisho placed his hand on her head and gave her a soft look. Kagome froze when she felt Sesshomaru's hand on her head and looked up at him with blank eyes. "What's wrong aniki?" Sesshomaru just slipped his hands through her silky locks and gave her a mischievous smirk. "How would you like to spar later on?" Kagome's eyes gleamed as she silently nodded her head. If there was one thing Kagome loved more then anything, it was fighting.

Haruhi stared at the retreating Taisho siblings and was surprised when she felt someone plop next to her. To her shock it was Inuyasha that came back from picking on Tamaki and he was drenched in ocean water. Inuyasha glared when he saw Haruhi still staring at him. "What are you looking at?"

Haruhi's eyes widened and she immediately looked away in embarrassment for being caught staring. "Sorry about that Inuyasha I was just surprised that you sat next to me." Inuyasha just grunted and stared at the ocean. A red bandanna covered the top of his head and he wore red swim trunks to accompany it.

There was a quiet pause before Inuyasha began speaking; not even bothering to takes his eyes off the ocean. Inuyasha ignored the girls giggling around him and chose to concentrate on the waves. "Fujioka." Haruhi looked at Inuyasha in surprise and suddenly felt nervous. "Uh, yes Inuyasha?" He paused and seemed to be contemplating his words before he spoke again. "Why the hell does Kagome like you so much?"

Haruhi sat completely still and looked at Inuyasha in confusion. "W-what do you mean?" Inuyasha's fists clenched as he finally turned to glare at Haruhi. "You heard me! Kagome's always being nice to you! She even agreed to go to this damn beach because of you so answer me!" Haruhi's eyes widened in realization. 'He's jealous…'

Haruhi gave Inuyasha a kind smile. "I'm not sure why exactly but I just feel connected to Kagome. Whenever I'm in trouble Kagome always seems to show up and save me. I've come to care about Kagome greatly and I guess it's the same with her."

Inuyasha stood and looked away. "But why you? You're nothing special. I don't see why Kagome gives you so much attention!" '…and not me. Kagome never pays attention to me.'Haruhi gave an understanding smile to Inuyasha. "Inuyasha, Kagome cares about all of the host club in her own way. She just shows it differently and seeing as you're her brother I'm sure she loves you more then you'll ever realize."

Inuyasha turned to Haruhi in surprise at her words. 'Does she know? How can she tell what I'm feeling?'Inuyasha began walking away without looking back. "Keh. What do you know!"

Haruhi just smiled at him as he walked away. 'Don't worry Inuyasha I know Kagome loves you. After all you are her younger brother.'

Kagome and Sesshomaru returned right after Inuyasha left with a some drinks. Kagome handed one to Haruhi and resumed her seat next to her. "Why haven't you gone swimming Haruhi?" Haruhi looked up and blushed at Kagome. "Um well you see I kind of wanted to look around the beach." Haruhi looked down at the sand and missed Kagome's amused smirk. "How about I join you?"

Haruhi looked up at Kagome with a happy smile and stood up in excitement. "All right lets go." Kyouya looked at Haruhi before walking away. Kagome noticed this but chose to say nothing already guessing what he was up to. Kagome looked over at Sesshomaru's still form. "Are you coming aniki?"

Sesshomaru looked at her with an emotionless mask and stood. "I'm afraid not. I have an idiotic mutt to find but I expect that spar later." Kagome nodded her head and walked away with Haruhi.

Haruhi was in shock seeing all the crabs and other critters on the beach as well as seashells all over the place. Kagome quickly glanced at Kyouya when she saw the trucks dumping all of the critters on the beach. She nodded towards him with an amused look.

Kyouya smirked at her but couldn't stop the blush that crept on his face from that look she gave him. "What's with all the shellfish?" Kyouya glanced at Kagome then went back to his clipboard. "My father's police force wanted to make it up to Honey for worrying him when they attacked you." Kagome looked at him with empty eyes. "And your point is?" Kyouya just sighed and began scribbling down information. "Honey mentioned earlier that he would like to hunt for shellfish."

Kagome nodded her head in understanding and went back to Haruhi only to see her collecting shellfish with Honey. A soft look entered her eyes as she felt Haruhi brimming with happiness. A small chuckle escaped Kagome as Haruhi began to talk about side dishes.

Mori jumped next to Kagome and smiled down at her with a blush on his face after hearing her chuckle. Kagome looked at him with a warm look and turned when she saw Tamaki appear on the other side of her. "I'm glad Haruhi and Honey are having such a great time." Kagome looked over at Haruhi and nodded.

Haruhi stood and looked at Tamaki with a big smile. "Hey senpai dinner is gonna be great! It's a major haul!"

Tamaki was gushing with joy at Haruhi's happiness and showed her a crab. "Tell me Haruhi isn't this crab…crabtivating?" Haruhi giggled and nodded. "Oh yea senpai." Tamaki smiled at her but then all of the girls froze in fear as a centipede crawled off the crab.

The girls began screaming but it all stopped when Haruhi crapped the centipede and threw it over the rocks.

All the girls began cheering for Haruhi and praising him. Kagome just snorted at how idiotic girls were. As soon as the girls departed Kagome went up to Haruhi and patted her on the head. "Good job." Haruhi looked up at Kagome and blushed. "Thanks Kagome."

The twins looked at Haruhi in surprise. "Man Haruhi and Kagome aren't normal. Shouldn't girls be afraid of bugs?"

Tamaki looked at the disguised girls with beady eyes. "I'm sure…they're afraid…of something." An idea popped into the twins head at Tamaki's words.

"Hey boss man how about we play a game that we just thought of? It's called Find out what Kagome and Haruhi are afraid of!"

Tamaki turned to them in shock. "That game sounds terrible!" The twins smirked and began walking away. "I guess you right boss man."

Tamaki's face puffed up and he dramatically turned away. "I will not scare my precious daughters you fiends!" Hikaru had an evil smile on his face and turned to Tamaki. "Well that's too bad cause you know only close friends would share such a weakness with each other. Just imagine how much Kagome and Haruhi must care if they're willing to share something so private!" Kaoru joined his brother and smirked. "Yea, especially Kagome! I mean if you get her to share that with you maybe she'll finally be nice to you!"

Tamaki's eyes started sparkling with joy at the thought of his daughters hugging him in fear. Tamaki began to go off into la la land and he began gushing in excitement. "My daughters will finally love their papa back!" Hikaru looked at Kaoru in triumph. 'Hook, line, and sinker.'

Mori quirked an eyebrow when he heard Hikaru and Kaoru mention Kagome and Honey ran towards them after overhearing them as well.

Honey jumped in with a smile. "Me and Takashi wanna play!" Mori just stood there with a determined look on his face. If anything he wanted Kagome's affection the most out of all of them.

Kyouya appeared out of nowhere and smirked at all of them. "I also have a reward for the winner of this game." He pulled out an envelope and opened it. They all crowded around him in curiosity and all of their eyes widened at what they saw.

Kyouya showed them pictures of Haruhi when she was in middle school and surprisingly enough he had some pictures of Kagome napping in the host club. Mori blushed when he looked at Kagome's peaceful expression and the twins reaction was the same. Tamaki giggled at the pictures when he saw how cute Haruhi looked.

"As a prize who ever finds out Kagome's and Haruhi's fear will get these pictures." They all got a determined look in their eyes and raced of to set their plans in motion. Kyouya pushed up his glasses and smirked. "I suppose it would provide some entertainment if I joined in on this game." With that he walked off to devise his plan as well.

Sesshomaru and Inuyasha had heard everything and looked at the retreating host members with a deadpanned expression. Inuyasha still looked ahead with the same facial expression. "They're all idiots." Sesshomaru looked at them as well and nodded his head. "For once I agree with you."

Hikaru and Kaoru lead Kagome and Haruhi to a few caves along with some girls. "It's said that this place is haunted with souls that drowned in the ocean." Kaoru nodded at Hikaru and continued speaking. "Not even the local residents dare to go in this cave.

The girls began shaking in fear but Kagome looked ahead with a bored expression. Hikaru and Kaoru suddenly yelled and pointed towards a ghostly figure. The twins looked at each other and shouted. "Look at that!" The girls screamed and latched on to Kagome in fear while all she did was sigh in annoyance.

A bony hand appeared on Haruhi's shoulder and she looked at it in confusion. "Are you guys trying to spook me out or something?" Hikaru and Kaoru looked at Kagome and Haruhi with dull faces. "What's wrong with you two? I thought everyone was afraid of ghosts?"

Haruhi looked at Kaoru and sighed. "Well I've never actually seen a ghost so why would I be scared?" Kagome just looked at the twins like they were idiots.

After that whole fiasco was over Honey led them over to a truck and Haruhi looked around in confusion. Kagome glared from the inside of the truck and looked at the special police force. Honey smiled at them and nodded. "All right special police force thingy you can close the door whenever you're ready!" The police nodded and shut the back of the truck.

After a minute Honey began panicking. "It's dark and scary in here I can't breath I'm scared!" Haruhi tried to calm Honey down but was failing so Kagome walked towards the door and slammed her hand into and pulled up the door. "There you go Honey."

Kagome looked over at him and saw his expression that was just covered with failure on it.

As Kagome and Haruhi began walking Mori appeared in front of them with a sentai and Haruhi looked at it confused. "Mori you're my senpai not a sentai." Mori sweat dropped and looked at Kagome who was chuckling at him. Mori quickly looked away in embarrassment at failing in front of Kagome.

Before Kagome could continue walking with Haruhi Sesshomaru appeared in front of her and smirked. "I believe you owe me a spar." Kagome nodded and looked at Haruhi. "You go on ahead Haruhi."

Kagome got in a stance and waited for her brother to attack. He charged forwards with a series of attacks and they kept fighting from there.

The sun was setting and Haruhi smiled when she spotted some more shellfish but quickly looked up when she heard her name being called. A few girls were up on the rocks enjoying the view. "Haruhi come up here the sunset is beautiful!" Haruhi looked up at them in worry and shouted. "Be careful up there it's dangerous!"

The girls were enjoying the view before a few guys suddenly walked up the rocks. "Hey ladies you wanna hang with some of the locals?" The girls looked at them in fear and backed away. "No thank you. The both of you should leave now this is a private beach!"

The guys just smirked before they got closer to the girls then suddenly one of the guys shrieked. On his back were a few sea urchin and other shellfish. Haruhi stood with the empty bucket in her hand and glared at the guys. "You heard the girls now leave! Don't you idiots know how to listen." The girls looked at Haruhi and smiled. "Haruhi you're here!"

Kagome was walking having just finished sparring when she felt something bad. Kagome turned her cold gaze towards the rocks that were ahead over her and sped towards them when she spotted Haruhi and a few guys. 'If they hurt her I'll kill them! They'll find out never to mess with what belongs to a demon!' With that thought red started seeping into her eyes and she ran even faster.

One of the girls managed to escape and ran towards Tamaki and the twins. Mori and Honey looked at them when they saw the scared expression on the girls face. The girl looked at Tamaki with tears in her eyes. "Tamaki its Haruhi! He's in trouble!" After she said that they all raced off towards the rock that was a little ways away.

Kagome appeared in front of the guys and saw one of them about to push Haruhi over the edge of the rocks. She growled and sped forward to the point where no one could see her. Using her demon speed she knocked the guy away and quickly noticed that Haruhi was falling.

Before she completely fell off the rock Kagome grabbed the front of Haruhi's shirt and pulled her forward. Haruhi looked at Kagome in shock and fell towards the ground. Kagome however wasn't so lucky. Kagome fell off the rocks while Haruhi landed on the ground unconscious from her fall.

The girls looked around confused because they didn't see anyone due to Kagome's demon speed but Tamaki chose to arrive at that time and looked at Haruhi's unconscious body in worry. Hikaru and Kaoru looked at the drunken guys with evil smirks all the while cracking their knuckles.

Tamaki quickly picked up Haruhi and looked at the two girls. "Are you two alright? They didn't hurt you did they?" They girls nodded. "We're fine but it's weird the guy just got knocked away. I think Haruhi did that but I don't know how he ended up falling forward."

Tamaki nodded his head and saw that the twins had just finished beating up the guys he nodded towards them and they all began walking back towards the beach.

All the while none of them noticed Kagome's body splash into the water.

Kagome cursed when she felt her body impact with one of the rocks underwater. She felt blood leak from her the back of her shoulder where the rock hit and she felt herself fall deeper and deeper into the water. 'Dammit why the hell am I always getting hurt. Well better me then Haruhi.'

Suddenly a feeling coursed through her that she hadn't felt in a while. Fear seeped into her when that utter silence and darkness embraced her injured form. Her eyes widened when the light from the surface was quickly fading away. She just sank deeper into the dark water and her heart clenched when she remembered that disgusting fear.

Kagome's eyes became half-lidded as she stared at the light that was slowly becoming tinier. She watched in a twisted fascination as the bubbles floated up to the surface. 'That's right I'm always in the darkness…there's no hope for someone like me. I'll never reach that light…that light that I'm so afraid of losing.'


Kagome stared at the light that was seeping into the room from the crack in the door. Her father was away on a business trip and took Sesshomaru with him so she was stuck at home with her dear mother.

Speaking of the woman Kagome's mother walked into the dark room and her face twisted into a disgusted smirk. A man with long wavy black hair and crimson red eyes walked into the room and stood next to Kagome's mother.

"You remember your uncle Naraku don't you? He has been so anxious to see you again. I'll let the two of you spend some quality time together." Kagome's eyes widened in fear. If there was anyone who beat her worse then her mother it was Naraku. He found some sick pleasure in causing her pain.

Kagome's mother walked out of the room and Naraku stepped forward with an evil grin on his face. "You know your mother hates you little Kagome."

Kagome looked ahead with hollow eyes. "I know."

Naraku quickly dug his hand through her shoulder and seeped some of his miasma into her skin. "You will never escape this darkness."

Tears began to form in her eyes as the pain from the miasma kicked in.

"I know."

-End Flashback-

Kagome snapped her eyes open to reveal eyes that were completely red and her crimson eyes were now a deep blue because of her rage.

Kagome slowly began swimming to the surface all the while reaching her hand forward to touch the light. 'I won't give up!'Kagome's head popped out of the water and she took in a much-needed breath. Kagome cursed when the cool air hit her wound. She closed her eyes and leaked some of her powers to hide the scent of blood and disguise the wound.

"Hm, better to not worry aniki and Inuyasha."

Kagome began swimming towards the shore and sighed when she finally reached it. She sat down on one of the rocks and looked at her hands, completely lost in thought.

^^^With the rest of the hosts^^^

Sesshomaru and Inuyasha arrived to see everyone crowded around Haruhi who was slowly waking up. Sesshomaru looked around and was confused to see Kagome missing but was brought out of his thoughts when Inuyasha asked Kyouya what happened.

Kyouya looked at the Taisho siblings then looked back at Haruhi. "Some drunk men were bothering some of the girls so Haruhi tried to help and ended up unconscious but the men were taken care of." Sesshomaru glanced at Haruhi with concealed worry but was relieved to see her finally awake.

Tamaki helped her stand with a serious face. He grasped Haruhi's shoulders and forced her to look at him. "Haruhi what the hell make you go against those guys! You're just a girl what makes you think you could've taken them on!" Haruhi glared at him then snapped. "I was there so I had to help besides I wasn't the only one helping!"

Everyone turned to her in surprise when she said that. Tamaki looked down at her in confusion. "What do you mean Haruhi? You and the girls were the only ones there." Haruhi looked around at everyone's confused faces. "What are you guys talking about wasn't Kagome there-" Haruhi froze and her eyes widened. 'She…fell into the water…'

Haruhi looked around frantically then looked at Tamaki in worry. "We have to go back! Kagome fell into the water when she saved me!" Everyone froze at her words.

Sesshomaru growled and raced off with Inuyasha in tow. Mori's eyes widened in shock and he soon followed after them. 'Kagome…I promised to protect you and I failed…I'm such a fool!'The twins ran after everyone with Tamaki and Haruhi. Honey had tears running down his face as he followed with Kyouya.

Kyouya cursed when he realized the danger Kagome could be in seeing as how much time passed since they came back with Haruhi and Kagome still hadn't shown up. 'Dammit how could we not have noticed!' Kagome's face flashed into his head and he frowned when he realized the girl he had come to think of as a sister could be very hurt.

As everyone arrived at the rocks they saw Kagome sitting there staring at her hands. She was completely soaked and seemed to be in a daze. Inuyasha walked forward and in a flash he had her in his arms. His face was hidden in her neck and he shook with rage. "Don't scare me like that you idiot!" Kagome just smirked at ruffled Inuyasha's bandanna covered head.

"I'm sorry we weren't there imouto." Kagome looked up at Sesshomaru when he spoke and she sighed. "It's all right as long as Haruhi is okay besides I'm fine." Kagome wanted to hiss when Inuyasha unintentionally put pressure on her injured shoulder but held it in. She didn't want them feeling bad for her.

Mori stood behind everyone with a strange look on his face. For some reason when he saw Kagome's face something seemed…off. He didn't know why but it seemed like everything she did now was empty. 'I'll ask her about it when we get back to the beach house.'

Honey jumped onto her back and smiled. Everyone was relieved that Kagome was okay. Tamaki was still mad at Haruhi so they both ignored each other. Kagome walked up to Haruhi with Honey on her back. Kagome silently patted Haruhi on the head. "I'm glad you're alright."

Haruhi smiled up at her and nodded. Kyouya looked at everyone and cleared his throat. "Why don't we all head back and eat. I had the chefs cook up the shellfish that Haruhi and Honey caught." Everyone began cheering and Inuyasha and the twins began drooling at the thought of food.

Kagome was walking in the back while carrying Honey. Sesshomaru was talking with Kyouya while Tamaki marched ahead while secretly glancing at Haruhi once in a while. Inuyasha and the twins were arguing on who got to eat first and Haruhi was telling Mori about how good the food was going to be.

Kagome's face darkened when she looked at everyone. 'They all seem so happy.' Honey looked at her face with worry but chose to stay quiet. 'Something happened to Gome-chan. I wonder what it was?'

Dinner was filled with argument and Tamaki left the room in anger when the twins began talking to Haruhi about what happened. Haruhi angrily began eating more crab and everyone stared at her as she began ranting.

Kyouya smirked and decided to speak up. "We've all had a long day so why don't we all go to sleep." Everyone nodded and headed towards their room but Haruhi stayed and ate more shellfish in her anger.

A while later Haruhi stood and ran into the closest room to throw up. Haruhi paused when she saw Kyouya there without a shirt. "Hey Kyouya do you mind if I use the bathroom. I think I'm gonna be sick." Kyouya looked at her then a gleam entered his eyes. "Tell me Haruhi what would you have done if Kagome hadn't shown up to save you? You do realize how easily you could be taken advantage of especially if they knew you were a girl?"

Haruhi sighed and looked at Kyouya. "Look I've heard enough of this from Tamaki I don't need to hear it from you." Kyouya stood and before Haruhi realized it she was pinned underneath Kyouya who glared down at her. "I could easily take advantage of you and you wouldn't be able to stop me. You need to get your head straight Haruhi and see how your actions can affect others."

Haruhi's eyes widened before she smiled. "I know…you're just trying to teach me a lesson Kyouya you would never take advantage of me. I'll try to be more careful next time." Kyouya looked at her in curiosity but before he could say anything Tamaki walked in and his eyes widened in rage. "Kyouya what the hell do you think-" before he could finish what he was saying Kyouya hit him in the face with soap and was already out of the room. "You are quite the buffoon Tamaki."

As he exited the room he saw Kagome leaning against the wall. "What an unusual way to teach someone a lesson Kyouya." Kyouya looked at her in surprise and smirked. "Well Haruhi needed a wake up call." Kagome just snorted and began walking away but before she passed Kyouya she slid her eyes in his direction. "I know you were worried about me but that's no reason to blame Haruhi for it."

Kyouya's eyes widened at her words. 'How did she know? How is she able to read me so well?"Kyouya smirked and began walking. "An interesting thought…in it's own way."

Kagome paused when she heard thunder outside and then she heard a commotion in Kyouya's and with her demon hearing she heard Haruhi and Tamaki talking and Tamaki trying to comfort Haruhi. 'Hm, so Haruhi is afraid of thunder.'

With that thought she went into her room and sat on her bed. She sighed as lightning flashed outside lighting up her room from the window. Kagome took off her red shirt and stared at the bandages that were wrapped around her chest.

She sighed and let her powers fade so her injury was visible. She walked towards the mirror and saw that the blood leaked down her back from the injury she turned around and looked ahead with a dull expression.

Kagome was so lost in thought that she didn't notice the door open but she was brought out of her thoughts by a startled gasp.

She turned around and saw Mori staring at her with wide eyes. He closed the door behind him and walked towards her. 'How did no one notice that on the back of her shoulder?' Mori looked down at her with sorrowful eyes. "Kagome what happened to you?" Kagome turned away and glared at the wall. "Nothing. I just hit some rocks when I fell into the water."

Mori winced when she said that and walked forward. "I'll bandage it." Kagome looked at Mori in surprise. "You don't have to Mori I'll take care of it." Mori shook his head and stepped forward. The look in his eyes said there was no room for argument. Kagome sat on the floor and glared. "The bandages are in the first drawer." Mori nodded and grabbed them, he sat behind Kagome and proceeded to wrap her shoulder."

Kagome's hair covered her face as she looked down. "Why do you always help me Mori?" Mori looked at her in surprised and gently pulled her into his lap. While doing so he was reminded of when he went to visit her after she was severely injured.

"You're important to me Kagome. I won't lose you." Kagome turned in his lap and looked into Mori's eyes while he continued speaking. "I…was terrified when Haruhi said you fell in the water. I wish I could've been there to save you." Kagome's eyes widened as she gently placed her hand on his cheek. "Mori…you can't always save me."

Kagome looked into his eyes that were burning with an emotion she couldn't describe. He quietly leaned forward and brushed his lips against hers. Kagome's eyes became lidded before she completely closed them and responded to his sweet kiss. It was as if a fire was ignited and he wrapped one arm around her waist and threaded the other through her hair.

Mori deepened the kiss and brought her body closer to his. Kagome could faintly hear thunder in the background. Mori tightened his grip on her when he got a taste of her. She tasted so sweet to him and he never wanted to let go. As they finally broke from their kiss they were both panting and a blush was spread on each of their faces.

Mori looked at her with determination. "I can try."

Mori nuzzled into her neck and brought her body as close as possible to his. He began trailing kisses along her neck and collarbone and Kagome shivered slightly in his lap. He looked up at her and let out a content sigh. Kagome placed her forehead against his and lightly kissed him again before she gave a tiny smile. It was small but Mori knew it was real and he was glad that he was the reason she smiled.

"Mori." He looked up when she said his name. "Thank you." Mori smiled and stood along with Kagome. He wrapped his arms around her slim waist and tugged her into his body and gave her another deep kiss.

Kagome looked up at him with soft eyes and laid on her bed. Mori rested his head on her stomach and wrapped his arm around her hips as he drifted to sleep while she ran her fingers through his hair. Kagome looked at the ceiling and felt a warmth spread through her chest.

'Thank you for being my light Mori.'

Kagome woke up the next day wrapped in Mori's arms and slowly got up she was pulled back down by Mori who snuggled into her like she was a teddy bear. Kagome smirked and looked down at him. "Come on Mori, we're leaving today." Mori just grunted but got up nonetheless.

Kagome packed her bags and exited her room with Mori right behind her. His eyes flashed in jealousy when the twins came up to her and embraced her from both sides. "Ne, Kagome you'll never guess what Tamaki did?" Her cold eyes were back in place as she raised an eyebrow at the twins. "What did he do now?"

Hikaru and Kaoru smirked while they dragged her off towards the limo and Mori quickly got his bags and followed after them wanting to get his Kagome away from the twins. Hikaru entered the limo and Kaoru smirked when he saw Tamaki in hearing distance. "Boss was taking advantage of Haruhi and using some weird foreplay on her!" Kagome turned an icy glare towards Tamaki who began wailing. Kagome snorted in disgust and entered the limo and sat next to Mori who smiled at her.

Sesshomaru stared between Mori and Kagome and narrowed his eyes when he caught his scent all over her. 'Hn. She's got some explaining to do.'Haruhi entered the limo and looked at Tamaki. "I can't believe I actually fell for your trick. I didn't know you were a sick pervert."

Tamaki was shouting but the limo already was driving away. Tamaki's eyes widened as he threw his shoe at the limo. "Wait for me! YOU GUYS WAIT UP!"

Kagome gave a cruel smirk towards Kyouya when he signaled the driver to take off after hearing Tamaki's shouting. 'The host club really is something.'


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