Am Drag Plus Two

Final Chapter:

Jake was in darkness, and there were images swirling around him in that darkness. He didn't know where he was or long he had been out, all he knew was that he was in darkness. There seemed to be moments where Jake thought that he had seen a bright white light, but the light always seemed to fade away before Jake felt like the light was going to engulf and consume him.

Just when Jake felt like he was going to be trapped in darkness forever, he could hear a voice. "Kid?" the voice kept asking. It kind of sounded like Fu Dog. Jake tried to fight the darkness, but at first it seemed like he was not going to be able to prevail. "Kid!" Fu called again, but this time it was accompanied by a "Jakie!" from Trixie and a "Bro!" coming from Spud.

Hearing his friends calling out to him a whole new motivation to fight the darkness; Jake struggled even harder than he had before, and before he knew it, he could feel Death's hold on his loosening…


Jake groaned as he slowly came back to the world of reality. At first, everything was distorted and blurry, his eyes soon adjusted to the light. "Wh—whe—where am I?" Jake asked, sitting up right quickly and sending jabs of pain coursing down his arms and side. "Where's the Huntsman?"

Fu chuckled. "Relax, kid. You're safe and you're at the shop. Trixie and Spud saved you. And don't worry about the Huntsman. The Dragon Council picked him up right after the battle. He won't ever slay another magical creature again."

Jake turned his head as Fu spoke, and he could see Trixie and Spud standing side by side. "How are ya feeling, buddy?" Spud asked.

"Uh, I've had better days…" Jake groaned as he slowly lied back down on the couch. "At least I'm not going to die…"

"Dude, you should have seen yourself!" Spud grinned. "You definitely scared Death off!"

"Actually, that was the healing potion…" Fu replied. "You should be well enough to go to school in the morning."

"Aw man!" Jake groaned, rolling over onto his side.

"See, you're getting better already." Fu rolled his eyes.


The next morning, Jake and his friends opened the doors to Millard Fillmore Middle School and walked down the halls. Jake suddenly screeched to a halt as he caught a glimpse of something on the wall. Turning around, Jake's eyes widened as he realized that what he thought the poster had been was correct.

On the wall, there was a large poster in which there were several pictures of Rose on it. In the middle, there was an extremely large picture of her smiling face. Below were the words "Rest in Peace" with a list of student signatures and some notes that some students wrote.

"Aw man, they know?" Jake asked.

"Everyone knows, dude." Spud answered. "It was all over school yesterday."

"Say what?" Jake asked, his eyes widening. "How long was I out?"

"You were out of school for a day…" Jake turned around when he heard a rather cold voice from behind him; it was Courtney. "And I can't expect you to care about her, as you are the reason she was so miserable in her last month."

As he watched Courtney walk off, Jake lowered his head, taking it in. While he had a good reason to stay away from her, he still felt bad about it. But then again, Rose made her choice, and she chose to try to kill him even after she knew the truth.

Turning around to face his friends, Jake was surprised to see that Trixie was gone, only Spud remained. "Where did Trix go?" Jake asked.

"She said she needed some air…"


Jake and Spud burst through the doors of the school where they could see Trixie standing outside, alone. "Trix, what's wrong?" Spud asked

"I know I never really liked Rose…" Trixie spoke slowly after a moment. "But…I didn't…I killed her…"

"Trixie…" Spud spoke. "You didn't mean to…"

"It doesn't matter…" Trixie looked down. "I still killed her…"

"Trix, you had no choice." Jake said. "She left you with no choice…You didn't mean to hurt her…"

"How can you forgive me, Jakie?" Trixie turned around and stared her friend right in the eyes. "You obviously had a lot of feelings for her, and now I killed her. How can you of all people forgive me?"

"Trix…" Jake answered slowly. "You had no choice. You were truing to help me. And, she made her choice. I guess it was never meant to be." It was Jake's turn to look down at the ground. "I guess Rose just couldn't be saved from her own evil."

Before another word could be said, the beeping from a beeper sounded out. Trixie looked down at her belt and sighed. "Looks like there is a dragon emergency…Come on, Spud…"

"See ya, bro…" Spud added solemnly, as he turned around. Trixie and Spud rushed over to a nearby alley, and a second later, two dragons shot up into the air and out of sight. Jake watched them fly away, a smile forming on his face.

"You go get 'em guys…" Jake said with certainty. His friends had earned their places as his substitutes, and if there was ever another time when the two new dragons were needed, Jake would support them. "You go get 'em…"


A/N: Aw, this is the end. Personally, I didn't really like it. I just wanted to show that I was not going to ignore Rose's tragic demise or the fact that Trixie now feels guilty. So, this is the end. Hope you enjoyed.