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"Do you think the school is confused, Moony?"

Remus stepped onto one of the moving staircases and looked at Sirius, confused. "Why would it be confused?"

"Well, obviously the students are confused. I mean, Lily and James's reputations are infamous. Everyone knows that Lily hates James and James loves Lily. So now that Lily loves James and James still loves Lily, do you think that the good people of Hogwarts will still love us? I mean, Lily might keep James from pranks! And you never really approved of pranking either, and… OH MY GOD I'M SINGLE!" Sirius screamed out.

"Padfoot, what are you talking about?"

"I JUST REALIZED!" Sirius lowered his voice, but not by much. "I mean, YOU have a date with some evil girl that Lily doesn't like for some strange reason, and now JAMES has got LILY! And who do I have? PETER?"

"Sirius, calm down. Besides, Lily doesn't like Violet at all, so I might not go out with her anyways."

"Why doesn't Lily like her?" Sirius appeared to have calmed down a bit.

Remus shrugged. "I think Violet was almost placed in Slytherin or something. And she was apparently very mean to Lily as a child."

"Oh. She sounds like a b—"


"WHAT? I was going to say brat. Brat." Sirius huffed and crossed his arms over his chest. "We still have a crisis on our hands."

"What's that?"


"What will happen, Sirius? Will a zombie apocalypse befall the school if you do not get yourself a girlfriend in five minutes?"

Sirius nodded enthusiastically. "Exactly, Moony. So for the sake of Hogwarts, I must get a girl!"

Remus smiled. "Well then. I guess we'd better think of a very clever plan to get you a girlfriend."

Sirius linked arms with Remus. "Yes, Moony. I guess we'd better. But it should be very, very clever. Because last time, just 'very clever' didn't work out so well."

"Okay, Padfoot. It will be very, very clever." Remus shook his head at Sirius's childish ways.

And for the billionth time that week, he was glad that he had such great friends.